melody of michael out now!!

whoa after all my cd about melody of michael already out now…. in japan~ *sigh*

here the cover:

cd_ost01yeah so nice with the 07-ghost symbol… i wonder where i can download it~~

Updated!!! i’ve got the cd tracks…. >< huweeeee~~


== DISC 1

1. TEITO KLEIN [ Teito Klein ]
2. Tsui’oku (Piano ver.) [ Reminiscence (Piano version) ]
3. Tsui’oku (Trombone ver.) [ Reminiscence (Trombone version) ]
4. Michibikidasareta kioku [ Guiding Memory ]
5. Awatadashii jikan [ Busy Time ]
6. Teikoku rikugun shikan gakkou [ Imperial Military Academy ]
7. Atatakai kokoro [ Warm Heart ]
8. Zankon ~ZEHEL [ Soul Killer ~ Zehel ]
9. Zankon ~ZEHEL 2 [ Soul Killer ~ Zehel 2 ]
10. Yokon ~PROFE [ Soul Keeper ~ Profe ]
11. Yokon ~PROFE 2 [ Soul Keeper ~ Profe 2 ]
12. Keikon ~FEST / Tsumugareru unmei [ Soul Binder ~ Fest – Spinning Fate ]
13. BARSBURG Teikoku [ Barsburg Empire ]
14. Teikoku no kyou’i [ Empire’s Menace ]
15. Hikari ni tsutsumareshi nichijou [ Everyday wrapped in Light ]
16. SISTER no omichibiki [ Sisters’ Guidance ]
17. HOHBURG yousai [ HO-BURUGU Fort ]
18. Tsugi naru itte [ The Next Move ]
19. Shiretsu wo kiwameru tatakai [ End the Fight Violently ]
20. Kyoudai naru yami no chikara [ Power of Darkness becomes Powerful ]
21. BARSBURG kyoukai [ Barsburg Church ]
22. Shukufuku no utagoe [ A Song of Blessing ]
23. Aisuru mono ni sasageru chinkonka [ Requiem of the Beloved Sacrifices ]

== DISC 2

1. Todokanu omoi ~Zetsubou [ Unreachable Thoughts ~ Despair ]
2. Dai 7 ku ~Kami no ku’iki [ The 7th District ~ God’s Domain ]
3. Kyoukai no yoru wa fukete [ The Night at Church Wears On ]
4. Shinobi yoru yami [ Darkness draws near ]
5. NOEL no ningyo ~RAZETTE [ Noel Mermaid ~ Razette ]
6. Densetsu ~SEVEN GHOST [ Legend ~ Seven Ghost ]
7. Hangeki no rou’en [ Counterattack Signal ]
8. Hangeki no rou’en (chorus cut ver.) [ Counterattack Signal (chorus cut version) ]
9. Hanatareta yami no chikara [ Power of Darkness released ]
10. MICHAEL no hitomi ~Kakusei [ Eye of Michael ~ Awakening ]
11. Dasshutsu [ Escape ]
12. Yami ni oboreta tamashii [ Spirit that sinks into darkness ]
13. Kami ga ataeshi taguimarenaru chikara [ God grants a kind power ]
14. Kami ga ataeshi taguimarenaru chikara 2 [ God grants a kind power 2 ]
15. Tsukaima ~KOR [ Familiar ~ Kor ]
16. AYANAMI ~VERLOREN [ Ayanami ~ Verloren ]
17. Sakusen kaishi [ Commence Operation ]
18. Kinpaku [ Tension ]
19. Hijou naru ketsudan [ Heartless Decision ]
20. Soba ni semeru kiki [ Crisis draws near ]
21. Fuan [ Anxiety ]
22. Kyoudai naru yamito ~WARS [ Powerful Imprisoning Darkness ~ Wars ]
23. Muku naru waga ko yo hikari to nemure [ Be Pure My Child, and Sleep ]
24. Odayaka na toki no nagare de [ Flow of Calm Times ]
25. Tamashii no susumu michi [ Soul’s Path ]
26. Kimorebi [ Tree’s Filtered Sunlight ]
27. Unmei no sentaku [ Fate’s Choice ]

