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Kurobasu Fandom?





Youko x Boku SS preview

Anyway before I watch my Winter series~ I need to check the available manga. This time I’m going to check Youko x Boku SS! ๐Ÿ˜€ the first ten pages i have read and my expression is : OMG! THIS BISHIE IS JUST GO SPARKLING EVERYWHERE AND EVEN DESCRIBED HIMSELF TO BE HER DOG! stupid… i haven’t see this kind of bishie before… even crying?



omg! He even want to die if her master Ririchou-sama want to break the contract! THIS IS RIDICULOUS! BE MY SERVANT THEN!!!!



Another picture that explain everything… when will he stop bring that sparkles over him… This will end like BBS, Bishie Before Sparkle…

Anyway my first impression is this manga is FUNNY!!! I LOVE HOW THE BISHIE THROW THE SPARKLES OUT OF HIM!!! XDDD might be watch this series maybe…?

Somehow they look the same…

I realized I want to make this post a long time ago, but I can’t make it! NOW, I’LL REVEAL ALL THE THINGS THAT I HAVE BEEN THOUGHT THIS TIME!

I’m going to make a review about 2 characters from 2 different anime but when you complete the puzzle, they have something in common! ๐Ÿ˜€ let’s GO!

First character is Akira from Monochrome Factor and Akira from Togainu no Chi

What are the common things they have? First its their name? (Ridiculous, they share the same name. I don’t even remember how much “AKIRA” character I’ve been in love~ LOLZ) Beside their name if you really pay attention in their personality, you’ll find something unbelievable (JOKING)

  1. Both of this AKIRA are described as cool person in the first. In fact both of them are cool~ ๐Ÿ˜€
  2. Both of this AKIRA are described as strong person (UNBEATABLE). Akira (TNC) is the hero of bl@ster game, while Akira (MF) is your super human and is scarred by other students (even since he was child)
  3. Both of this AKIRA can’t describe their feelings good. Those AKIRA can only hurt they best pal, guys… Geez, how can you injured their feeling by saying ,”You are in my way” or ,”You are weak” something like that.
  4. Both of this AKIRA were attacked by their own buddy and try to apologize to them. Akira (TNC) hurt Keisuke’s feeling and Keisuke is going crazy because of the LINE and try to kill Aki-chan! In the other hand Akira (MF) say to Kengo to not to interfere in his battle, and because of this, Kengo is possessed by shadow.
  5. Both of this AKIRA are entering “weak” state after their precious buddy is being possessed by both LINE and shadow.

See? I told you, They got bunch of things that are in common! ๐Ÿ˜€ LOLZ~ i just realize and its fun! The next character would be Keisuke and Kengo~! Their buddies!

First of all sorry for the Kengo’s picture~ I can’t find his HQ picture after all~ tee-hee~! AWWWW HOW ADORABLE MY SHIKI-NII IS GOING TO KILL KEI-CHAN! >W<)~ okay enough with that and start the common sense!

  1. Both Kengo and Keisuke name are started with “KE-” well this reason is just nonsense but still I like it~
  2. Both Kengo and Keisuke are AKIRA(S) bestest friend! (well if I should say “like dog and master” . This remind me of mini drama in MF OP CD~ ๐Ÿ˜€ the mini dorama,”Inu no Senaka”. In this drama Kengo is really look like a dog~ KEKE~)
  3. Both Kengo and Keisuke want to be AKIRA(s) strength. They butted in AKIRA(S)’s problem and just become a nuisance in the end~! LOLZ!
  4. Both Kengo and Keisuke are going nuts because of their lack of power (Read : Because of AKIRA(s) rejection). Keisuke take LINE to power himself and going nuts~ while Kengo is possessed by shadow and just want to kill AKIRA~
  5. Both Kengo and Keisuke are SADIST when they are going nuts. OH NO! PLEASE DON’T HURT AKI(S)-CHAN’S FACE!!!! *punch back*

LOLZ! this 4 characters are just a doppelganger or what? they have some things in common which is amuse me so much! i can’t wait for another character to review~ LET’S find another character who has common personality and things~ let’s SHARE!

Winter ANIME 2011/12 preview

YAY! fall is almost meet its end and welcome WINTER! that means, there’ll be a bunch of WINTER ANIME! (>u<)/ let me see… i haven’t see the chart yet but i’m making this post? XDDD let’s googling for a while… *google-ing*

W-W-W-W-W-W-WHATTTTTT!!! ALL OF THEM, err no… MOST OF THEM ARE FANSERVICE ANIMUUUUUUUUUUUU———!!! WHAT SHOULD I WATCH THEN!!! okay the promising series for me is only Natsume Yuujinchou Shi, Black Rock Shooter and umm i should check for inu x boku (LOMG! I CAN’T TAKE MY EYES FROM THE BISHIE~ HE JUST SO BISHIE!) and what about you? ๐Ÿ˜€ let’s share the feeling!

