07-ghost chapter 54

another manga post, 07-Ghost chapter 54 well in this chapter when i read the forum there’s a forum entitled 07-ghost chapter 54 page 11-12.  And you know what since i just can read what they write, someone write like this:

“I dunno about the page 11 and 12 of 07-Ghost is that sho-ai vibes?” or something like that, i confuse what happen? what happen? i really curious!!!

but that’s not the real topic so let me finish this post first…

Teito and Frau still continue their journey to find Capela’s mother.

Look! now Teito is completely like mother to Capella!!! and Frau is the father!!! Lol I believethis the best family otp ever…

And looks like Ichihara-san show us that Teito like to wandering in the middle of night so Frau by any chance chain him lol…

Teito: “What the heck is this!!!!”

And Teito seems got cold,and Frau to-san care much too him!!!! lololololol. but this the first time Teito got sick right??? oh my little god Teito you sick now!!! let your twin take care of you!!!

After that Teito was brought to Frau’s friend in some place that i think maybe it’s an inn or cafe? or pub? no way…!!! and really fast i read the page that i told you before…

And This is the page!!!!! It’s not Sho-ai vibe!!!! [well not really]

Teito : “Who said is sho-ai vibe!!!!!!”

Frau : “Aw… who said that???”

Lol kidding.. The real one

Frau:”… just who do you think you’re traveling with?”

And then…

Hieeee!!!! and this the second time Frau chance into Devilish Sebastian!!!!!! but what the hell are you doing???

Mito: “Hey Frau let go of teito!!!”

Mito : “How dare you touvh my little pure Teito!!! As if i’ll give you him!!!!!”

Frau : “So-sorry…”

Teito : “Mito…?”

Hahahaha! *laugh* well i draw that for this post anyway mito is the one who slap Frau… and sorry for the mess pictures… T.T

Well i’m just shock, Mito is a guy form of me but when i design him and look Teito they quite alike…

See? well bad quality pictures will not be able to see anyway… just continue with the post and main course…

“As if my body is about to melt in the inside”

What the hell is that?? Frau couldn’t resist his scythe desire to eat Teito’s soul??? so that’s the conclusion!!!  it’s not Sho-ai vibe…

Teito : “See? i told you soo!!!!!”

Mito : “He.. you’re right…”

Frau : “The reader need fanservice anyway…”

Mito and Teito : “Shaaaddddupppp!!! you twat!” *punch him together*

See? he do it again… but please don’t do it frau take it as you can!!!!! Oh no!!!! someone help mee!!!!!

yes a probably just a little more chapter frau will completely lose control on it…

Then next day in the morning Teito completely healed and continue their journey to Capella’s mother place!!! *GO*

Then when they arrive there and guess what they get a VERY warm hello from one of the butler… and they were send away…


Lol.. Frau is really doen’t look like a tru bishop actually… Sorry…

Frau : “I really am bishop!!!”

Teito :” No… you’re just some perverted bishop…”

Ahahahaha!! and Frau just using 1 clothes only… totally pervert Frau…

Then at last they discuss about meeting Capella’s mother but accidentally Capella found his mother and that so happy ending… i hope for the next chapter really… and Frau being so ridiculous funny and scary…

So i’ll continue blogging it!!!


About Mito

Aloof girl who loves GURO, bears, sweets, anything that consist Strawberry, Bishonen, anime and manga. She usually goes crazy by time when she meet the things that she fangirling over~

16 responses to “07-ghost chapter 54”

  1. Mimiko ♥ says :

    Awww.. I love your drawing. Is totally better than mine xD! I need more practice lol.

    Anyway, this chapter did really gave me much of a shounen-ai vibs <.<

  2. Mito says :

    re..really? maybe i just have too many overlooked of sho-ai vibes so that look usual for me… lol thanks!!! you can see another in my deviant art!!!! XDDDDDD i think yours must be better than me!!! that pictures i draw it in obly 5 minute so yeah… it’s looked bad…

  3. Ruby says :

    Wow the manga looks really really interesting maybe I should start reading it, the anime version was not that great :S

  4. Kencana says :

    “Lol.. Frau is really doen’t look like a tru bishop actually… Sorry…”

    Lol. You’re right ^^

    • Mito says :

      Of course he doesn’t look like it… XDDDDDDD OMG but he’s look like true bishop if yeah… he doing some plastic operation to his face~ LOL when you saying like that it remembering me of my friend who i give frau photo and she said looks like bad guy…. XDDDDDDDDDD

  5. outwitted~ says :

    Sorry to say but 07-Ghost was made to be shonen-ai. So if any of you wear wondering, that is why there are so many cute and romantic parts between Teito and Frau. Also in my opinion, Teito/Frau is so much better then Ouka/Teito. It’s just so wrong Dx

  6. outwitted~ says :

    Fine, believe what you want. Just please tell me that you are not into Teito/Ouka. Please.

    P.S. Your excessive amount of Ds only makes you sound a /little/ obnoxious c:

  7. outwitted~ says :

    Fffff- sorry for posting that last one twice D’:
    Oh really? Then thats a little better, it’s just that it gets annoying when people keep saying that 07-Ghost isn’t a BL seres, considering that I found out about it at a yaoi convention Dx

    • Mito says :

      Hahahahaha~ it’s okay~ and i do really love if it’s a yaoi series!!! XDDDDD *as fangirling is in action*

  8. Arthuria Marie says :

    Neee … Your drawing was so niceeeee ! I can’t draw Frau or Teito … They’re hair are so …

    • Mito says :

      A-arigatou! O.O their hair is a bit easier for me because it’s have a shounen-type feeling~ 😀 anyway thanks for the compliment! >______/////<

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