== DISC 3

1. Aka no Kakera (TV Size) [ Aka no Kakera (TV Size) ]
2. Kokyou no yuki [ Snow of My Home ]
3. Hikari ga susumu michishirube [ Light that guides forward ]
4. Ugomeku yami no chikara [ Power of Darkness crawls ]
5. Sanbika A [ Hymn A ]
6. Hikari afureru jikan [ Time Light Floods ]
7. Ten yori mai orishi kohitsujisan [ Lamb that Falls From the Sky ]
8. An’un [ Dark Clouds ]
9. Eye Catch A [ Eye Catch A ]
10. Eye Catch B [ Eye Catch B ]
11. Kaikou [ Chance Meeting ]
12. Itoshiki hibi no kioku no naka de [ Inside my dear daily memories ]
13. RAGGS no chinkonka (album edit) [ Raggs Requiem (album edit) ]
14. Sanbika B [ Hymn B ]
15. Dai 7 ku no tokusanhin [ The 7th District’s Specialty ]
16. Sekai wo kowasu fu’on na kaze [ Unsettling Wind of the World’s Destruction ]
17. Mayoeru kohitsujisan [ Lost Lamb ]
18. Yokan [ Premonition ]
19. Hitomi no kotae ~The past ver.~ (TV SIZE) [ Hitomi no Kotae ~The past ver.~ (TV Size) ]
20. Oshiete ohanasan ~sono 1 [ Informing Flower ~ Number 1 ]
21. Oshiete ohanasan ~sono 2 [ Informing Flower ~ Number 2 ]
22. Oshiete ohanasan ~sono 3 [ Informing Flower ~ Number 3 ]
23. Bonus Track MINI DRAMA “Dasshutsu” [ Bonus Tracks Mini Drama “Escape” ]
24. Hitomi no Kotae ~The future ver.~ (TV SIZE) [ Hitomi no Kotae ~The future ver.~ (TV Size) ]

So yeah so much….  love love it!!! thanks for sharing the information!!! ^o^

and for the bonus mini drama i’ve got the translation so check it out!

[Track 63 – Raggs’ Requiem plays in the background]

TEITO: I am setting off on a journey, now, so that I can see for myself what the truth really is. Why was the Raggs Kingdom destroyed? Why does the Eye of Michael even exist? And what about Verloren, who is said to have been kept sealed away, and the Seven Ghosts? I want to see, and learn. I want to decide for myself what is evil and what is just.

FRAU: Are you crying, little brat?
TEITO: Don’t be stupid! I’m not!
FRAU: Just know this. We’re not flying right now to leave everyone, but so we can see them again one day.
TEITO: Yeah.

TEITO: As we faced the Seventh District, we continued to soar the skies at such heights that it was almost as if we could see the entire world below.

TEITO: Hey, Frau.
TEITO: The world — when you see the real thing — it looks completely different from how it’s drawn on maps.
FRAU: Yeah.
TEITO: We’ll probably keep experiencing a lot of things even now, won’t we?
FRAU: Yeah, you’re right. There’s gonna be a load of times when things are harsh or just plain annoying. But not all of it will be bad times. I give you my word.

[Track 33 – The Eye of Michael ~Awakening suddenly plays in the background]

FRAU: W–What’s that?!
TEITO: Since this music is playing…
AYANAMI: Hold it right there, you two.
FRAU: Oh damn, he’s here. The most annoying guy in this show.
AYANAMI: Who are you calling annoying, you philistine!
TEITO: Uwah… just when we went through all that trouble to set up that ‘it’s a good day for a journey’ atmosphere we had going.
FRAU: [sighs] Well, now that he’s here, let’s do him the favor of listening to what he’s gotta say.
AYANAMI: Silence, peasant. I didn’t come here to talk to you.

[FRAU twitches]

AYANAMI: Teito Klein. If you wish to pass by me safely, you will answer a few of my questions.
TEITO: Questions?

Hahaha? Ayanami goes crazy? he will let Teito go just with question? kidding me? no…

AYANAMI: Yes. If you do not give me a serious answer, you shall die.
TEITO: What is this, some kind of quiz contest?
FRAU: Or some kind of riddle game?
TEITO: Either is more trouble than they’re worth.
AYANAMI: Silence. Question number one.