Dumb and Dumber [Badass Guy]

Badass guy still a badass guy after all~ I’ve never told you before but I truly LOVE shiki from Togainu no Chi (Everything! his sexy voice, his sexy bodey… EVERYTHING i said OI!) and I just find this dumb and dumber video~ kindly I brought this to you anyway for all of you you are a big fans of Shiki, BETTER LEAVE THIS PAGE AND NOT TRY TO OPEN AGAIN~ its a warning then nee?I”ve warned you once right? oh YEAH! for the link since I’m not gonna make it as a spoiler~

Dumb and dumber its all presented by our badass guy Shiki and Aki-chan the sponsored is Vischio!

The rumor of 07-ghost

Rejoice all 07-ghost Lover for being wait for a long time!!! I’ve got a rumor that make us happy but also make us feel uneasy! ๐Ÿ˜€ its about the confirmation of 07-ghost the second season! >:D well I just know today and that’s mean I need another sources to make sure that this will be done in no time! But in Yukimachi website itself I find this sentence that confuse me…


Is it true? for sure that 07-ghost second season will launch at the first July? O.O maybe you have another comments~

This picture is dedicate to 07-ghost web itself!

Persona 4 : The Animation

I never believe while checking my summer anime (which I added some series that might be interesting to check) I remember what my friend said about Persona 4 being animated! O.O …
Well some shock does need~ *laugh* some of the trailer has also come out already and I think its already have 6 PV for this series~ and I can’t wait for this game becoming animation~ >.< I miss my hana-chan! (read : Hanamura Yosuke) anyway for you who interest in this series I got a link that show all the 6 PV!

So Maybe for summer series that I’ll definitely watch are Natsume Yuujinchou san and NO.6 and the other series that I need to check is Dantalion no Shoka (Look like the other version of GOSICK? though I enjoy my gosick~) that’s all but I’m quite curious about kamisama dolls because I’ve heard of the title somewhere? hmm…


Of course to make sure I watch the good anime I’ve check some of the manga even only for 1 chapter~ ๐Ÿ˜€ And this time I’ll be gladly bring this manga into a little review~ ๐Ÿ˜€ the manga is adapted from light novel and only translated until 2 chapter till now~ I’ve check both of the 2 chapters but as far as I could find the story is quite original taste and I’ve taken interest on it! ๐Ÿ˜€ oops I don’t think I could make the Photo Uploading since wordpress has just change it recently and I just notice it… =.=” maybe anyone could help me with this? *sparkling eyes* Anyway this story is about your ideal city called “No.6” and we also meet our typical main character named Shion who just enjoy his 12th Birthday by screaming outside the window? (Well that’s really weird, why you enjoying screaming in front of the window?) and because of the loud voice that he make Someone come to his room from the window and choke him (A warm welcome?). His name is Nezumi (Nezumi means rat) and after his meeting, his life change forever.

What a typical story we get here! *little laugh* And moreover I’m so happy that I’ll finish the game I bought from a long time ago~ I don’t want to die due to boredom and moreover I’ve got many things to do! >:D anyway just enjoy this post and maybe someone can help me by uploading picture in WordPress?

Hitori Ja Nai 2nd year

In just case that I as the runner for this blog, “Hitori Ja Nai” is almost reach its second year! *clapping hands* well I don’t think this blog which is almost die still stand up firmly in this state! the reason why there’s not much posts due to my school and I’m in a danger state for some subjects score… =.=” (just receive my reports 2 days ago) I got worst in History and Sociology *gasp* well anyway beside my blogs being 2 years now I’m going to celebrate the 30K viewers in the second years!

sorry for the bad banner… =.=” its been a long time for me not to edit picture~ >__< tee~ hee~ anyway thanks to everyone! Hitori Ja Nai has hit 30000 viewers! >.< *tears of joy* anyway if I’ve got some present for all of the viewers and you too whoever read this post! AH! almost forgot that I’m going to update this post by the summer anime chart! *darn…*

ta-da-! its the summer anime 2011 chart! *laughs* I’LL DEFINITELY WATCH NATSUME YUUJINCHOU SAN!!!! XDDDD kyahahahahaha~ and also I’m going to watch no.6 too I guess…? there’s no more other series that i’ll check but anyway maybe you could give me some recommendation?