Found it!!! Cute or adore?

Another theme in this season that almost going Fall (Oh i love Fall there’re many leaves rain, good fruit, not to hot weather -.-) And guess what??? I found many adorable and cute picture to put it in my computer!!! 😀

Here i’ll share with ya!!! XDDDD

X33333 Uhhhh Coollll!!!!

X33333 Uhhhh Coollll!!!!

Waiiiii 07-Ghost in gank schooler uniform!!!!

My opinion : Uhhh it’s so cute!!! and the most LoL thing is Castor really does look like megane gangster!!!! (Hahahahahaha… ) 😀 And oh Both Teito and Hakuren really fit that uniform!!! Like it. Frau too also really fit it!! (Cause you have gangster lookie Frau-chi) And Labrador quite cute in this uniform too X33333

I’m just hoping Mikage was there too then it’ll be complete. How about Black Hawks in school uniform??? LoL XD

Chibi, Chibi fall down!!!

Chibi, Chibi fall down!!!

Umineko chibi fall down!

My opinion : Totally cute!!! Just who make this one but it’s adoreable!!!cute!!!! Beatrice was hit by Virgillia, Lambdadelta, and Bernkastel!!! How cute~~  Ange too she’s just cute and Eva-Beatrice angry because they  just playing around~ Lol Nice!!!

Happy Halloween???

Happy Halloween???

Yup two girls in fighting???

My opinion : Freaking cool!!! XDDDD Anyway everyone of you, do you know what this anime title??? It’s interest me very much… If one of you know it please tell me the title! Thank you

Om my Ghost... O.o

Om my Ghost... O.o

Creak me out!!!! Oh god this one the most Hilarious picture in this season!!!

My opinion : Hahahahaha!!! Battler as beatrice??? Kanon as Shannon and the other two who i dunno the name… yes i would like to see Beatrice, shannon , and Ange wear their clothes!!! X3Chaaaaannnnnngeeeeeeeee!!!!!

Yup that’s it I’ll try to updated it if i got another good pictures again… Ohohohohohoho!!!!

And I’ve got good news for 07-ghost lovers~~~

ehmmm… I’ve got rumour that says 07-Ghost will dit’s second season in 2010!!!! Oh godddd!!! it’s toooo late!! but if it still start then i’ll wait for it… Hahahahahahahahahahaha… Ohoekh! Ohoekh… uhhh… too much laughing~~

About Mito

Aloof girl who loves GURO, bears, sweets, anything that consist Strawberry, Bishonen, anime and manga. She usually goes crazy by time when she meet the things that she fangirling over~

7 responses to “Found it!!! Cute or adore?”

  1. Mimiko ♥ says :

    haha.. love the picture choice. (The best was the last)
    As for the rumor of season 2 of 07-Ghost. Well, it’s might be true, since the 07-Ghost staff haven’t update anything recently so there are likely a big chance. But as I mention to everyone before, don’t get a big hopes up because DEEN is really not much to trust.

    • Mimiko ♥ says :

      oh forget what I said, I just checked on their other blogs and it often seems to be that they left the blog when the anime is near finish. Which means.. there is a low chance a second season.. but oh well, just got to wait next month and see~

  2. Mito says :

    So??? they left the blog when the anime is near finish. Which means…there is a low chance for the second season???
    Hahahahaha 😀 it’s okay, it’s okay. i’ll not left my blog if the anime finish… :3 Anyway i’ve good instinc about the next anime season many anime that i predict will have their second season (Including Kuroshitsuji: I though at first there’ll be 2nd season and guess what?? a little next week, i got information that there’ll be kuro next season…) Yeah maybe i need to wait next month and continue…

  3. Star (Sarah) says :

    I love the Chibi Fall Down one! Kawaii ❤

  4. Shuuri says :

    The “halloween” image is from Black Rock Shooter. :3

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