Uraboku 2 : Family gathering

As the episode is already out 1 week ago and i totally can’t watch because in my country all crunchyroll video isn’t provided… so sad… it’s too sad T^T

Anyway i’ve finish watch the episode 2 yesterday!!! >.< (and yesterday is the third episode to out) Let’s move to summary~

Yuki continued his life while still questioning about the people who helped him last night which awake his mysterious power. While Yuki still thought about the man his brother takashiro-san take a look on him by going to his place. Tsukumo and Tooko-chan still guarded Yuki from far away until Yuki lost handled his own power and because too scared he run away from others. Once more the man A.K.A Luka tried to comfort him and also that’s the first time of the attack of Duras. After the attacked of Duras takashiro-san,tsukumo and tooko-chan come out (geez like a family gathering plus Luka) and asked Yuki to go with them…

Geez… that’s really fast… =.= i heard that the anime will end only 12 episode!!!! >:o why it’s so fast!!!!!!!! damn i need more longer episode…>.< Aww.. okay i’ll not talk to much now because i’m blogging while leaving my homework white… as blank as white paper!!! Lol~

And here is the screencaps…. sorry for the short screencaps…. kinda lazy~

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! it’s a dream!! Yuki still thinking about Luka and zero hints about him~ and awww… his face is totally hawt!!!! and of course with the silver eyes [which i falling in love] i never feel anything but LOVE~ XDDDD

Eh beep beep!! i must censored it!!! na-ah… just kidding… but doesn’t it romantic? having our best couple here but i still prefer Boy Yuki with Luka… dunno why… i just feel they more suitable~ >.<

“Omae ga uragiranai!” ah that’s phrase i almost remember it just by watching 2 EPISODES!!! omg Luka i can’t blame you for all of this~ >.<

Awww.. they do really make a good couple… and Luka try to comfort Yuki-chan~ AHHHHH!! Yuki-chan is so sweet!!! be my lil bro~ XDDD (even i know i’m younger than him)

KYAAAAAAAA!!! TSUKU-CHAN AND TOOKO-CHAN IS IN ACTION!!! this what i’ve been waiting~ but it’s rare for a woman held blade [big especially] while tsuku-chan is not a offensive type…

Both of them watch it so relax… na-ah kidding!!! XDDDDD

Family Gathering!!

Yup… that picture should stop my post… XDDDD i really hope for the third episode which the Walpurgis night is come… and and… it’ll full of action~ ja matta nee!!!

About Mito

Aloof girl who loves GURO, bears, sweets, anything that consist Strawberry, Bishonen, anime and manga. She usually goes crazy by time when she meet the things that she fangirling over~

9 responses to “Uraboku 2 : Family gathering”

  1. Himiko says :

    Oh yeah, the episode 2 is very cool XD but the third ahhhhh… it’s amazing 🙂

    If you like it, I upload to you and link it (the crunchy version :P)

    Anyway, I love Takashiro’s voice (Takehito Koyasu is a really really cool xD but I love Takahiro Sakurai, too xD of course I am XD and and Jun Fukuyama ahh oh my god XD the seiyuu staff are very fascinating :))

  2. Mito says :

    Na na na~ i can’t watch it in crunchyroll~ >..< i also want to watch the third episode~

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  5. foto says :

    I love your blog keep up the good work

  6. Anon says :

    Hi, i am kinda curious about it… Is it yaoi?? The characters are really gorgeous especially Luka. >_<

    • Mito says :

      HI! 😀 na-ah its not yaoi but sho-ai, you can see the manga first if its not bothering you~! 😀 I’m pretty satisfied with the anime as well~! GO WATCH IT! 😀

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