[Quiz show fanfare]

AYANAMI: What do you think of the Eye of Michael?
TEITO: Huh? How should I know? I don’t remember anything that happens when he shows up.
AYANAMI: Hmph. Pathetic. You mean to tell me that you cannot even control the other you that lives within you?
TEITO: What does the Eye mean to you, then?
AYANAMI: It is one of seven magic balls that will grant you any wish you desire when you collect them all.
TEITO: Are you serious?!
FRAU: H–Hey, give that Eye to me! I’ll wish for all of the porno books in the world!

Oh god? eye of michael and dragon ball combined?? o.o lolololol!!! XDDD gosh that part amuse me much!!! and let see Frau really want to have it just wishes for all porn books in the world??? how he will hide that porn books that almost as many as books in 3 international library 100 x 100 size???

TEITO: Die, you perverted bishop!
FRAU: Then what would you wish for?
TEITO: W–Well… maybe a Pyalingual…
FRAU: P–Pya–Pyal…? Oh, you mean that thing that can translate Mikage’s words?[1]
BURUPYA: Burupya!

And what Teito-chan want is only… PYALINGUAL!!!! lolololololo!!!! XDDDDDD what’s with that pyalingual is sooo damn cute!!! i wanna one like that too~~~ lololol…. Teito is just so pure and honest!!! *huggles teito*

AYANAMI: I was kidding, philistines. To me, the Eye of Michael is an essential key that will allow one to obtain this entire world.
TEITO: Don’t lie to us! …Although, that is a typical answer.
FRAU: It’s so typical that it isn’t entertaining in the slightest.
AYANAMI: Hmph! A reaction that is only to be expected from uncultured barbarians such as yourselves. A great and just cause is not valued on whether or not it is entertaining.
TEITO: But Ayanami acts considerably more entertaining in the anime-based drama CDs, doesn’t he?
FRAU: Yeah. It’s a shame the man himself doesn’t seem to realize it, though.
AYANAMI: Hmph. It seems that we have a large difference of awareness between us concerning that matter, but never mind that now. Question number two!

[Quiz show fanfare]

TEITO: There’s more?
AYANAMI: Teito. What do you think… of me?
TEITO: …Huh?
FRAU: Exactly how fond of Teito are you?!
AYANAMI: [threateningly] Answer me, Teito Klein!
TEITO: Well, even if you asked me, I think you’re… an enemy– or really more like… an annoyance.
FRAU: Why don’t you just tell the poor guy that he’s so annoying, you started liking him more and more?
FRAU: [jumps back startled, and then smirks] Why is your face going all red, you little brat?
AYANAMI: [chuckles] Teito Klein. I now fully understand how you feel.
AYANAMI: In any case, I will tell you one thing. Teito. You and I cannot live without the other. Keep that in mind. Now, farewell!

[AYANAMI flies off]

TEITO: …What exactly was the point of him coming here?
FRAU: He probably just wanted a little more show time. Or maybe that was a serious love call from him to you about how “He and I are of one body and soul”, or something along those lines.
TEITO: I DON’T GET WHAT YOU MEAN. He really is nothing but an annoyance, that Ayanami!
FRAU: Yeah, sure is.

[Track 63 – Raggs’ Requiem swells up again]

FRAU: Anyway, pulling ourselves back together– Let’s go, Teito!
TEITO: Yeah!
BURUPYA: Burupya!
FRAU: We’ll race all the way to the end of the world!
TEITO: Right!
AYANAMI: Now, Teito Klein! Let’s fly!
FRAU: –Hey! No stealing my line!
TEITO: Just get out of here already! What the hell!

AYA [as he flies away into the horizon] Yahoo! Yay! Follow me here if you can! Yeah!

TEITO: Ayanami… has been letting loose more and more lately, hasn’t he…
FRAU: He just said “Yahoo”…

He said YAHOO! He said Yahoo!!!! Ayanii-sama sure interesting here!!! lololol oh god i gonna cry because to many laugh… >< but totally it’s very interesting~~

TEITO: And so, our long journey begins.

And that’s all i’m gonna share~

Teito – Download
Ayanami – Download
Zehel (Frau) – Download
Profe (Castor) – Download
Fest (Labrador) – Download
Razette – Download
Raggs Requiem (album edit) – Download | Translation of the Original version

Download | Translation

Information source:

Hyper parfait and Onkeikun.

About Mito

Aloof girl who loves GURO, bears, sweets, anything that consist Strawberry, Bishonen, anime and manga. She usually goes crazy by time when she meet the things that she fangirling over~

6 responses to “melody of michael out now!!”

