[Another update] uraboku news

Another update news minna sama!!! XDDDDDDD ah this is the time where i, mito will once more survive!!! I always dump in bored… because my one favorite anime has no update status… T^T . er actually it’s not an update news, i just going to update some of the character design in anime~

So here they are:

Yes it’s another yuki-chan~ aww… he’s so adorable but i still mistake him as “adult teito” guh… i know they are really different but still =.=”… never mind… but why must the uniform is in brown color!!! Ahkkk~

KYAAAAAAAAA~ ZEEE~SUUUU~kun!!! oops the “kun” is small… ahahahaha, doesn’t luka-kun is cool?? XDDD he’s black, mysterious, charming~ my PRINCE!!! Of course he’ll be the knight in the shining armor~ Okay stop the fandom and let’s move~

Tooko-chan~ i love her long hair!!! i hope i can have a long hair too…

Tsukumo-KUN!!!!!!!!!!! kyaa!!! this is where i go fangirling the second!!!!AWWW… tsukumo-kun really look… look… umm how to say it? XDDDD never mind~ i can’t think anything if he’s here!!! XDDDDDDD

Takshiro-san!!! wow, he look very gorgeous in that hair style *pfft* Ki-kidding, it’s look very pretty there… but he still look manly~ XDDDDDDD

It’s not “Kun” that suit him… it’s “CHAN” omg he’s very cute person!!! he’s mad in outside and fluffy in inside!!! XDDDDDD i’ve my eyes on him!!! XDDDD

AND the second mysterious guy, syuusei-kun!!!! i dunno that he has a kinda green-brown hair?? but it’s suit him~ XDDDDDDDD ah… now i really can’t wait for the anime!!!

About Mito

Aloof girl who loves GURO, bears, sweets, anything that consist Strawberry, Bishonen, anime and manga. She usually goes crazy by time when she meet the things that she fangirling over~

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