Which one do you prefer: Making doujinshi or studying math?

Which one do you prefer: Making doujinshi or studying math?

This one is such simple question??? Everyone maybe choose making doujinshi than studying math that make you all going crazy, then mad and last you’ll becoming An autis kid. But that’s not true you see people do anyhting with brain. and as you guys know, when people use their brain for think it’ll consume 20 % of our energy.

Now the main point is the consuming of energy for every activition we do is different. The activity that use brain more such as doing math, or do sth that using number and counting, I bet it’ll consume more energy than Drawing right??? Here the picture (It’s my friend who ome the moodel!!!)

Fun!!!”]Math is just sooooo [Damn] Fun!!!And there it is next, I bet Drawing doujinshi is just need a litlle bit energy why???  We just don’t really need brain to making it are you making doujunshi or making math doujinshi??? LoL here the picture (Now it’s my fav doujinshi!!!!)

My lovely doujin but it's sooo bad

My lovely doujin but it's sooo bad

Ahhh my own drawing it’s been a long time nee??? With that i’ll declared my end here!!! Adiue~~~

About Mito

Aloof girl who loves GURO, bears, sweets, anything that consist Strawberry, Bishonen, anime and manga. She usually goes crazy by time when she meet the things that she fangirling over~

23 responses to “Which one do you prefer: Making doujinshi or studying math?”

  1. Chie says :

    waa~~ it’s cool that you can make a doujinshi,,

    but for me, i guess it was more Brain-consuming when i draw doujinshi~~ T^T cuz, mat was so much easy rather than drawing, i like drawing, but the result never been good,, T^T
    that’s why i choose studying math,,, ^^v

    mito-chan, i’m really curious, what country did you live?? 😕

  2. Mito says :

    Thx! XD it’s one of activity that i can do!! LoL~ umm.. What country?? Let you guess, i’ll give you the hint:
    ‘ i who love myself, could read all your post!’ that’s the point.. Try it! XD

  3. Chie says :

    Well then, you’re Indonesian, right?? ^_-
    Your photo just feel like indonesian territory. XP

  4. Mito says :

    Ahahahaha!! Ha-ah! Correct! Right! Wonderfull answer! If i’m not put that picture, you’ll never know!! XD

  5. Chie says :

    Yes, you’re right,, i realized it when i saw your box eraser, pentel pencil mecanic, and your book XP
    What grade are you,,??

  6. Mito says :

    Uhk.. I am first grade (senior high) but if you meet me face to face you’ll not believe that i’m 1st grade.. (Maybe look younger 3 years or more)
    And you??

  7. Chie says :

    Hey, i’m 10th grade too,, ^0^
    But, for appearance i think we were reversed, cuz every people that i just met always ask ‘which college did you attend’ ^^;;
    I’m mt that old, it’s just that maybe i’m a little too high,, *yare2

  8. Mito says :

    Oh.. None of them who comment in my blog ask that.. Maybe we could met someday? Where do you live??

  9. Chie says :

    I live in cilengsi,, near cibubur, did you know it?
    Where do you live??
    I attend christian ketapang 3 senior high school,, where’s your school??

  10. Sapphire Pyro says :



    Drawing’s my passion anyway. And I prefer consuming my brain in thinking of stories rather than think so hard on computations I won’t ever be able to solve T_T

    I used to draw doujinshi but . . . I got lazy. And I’m not as good as the doujin gods and goddesses out there anyway. Ehehe.

  11. Mito says :

    @chie: i live at cengkareng, just now i went to cibubur XD how lucky!! Ahahaha..
    @sapphire pyro: of course! My dream is becoming mangaka! I try to make doujinshi from nabari anime,kuroshitsuji,pandora hearts and o7-ghost. That’s all

  12. Chie says :

    Cengkareng?? Wew that was way so far from my house,,, o.0
    You’re going to cibubur?? Do you know legenda wisata?? That’s where’s my school was ^0^

    So you’re already read nabari? Is it good?? Cuz i saw yesterday elex was legalling that manga and already up to two vol,, maybe i can get some references?? XP

  13. Mito says :

    I’m not read the manga, but i watch the anime. It seems the anime and the manga is different.. XP but my personal though it’s anime kinda boring-.-

  14. Chie says :

    o.0 sou desu ka?? well then, hope the manga would be better,,, like monochrome factor,, ^^v

    • Mito says :

      You read monochrome factor???? 0.0 oh gosh…. i read that manga too and also watch the anime!!!! Actually in the manga it’s genre as shonen right??? But in the anime it’s totally sho-ai!! well it’s not my problem though XD Ohohohoho…

      • Chie says :

        I watch the anime too ^.^
        well, in the manga, i din’t sense any ‘shonen-ai’ scene,, :fufu: even though, i hope for that one,, ^^v fujyoshi modo=ON
        but, i’m disappoint with the animu,, they gave us an unclear end,, -_-;;
        mito-chan, do you like yaoi too?? *grin

  15. Mito says :

    Yeah i used to like yaoi when i was in the ninth grade.. But now i regret it still i can’t erase the yaoiness! So maybe i’ll hang up myself for sho-ai.. Haha..

  16. Chie says :

    Well, yaoi was indeed too much,, shonen-ai was better,, ^^v

    • Mito says :

      Yeah i never think that me in the past really addicted to yaoi -.-‘

      • Chie says :

        shouganai nee~~ ^^v maybe we were bored with straight pair?? *lolz
        but still i didn’t get why there are people that like hard yaoi,, -_- it was so ‘disgusting’ for me,, >.<
        shonen-ai rulezz~~ yeah,, ^0^

      • Mito says :

        yeah i haven’t watch all the yaoi anime yet, i mean i always skip “that part” XDDDDDD

  17. Polprav says :

    Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?

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