Who am I?

Who am I? It’s a story about little girl who just happen to love Japan’s and Korean’s culture! She loves anime, manga and bishonen so much that she forget her real life •ω• *insert forgiveness sound* Nowadays her blog becoming bigger and bigger and it’s all because of you whoever read this post and make this blog bigger than she could though! Big thanks to you all who read this post in this blogs! Ah almost forget~

♣ Liking ♣

GURU *Read = gore* ≡ Bishounen ≡ Yaoi ≡ BIG SAD ENDING LOVER!

Forgive me for this not-readable post just try to rambling around! I’ll give all my best including Information that related to anime, manga and games~ 😀




14 responses to “Who am I?”

  1. Lunecee-pyon says :

    I miss u!! TT.TT
    i’ve got 2 friends who like to draw but they’re not as fun as YOU!!
    They dun even knw anime, i had to teach them japanese languange cuz they saw my drawing in japan languange!! Ugh, they’re NOT normal.. Btw g gk ad plsa bwt xmx jd g pke grtisan net T.T

  2. Mito says :

    Dvi!? Arigatai for coming! XD
    Btw, have you check for umineko?? It’s an awesome anime! It really is great! And for o7-g epi 16 it gonna be fun! (Live FrauxTeito!)
    See ya soon

  3. Chie says :

    mito-chan,,, you’re blog was so cool,, ^__^

  4. Chie says :

    wuaaa~~ mito-chan, your new theme was so cute,,, >.<
    do you understand CSS?? 😕

  5. Mito says :

    Nope, never try it- XD
    How bout you?? Have you try it?
    My net-connection just soo lame.. T.T kanashi.. Kanashi..

  6. Chie says :

    I just started to learn about it,, but, how could you design your blog this cool?? 0.o i searched around the option tools and found nothing to modify my module o.0

    My connection was lame too, cuz indonesia never had enough bandwidth for their people T^T
    Different with other country that had enormous bandwidth,, -_-‘

    • Mito says :

      Really??? is it cool??? I though not really cool it’s just common you see.. XDDDDD My friend could modify it better than me… Maybe i’ll try something new later… Hey do you know how to take screen caps from anime???

  7. Ruby says :

    Look that at, I’m amazingly good at stalking xD *the power of google* hey did you know that this was the same theme I used when I started a blog?…I’m sure you’ll become a great blogger, don’t worry ^.^

  8. Catherine Meyers says :

    Hi Mito, your blog is great!!. Would you be interested in a link exchange? Let me know to send you info on mine! *-*


    • Mito says :

      COME ON!! let’s exchange link!!! *squuuueeeezzeeeee* its been a long time when someone asking to exchange link~ >:D

  9. Fran Siska says :

    yooo !! hohohoho sebenernya g bingung mo komen apa. ahaha…. blog u seru juga dibacanya .. banyak komik yah u .. bole g cek2 tuh ..*pyon*pyon*

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