  1. Shibara says :

    Hey there what’s your name? XD well nice to meet you ^^”

    Anywaaays, about the 07-ghost OST I’m dying to get it!!! >.<

    but from what I saw in the internet it is NOT out yet, maybe I'm wrong but I've seen in many websites like cdjapan, amazon, chaos and others that the release date is on the 18 of this month!

    so only 3 days left!! \(^0^)/

    I think you can pre-order from sites so that you'll have it as soon as its out, however, I wanna download it from the internet so I'm keeping my hopes high that someone will upload it for us!!! xD

    Here's more information about it:
    # CD (2009/11/18)
    # Number of discs: 3
    # Label: Avex Entertainment
    # Running Time: 123 minutes
    # ASIN: B002OIH932
    # ranking: Music – 2,270 place

    Popular in these categories:
    Rank 557 ─ (Music "Anime Game)

    They said its featuring 79 tracks + bonus track (mini drama) (yay for Drama!!)

    Disc 1:

    1. teito klein

    2. tsuioku ( Piano ver.)

    3. tsuioku ( Trombone ver.)

    4. michibiki dasa re ta kioku

    5. awatadashii jikan

    6. teikoku rikugun shikan gakkou

    7. atatakai kokoro

    8. ki tamashii ~ zeheru

    9. ki tamashii ~ zeheru 2

    10. azuka tamashii ~ puro fe

    11. azuka tamashii ~ purofe 2

    12. tsunagi tamashii ~ fe suto. tsumuga reru unmei

    13. barusuburugu teikoku

    14. teikoku no kyoui

    15. kou ni tsutsuma re shi nichijou

    16. shisutaa no o michibiki

    17. hooburugu yousai

    18. ji naru ichi te

    19. shiretsu o kiwameru tatakai

    20. kyoudai naru yami no chikara

    21. barusuburugu kyoukai

    22. shukufuku no utagoe

    23. aisuru mono ni sasageru chinkonka

    Disc 2:

    1. todoka nu omoi ~ zetsubou

    2. dai 7 ku ~ shin no kuiki

    3. kyoukai no yoru ha fuke te

    4. shinobiyoru yami

    5. noeru no ningyo ~ razetto

    6. densetsu ~ sebun goosuto

    7. hangeki no noroshi

    8. hangeki no noroshi ( chorus cut ver.)

    9. hanata re ta yami no chikara

    10. mi kaeru no hitomi ~ kakusei

    11. dasshutsu

    12. yami ni obore ta tamashii

    13. shin ga atae shi rui mare naru chikara

    14. shin ga atae shi rui mare naru chikara 2

    15. dukai ma ~ kooru

    16. ayanami ~ fea roo ren

    17. sakusen kaishi

    18. kinpaku

    19. hijou naru ketsudan

    20. hata ni semaru kiki

    21. fuan

    22. kyoudai na yami to ~ varusu

    23. muku naru waga ko yo hikari to nemure

    24. odayaka na toki no nagare de

    25. tamashii no susumu michi

    26. komorebi

    27. unmei no sentaku

    Disc 3:

    1. hiiro no kakera ( TV saizu )

    2. kokyou no yuki

    3. kou ga susumu michishirube

    4. ugomeku yami no chikara

    5. sanbi ka A

    6. kou afureru jikan

    7. ten yori maiori shi kohitsuji san

    8. anun

    9. aikyacchi A

    10. aikyacchi B

    11. kaikou

    12. itoshiki hibi no kioku no naka de

    13. ragusu no chinkonka ( album edit )

    14. sanbi ka B

    15. dai 7 ku no tokusan hin

    16. sekai o kowasu fuon na kaze

    17. mayoe ru kohitsuji san

    18. yokan

    19. hitomi no kotae ~ The past ver.~ ( TV size )

    20. oshiete o hana san ~ sono 1

    21. oshiete o hana san ~ sono 2

    22. oshiete o hana san ~ sono 3

    23. dasshutsu ( BonusTrack mini drama )

    24. hitomi no kotae ~ The future ver.~ ( TV size )


    Hope this helped you and If u know anything about the OST tell me 😀

    Hope we become good friends

    Kore kara Yoroshiku ne ……m(_ _)m

  2. Shibara says :

    Okay so this time its really out

    here you can listen to a sample of the tracks

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