Durarara!! First Impression

As we know people will definitely watch this one why? because it’s so BADASS!!! It’s cool and refreshing even it’s not like baccano i heard that baccano is full of gore… from Sapphy~ And i’m still hold that anime cause my homeworks… =.=” it’s sad…

So let’s open this post with some pic that i found recently~

Shizzy-chan throw His love to Izaya-kunWow Shizzu-chan is really strong nee?? Yes the first main point i watch this, well at first i get interested with the art and i get interested with the story which tell us about how dangerous live in Ikebukuro that full of group called dollars or any bullying in school or whatever that usually happen in this modern time…

Our main character is consist of 18 person and they are:

Celty Sturluson (セルティ・ストゥルルソン, Seruti Sutururuson?)
Voiced by: Miyuki Sawashiro
Also known as “The Black Rider” or “The Headless Rider”, she is a Dullahan from Ireland who came to Japan looking for her stolen head. Her motorcycle is actually a horse in disguise. She has no heart and perceives via unknown sensors that are not located on the head. The physical strength she possesses is above human, though not quite on par with Shizuo Heiwajima. She is also capable of manipulating a shadow-like, durable substance to form objects ranging from gloves to chariots at her will.
Celty lives with Shinra Kishitani and works as an underground porter. She wears a helmet when she goes out and communicates via a PDA. She enjoys online chatting, television and DVDs. She seems to have feelings for Shinra, but she herself if unsure if it is really love. She tends to get mad when Shinra says she does not need her head.
Her online chat screenname is “Setton”.
Mikado Ryūgamine (竜ヶ峰 帝人, Ryūgamine Mikado?)
Voiced by: Toshiyuki Toyonaga
The primary male protagonist of the series, Mikado Ryūgamine is a high school boy who moved to Ikebukuro with the encouragement of his best friend Masaomi in order to search for unusual beings and adventure. Mikado tries hard to change his image but so far he has not had any luck. Mikado has had moments where he speaks his mind, which makes a reason why Masaomi admires him. He is the creator of the infamous gang Dollars.
His online chat screenname is “Tanaka Taro”.
Masaomi Kida (紀田 正臣, Kida Masaomi?)
Voiced by: Mamoru Miyano
A resident of Ikebukuro and Mikado Ryūgamine’s best friend from childhood. He encouraged Mikado to come to Ikebukuro. He is enthusiastic about picking up girls but more than often fails at it. Masaomi has commented on not letting Mikado “go to the dark side” and that he has already gone through it. Masaomi was often depressed untill Mikado arrived. Masaomi’s jokes often fail which is how Mikado really knew that he was indeed Masaomi Kida. Masaomi comments that he, Mikado, and Anri are in a love triangle. He used to be the leader of the Yellow Scarves Gang.
His online chat screenname is “Bakyura”
Anri Sonohara (園原 杏里, Sonohara Anri?)
Voiced by: Kana Hanazawa
A bespectacled girl who attends the same school as Mikado and Masaomi. She is rather quiet and timid, but seems very close towards Kida and Mikado, but sometimes she tends to enclose herself. She is very busty and cute, which makes her somehow popular, even though she feels uneasy about it.
Her online chat screenname is “Saika”.
Izaya Orihara (折原 臨也, Orihara Izaya?)
Voiced by: Hiroshi Kamiya
A young man who sells information for his own enjoyment. He claims to love the entire human race except for Shizuo Heiwajima, and exhibits said love by putting humans in often miserable conditions and observing their reactions.
He attended Raira Academy with Shizuo, Shinra and Kadota. According to Shinra, Izaya and Shizuo hated each other with a passion almost from the point they met. In the novels Izaya framed Shizuo for crimes on several occasions. In the anime he puts Shizuo in constant problems, such as gangs attacking him daily up to framing him of crimes.
He is a master of parkour, and also quite skilled with his flickblade (the blade he uses must be slightly opened before the mechanics of it springs the blade open – a switchblade will open on its own after the user presses a switch) as he is implied to be the only one capable of leaving numerous cuts in Shizuo’s bartender suit after a fight in the novels. In the anime, he shaves a gang member’s head bald without him noticing it. Izaya has two younger sisters, Mairu and Kururi, who are twins and troublemakers.
His name comes from a combination of the biblical Isaiah and Japanese for “the one who looks over the crowd”.
He is usually seen pretending to be female online and talks in a feminine manner in the chatroom. His screenname is “Kanra”.
Shizuo Heiwajima (平和島 静雄, Heiwajima Shizuo?)
Voiced by: Daisuke Ono
A man who is always seen to wear sunglasses and a bartender’s suit. Although quiet and nondescript while not angered, he has a very short fuse and fights with incredible strength. Despite his simple and unrefined fighting skills, he is often considered the strongest fighter in the series. In the novels his power is described as the naturally unlimited form of human strength and likened to “adrenaline power” that can give people superhuman strength in times of emergency. In addition, Shizuo is capable of often superhuman parkour moves, a skill he obtained naturally from years of hunting down Izaya Orihara.
He works as a bodyguard for a debt collector in Ikebukuro and carries intense animosity towards Izaya. He has a younger brother, Kasuka, who is a top idol under the showbiz name of Hanejima Yuuhei. He is also a long-time acquaintance of Celty.
His first and last name translates literally into “serene man” and “peaceful island” respectively.
Shinra Kishitani (岸谷 新羅, Kishitani Shinra?)
Voiced by: Jun Fukuyama
A young underground doctor who lives with Celty and is also her lover. He stays mostly indoors and wears a white coat even when not working as a doctor. He went to same primary school as Shizou, and has since then been interested on his unlimited strength in times of anger, in fact he rather enjoys when Shizou makes use of his strength. His father was a Doctor and since childhood has participated in surgeries with his father, the most notable an autopsy on Celty. He went to the same middle school as Izaya and has been friends with him since then. He as well enjoys to some point the constant fights between Shizou and Izaya. As a doctor he is rather interested in what he finds is an interesting phenomena, such as Shizou’s power and Celty’s body functions.
Shinra seems to have the “capacity” to tell what Celty is feeling, much to her surprise since she doesn’t have a head to show her emotions.
Simon Brezhnev (サイモン・ブレジネフ, Saimon Burejinefu?)
Voiced by: Takaya Kuroda
A tall Black Russian who came to the city to help out his Russian friend who runs a sushi shop. His real name is Samia but everyone just calls him by the name, “Simon”. Even though he is a friendly person, it has been shown that he is a force to be reckoned with as he is able to stop a fight with a man his size with just a single arm and also able to fight on par with Shizuo, who is one of the most feared men in Ikebukuro.
Kyohei Kadota (門田 京平, Kadota Kyōhei?)
Voiced by: Yuichi Nakamura
Originally part of his own gang, he is now a member of Dollars. He has a nickname called “Dotachin” which is used by several characters in the series (mostly Izaya and Erika).
Walker Yumasaki (遊馬崎 ウォーカー, Yumasaki Wōkā?)
Voiced by: Yūki Kaji
Like his female friend and companion, Erika, Walker is a very passionate otaku and manga reader. He and Erika are nearly always together. He also likes to perform torture by letting the victim to choose a light novel or manga, and carrying out the contents.
He seems to be carefree. He also keeps a wide dumb smile most of the time. But this smile can hide more than people can see at first glance. Like Erika he is very mysterious person.
He is a member of the anonymous online gang Dollars. He was also a member of Kadota’s gang.
Erika Karisawa (狩沢 絵理華, Karisawa Erika?)
Voiced by: Ayahi Takagaki
Erika is a very passionate otaku and manga reader. She and Walker are usually together. She is equally enthusiastic about manga or novel inspired torture. It is noted she is a “fujoshi” or a yaoi fan.
Like Izaya, she calls Kadota “Dotachin”.
She is a member of the anonymous online gang Dollars. She was also a member of Kadota’s gang.
Saburo Togusa (渡草 三郎, Togusa Saburō?)
Voiced by: Takuma Terashima
A member of Dollars. He’s the driver for Kadota’s group.
Seiji Yagiri (矢霧 誠二, Yagiri Seiji?)
Voiced by: Kazuma Horie
A classmate of Mikado’s. He quits school claiming he has something more important to do with his life. Being that to find his “love” and run away with her. He seems to rely on his sister’s money for that. It is revealed that he is in love with Celty’s head.
Namie Yagiri (矢霧 波江, Yagiri Namie?)
Voiced by: Sanae Kobayashi
The Chief of Yagiri Pharmaceuticals and sister of Seiji Yagiri. She harbors feelings for her brother. She is behind the recent human hunting in Ikebukuro which involves kidnapping people whose disappearance would not be noticed for unknown experiments. She seems to rely on Shinra for some tasks, including keeping their secret.
Mika Harima (張間 美香, Harima Mika?)
Voiced by: Mariya Ise
Seiji’s stalker. She is a friend of Anri whom she has been looking for as she has disappeared from her home. They were very close to each other but they also used each other to look better. While stalking Seiji, she broke into his apartment and discovered Celty’s head. He murdered her, and Namie transplanted Celty’s head onto her body.
Geezzz… too much spoiler… guess will edit it some… =.=”
I dunno how to say it but when i heard that Izaya has 2 twin sister what would they look like… Izaya is totally evil troublemaker and his sisters are also a TROUBLEMAKER!!! XD
Izaya and his sistersYes… yes… copyright me… no one still it unless you ask my permittion!!! XDDDDDD
Wait… something wrong… o.o sonething wrong… -.- Uhmm… AH!


