Uraboku episode 1 + OP and ED screencaps

After all episode one is out and what i could say is AWESOME!!!

I just can’t wait for it when it sell the dvd so i could buy and watch it peacefully~ so i’m just gonna make the review nee??

episode 1

As far as i see it’s still paced on the manga, like the opening there’s female yuki and Luka there, Female yuki tell Luka if it’s her destiny she wants to die in Luka’s hand, but Luka just doens’t want to kill her, and said that he’ll never betray Yuki and i dunno what happen but Luka take his sword and maybe kill himself? (Nuuuuuuuu~ T^T)

Ara sou, i almost forget the op screencaps… lolololololol the OP is just so te amore~ full of Luka from the beginning to end~ (RA~BU RA~BU Luka) Awwww… i’m gonna completely lose blood by the opening, die peacefully before watch the first episode… then why i can make the first preview?? *blockhead*

and here the screencaps~

I don’t care if the quality still bad so apologize first for you who gonna watch it… *bows*

The opening song if i’m not mistake “uragiri no nai sekai made” by Rayflower~ i still can’t catch the english translation but at least i understand a bit… ^^

Ara? you find the weirdness?? why your eyes only can see LUKA here? As i told you it’s all-Luka-OP XDDDDDD lololol but i just can help with his action~

oops… i think i take the screen caps while leaving all the action one… T^T me and my epic failed~

BI-BI-BI-BISHIEEEEEEEEE~~~~~~ awww… it’s splendid and as i said i’ll die due to lose blood and die peacefully before watch the first episode~ *stares only at tsukumo for forever*

And awwww for the last picture i get~ Luka and Yuki really make a good matches nee? and what the link between kanata-san and Yuki’s brother ummm… takashiro-san nee? (a mistake?)

ummm let’s continue the review,

then Yuki-kun goes to school while thinking he don’t wanna be burden to others… awww how cute Yuki-chan is~ and i think he always have good relationship with other but Uzuki (the one with eyeglasses in the manga) seems hate him just because he think Yuki-chan is just feeling pity for him (THAT’S NOT TRUE YOU TWAT!!!!) At the end (lazy mode) we can see Luka help Yuki who get trapped because he receive e-mail from that Uzuki-bratty~ (tch!) And awww… there’s a screencaps which i love very much~
RA-RA-RA-RA-RA-RA- RABUUUUUU~ >.< OH EM GEE~ this is the best part of the first episode~ helping Yuki-chan and even in the shines of moonlight (is it romantic or just usual for a BL anime to be like this?) but awwww… after helping Yuki-chan he explain all the situation. Yuki-chan really shock when Luka call his name (when everyone call his name he just say “how do you know my name?”) Hahahahahahaha~ and that’s the end Yuki-chan just feel that Luka is very precious to him, but he can’t remember a thing about him… (sobs)

And i also take the ED screencaps… T^T after all i need to wait for the next week for the next episode~

The ED is “blue silk” by Rayflower

The ending picture is so dazzling~ love the church-like building structure~ (full of rabu rabu~)

Chain? what’s that chain for? yeah that’s my very first though but oh… it’s Luka, and who’s on the other side of the chain?

Awww… Luka-s face is so sad… i’m going to cry to Luka don’t worry *take a tissue and begin to cry* oh so Luka’s chain is connected to Female yuki-chan’s Chain~ i see…

Awwww… isn’t that so romantic~ finding Female Yuki and Luka together?? But for real… Yuki-chan and Female-Yuki-chan face almost the same no… the same face, if both of them show together then they’ll becoming a twin~ XDDDDDDD

Eh? then after that they missing from the ground just leaving the roses and the chain’s pieces… awww… beautiful~ i love the ending more than the opening (i mean the screencaps only)

Then for the next episode!

Ara? Yuki-chan powers is going to be strong even the mirrors break into pieces because of the emotions… and WOOOOOTTTT!!! Yuki-chan’s nii-chan is make his appearance now!!! that’s fast… =.= and need more tsukumo’s screencaps right now…. nyooo~

And umm uraboku chapter 11 is out~ check in here

And enjoy it~

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Aloof girl who loves GURO, bears, sweets, anything that consist Strawberry, Bishonen, anime and manga. She usually goes crazy by time when she meet the things that she fangirling over~

21 responses to “Uraboku episode 1 + OP and ED screencaps”

  1. Sapphire Pyro says :

    I think the chain thing has somethign to do with Luka’s background. Ah well, you read the manga so you already know 😉


    • Mito says :

      i also love the anime very much!!!!!!!!! *squees you too!!!* Awww… so the chain has something with luka’s background nee?? O.o ummm so far i just read until chapter 11 which chapter nee??

  2. Himiko says :

    “what the link between kanata-san and Yuki’s brother ummm…” I don’t know if I’m right, but I think Kanata-san as the same Reiga, don’t you think? (but who knows XD anyway, I think, it would be very interesting :P)

    PS: don’t you mind if I link your blog to our blog? 😛 (this is our page: http://ahina.wordpress.com/ if you intrested, come and see to us, but our page is hungarian… buuut we have very cute picture some from anime 🙂 ) oh and sorry my english not to good, i’m sorry if i made mistakes.

    • Himiko says :

      well, that’s it xD i’m really stupid XD so once more sorry my english not TOO good, i’m sorry if i made mistakes. 😛

    • Mito says :

      Hiya~ himiko-chan! thanks for the comment and your english is not as bad as you said!!! XDDDD and i’ll change link of course~ it’s a honor for me…
      and about kanata-san and takashiro-san is well…. i try to read the raw manga but still na-ah… =.= i really hope that reiga is not him… T^T he’s so nice to yuki anyway~ XDDDDDDDD

      • Himiko says :

        Thanks XD
        That’s nice to you 🙂

        I think about Kanata-san, and I’m sure, that he is Reiga, but I hope that I’m wrong.Kanata really is nice to Yuki, maybe a little too much xD but maybe he’s planning to do something…

        Yaah… I read the manga, but just english, the raw is very complicated to me XD so I waiting for the new chapters (every day xD yeah I’m a little fanatic xD)

  3. Mito says :

    Hahahahahaha~ what’s the new chapter have you read? mine is as far as 11 chapter~ XDDDDDD

    • Himiko says :

      Well, yeah XD but 11 chapter give very very few information about the story XD but I still like it xD and I’m waiting….waiting…waiting xD
      Anyway could you send me the link of raw manga? XD at least I can see the cute boy, even I don’t understand it XD

  4. Mito says :

    The link??? umm lemme give ya!! since we’re fandom of cute boy!!! XDDDD http://mangahelpers.com/m/uragiri-wa-boku-no-namae-wo-shitteiru i dunno but i think there should more of it… >..<

  5. Mito says :

    I’m sorry for the limited one… but i still find the raw from book 3 until 5…. but i dunno why they remove it… T^T i don’t download them so i’m very sad… >.<

  6. Mito says :

    yes i’ve watch the third episode and it’s lala-love~ *need more LUKA loves* XDDDDD i want i want!!!

  7. Mito says :

    What chapter or book is that?? i really want to see the next episode!!!! awwwww… there’ll be hotsuma and shuusei 2 episode again if my instinct is right

  8. Mady says :

    I love this all of the guys are super sweeetness Im hoplessly in love with Luka and Kanata the dark handsome guys always wins my heart. ❤

  9. Mady says :

    I eager to see whats gonna happen to Yuki at the new estate. Im nervous about him not having Luka around to protect him

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