Are you Alice OP/ED CD

Since I’m big big BIG fans of this awestuck manga and game (and of course I’ve played it!~) and now I’m bring this good news to you all about Are you Alice? PSP OP and ED cd! >.< no wonder the soundtrack sounds good since its one of ZIZZ STUDIO product desu! *nods nods* no wonder eh…?

And beside of the information I got the CD cover too!

ALICE?/Maris Stella

  • ジャンル:マキシシングル
  • 発売日:2011/04/15
  • 価格:1,890円
  • 2011年4月15日発売
    PSPゲーム「Are you Alice?」のOP/ED マキシシングルです.

This CD contains The OP (Alice?) and the ED of the game (Maris Stella) Ohohoho~ I can’t afford my wallet to buy this CD unfortunately since I’m going to save some money to spend at this year AFA (Anime Festival Asian) on Singapore! There’s another CD too~


  • ジャンル:アルバム
  • 発売日:2011/06/03
  • 価格:3,150円(税込)
  • BLACK & SWEET!! trace the history of “IM” half a decade!!

Both of them already released before and just for Information if there’s someone who kindly buy this CD and upload it for us as Are you Alice fans. We’ll be thanked you forever! Anyway keep the sweets away!

About Mito

Aloof girl who loves GURO, bears, sweets, anything that consist Strawberry, Bishonen, anime and manga. She usually goes crazy by time when she meet the things that she fangirling over~

2 responses to “Are you Alice OP/ED CD”

  1. karitai says :

    Have you bought this CD? If it’s not too much to ask, I really need the scan for the lyrics, because I’m trying to translate Maris Stella. The latin part is especially the confusing one.

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