yup, i forget where the hell i get this picture…  but i’ll present it for Shizzu-chan~ nee?

Shizuo : No need… it’s just gonna make me lose temper…

Izaya : Shizzy don’t lie~ you wanna see me like that right?

Okay stop! stop right there and continue with the summary of the story


The story takes place in a downtown of Tokyo, Ikebukuro. Teenage punks gang up and fight against each other. The gangsters are afraid of an urban legend “Dullahan” headless rider, who rides a black motorcycle without head lights nor sounds of engine. Ryuugamine Mikado is a normal high school boy who seeks peculiar beings. When He moves in to Ikebukuro, a mad scramble for Dullahan’s missing head breaks out.
Yes… yes… i understand how it’s going… maybe for you and me who also late for this anime guess you need to watch it now!!!!!
I bet you’ll not regret!! Overall i already watch for 6 episodes only and will continue later… =.=”
But i love this and don’t forget to shipped my OTP!
Hugging IzayaBWAHHHAAHAHAHAAHAHA!!! XDDDDD love smoking than Izaya, you really cruel Shizzu-chan~ well yes that the end of the post Good luck and have a nice weekend!!!

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  1. Sapphire Pyro says :


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    OMG, I love your fanart on Izaya and the twins and the one with Shizuo xD

  2. Mito says :

    Really? thanks~~~ BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! i’ll also enjoying this rock fandom!!!!!!!!! you wanna the pic? i get the durarara!! fanart about 20 pic’s…… =.=”

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    クロックス マリンディ

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