Uraboku episode 5 Hotsu-chan and Shuu-kun

Yay!! i get the episode more faster than usual since i really wanna wanna wanna hear hotsu-chan and shuu-kun’s voice (Ono daisuke and Miyano mamoru) Bwahahahahahaha~ ahem… let’s move to the summary~


After Yuki decided to go with them, Now they are in the way to twilight mansion. Yuki dream about himself in female! body, and woke up and found Luka beside him and Luka ki-ki-ki- uhh… it’s hard to type it… i mean kissed him (remember in female body!!!) and Yuki woke up, shocked and Screamed which make the other looked at him. Yuki was very confused why Luka was kind to him and Tooko-chan and Tsuku-kun just laugh about it Tsuku-kun said that Yuki will eventually heard it from Luka himself. But before they went to Twilight mansion Takashiro-san wanna meet them at the police officer. Tooko-chan warned Yuki-chan if he met the bad mouthed and trouble maker child he must be HOTSU-CHAN!!!Yuki-chan was separated from Luka. Takashiro-san just wanna make sure about Luka which is on his side right now. Yuki who walked around found a little children and helped her but again… low ranks duras tried to attack him but Hotsu-chan out!! HERO!!! >.< but it’s an unfortuante for our hero number one Luka to come late. At first met Yuki-chan got mad by Hotsu-chan so yeah~  i found this very cute~ XDDDD


Continuation from the previous episode and i just go bawwwwwwww~ >.<

Tooko-chan and Tsuku-chan just can laugh when hearing Yuki asking why Luka only kind to him… >.< Awwww Yuki you’re just too honest and cute~~ XDDDD

Uwaaaa… when they almost kiss it’s fade… =.= and yuki “uwaaaaaa~” is quite girly… lemme change the yuki VC…!!! XDDDD because i think i suit boy voice~ XDDDD

YEAH!!! hotsu-chan and shuu-kun first appearance!!! yatta!!! XDDDDDD and and… hotsu-chan’s voice remembering me of nikaido akira from monochrome factor… =.= check it carefully~ XDDDD

Hotsu-chan seems very hate yuki-chan nee? even tooko-chan warned him if Yuki fin a person with bad mouthed and stubborn child it’s must be hotsu-chan (LOL)

Yada na… Takashiro-san REALLY happy about yuki-chan join him… yuki-chan be careful from now on nee? Luka will protect you and me~ *Fangirling mode on*

When Luka and takashiro-san have discussion well Luka seems to hate takashiro-san too so LUKA!!! LET’S KICK HIM TOGETHER!!! XDDDD

And anyway i really like Luka’s style… from his shirt until his shoes… and i umm wanna one… >.<

Hahahahaha~ the way Hotsu-chan mad at Yuki-chan is very amusing and loved to see~ XDDDD hahahahahahaha!!


Aww… Luka’s worried face is also good looking~ XDDD bwahahahahahahaha!!! >.<

Anyway and yes… i hope we can see more Action and i can’t wait for they to arrive at Twilight mansion!!! XDDDD

About Mito

Aloof girl who loves GURO, bears, sweets, anything that consist Strawberry, Bishonen, anime and manga. She usually goes crazy by time when she meet the things that she fangirling over~

18 responses to “Uraboku episode 5 Hotsu-chan and Shuu-kun”

  1. DiJee says :

    Yahaha . Luka Crosszeria is the best x) .
    I love him so much .
    He is so handsome kyaaa.. XD

    • Mito says :

      Lier…. =.= LUKA IS MY HONEY BUNNY SWEETIE!!!!! XDDDDDDDD HE’S MINE FOREVER!! *BECOME MEDUSA* DON’T YOU DARE STOLE HIM FROM ME!!!! anyway you watch this anime? O.o it’s sho-ai category right?

  2. Reika says :

    Ahh mito-chan . Gomen, but i’m so bad in english .
    So, can i write in indonesian? 🙂

    Btw , i have one question for you (my teacher never told me ’bout this, so please answer my question, arigatou)
    Do you know about website that can download anime until finish ?
    I mean not like youtube , just download 5 min , 10 min .
    I’m so sorry if my english so bad TT

    • Mito says :

      reika thanks for asking… ^^ i usually watch online raw but you can find it subs so don’t worry~ for watching anime full umm well usually there’s no webside wathcing it full they usually divide into 2 part you can type in google what anime you want to read and they will give the result and you can check one by one… but no open youtube… ^^ i hope this answer satisfied you~

  3. Reika says :

    Do you know that dijee n reika are d same people? And do you know who i am ?
    Ha ha ha .

    Yeah i watch this anime too .
    Thx vo d information i get from your website x) .
    I didn’t read (i’m forget d english word) ‘sinopsis’ , i just see d picture .
    N when i ‘minta’ (=.=) anime from my teacher , i see d folder name uraboku .
    I copy n paste that folder to my flashdisk (ha ha , gomen for my bad english ToT)
    n when i watch it , i fall in love with LUKA ❤ .

    LUKA 可 爱 (hayah , mandarin is bad too)

  4. Reika says :

    Anw , i have sign up cruchyroll .
    What’s your username @ crunchryroll? X)
    Dwnload video from crunchryroll isn’t free, is it?

  5. Mito says :

    @ reika and dijee : i’ve known that you’re the same people from your same blog addrees~~ XDDDDDD and when will you come to my house again?? i wanna study photoshop again and it seems your mastering it before me~ XDDDD and my username @ crunchyroll is Cienviane XDDDDD and what about your english?? it’s worsen!!! XDDDD and i believe you can have english course with me!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL~ XDDDDD and is your teacher have katekyo hitman reborn? i wanna watch it! and i also need durarara!! episode 17 and 18~ XDDDDD lololol and thanks forthe help~~ i really need that episode~ XDDDand last message my LUKA IS MINE FOREVER!!!! *being monopoly*

  6. Reika says :

    Hahaha. I’m Titania_Reika .
    Someday, after finak exam maybe .
    I’m forget, but i think he have hitman rebborn.
    Durarara 17 ? I have it . @@ .
    Ah i want to dwnload uraboku eps 6 n fairy tail 30 =3
    Do you watch fairy tail?

    Btw i’m always forget your number ( handphone )
    Please message my fb about your number . Hehe

    * you can’t monopoly lukaaaaa *

  7. Reika says :

    * final exam . Not finak . Hhe .

  8. Mito says :

    i can monopoly Luka since he’s mine!!! i’m the real yuki reincarnate!!! XDDDDDDD it’s up to me anyway and because i type the reply at school sorry if i got mistype~ =.= nyoooooo~ after final test nee?? me miss you~ anyway have you add me at CR?

  9. Reika says :

    No . Becoz i just sign up @ warnet . Huh .
    Do you know net near ceriamart ?

  10. Mito says :

    No, i don’t know.. -o- anyway don’t forget to add me at Cr! And play to my house and trained your english! >_o okay?

  11. Reika says :

    Ahaha.. Okay” .

    Miss u baby ‘mito’ ❤ .

  12. Reika says :

    Ahaha.. Okee .

    Miss u baby ❤ .

  13. Reika says :

    Ahaha.. Okee .
    Miss u baby ❤ .

  14. Mito says :

    Are you trying to hacking me? 3 comments with same content? I’m still straight.. -o-

  15. Reika says :

    No =,= .
    I won’t !
    I’m open this web use hp .
    Like i said before, i use my father hp , n maybe something error with this hp -.-

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