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My not uhh… first flash…


Manga Scoop : Supernatural RULES over!

Back with your LOVELY MANGA SCOOP by Mito-pyon! 😀 Today I just found another interesting manga! Just read it though~ 😀 let’s go for it then!

Doublets by Kyuugou

Touma heard a voice calling to him that day – a voice calling out to him in a dream. That day, Sousuke forsook his family, escaping with the sword that they had guarded for generations. Touma’s dreams weren’t supposed to mean anything once he woke up; Sousuke’s family wasn’t supposed to find him or the sword ever again. But once they meet, fate binds them together – and fate has a funny way of sending all such plans awry. (Taken from Storm in Heaven)

Mito’s comment : As far as i read the chapters (There’s only 2 chapters out, i really hope someone will scanlate it… TTATT) Somehow its just has the samurai feeling but mix with supernatural touch. Met our Innocent main character who always lack of sleep and then meet this mysterious transfer guy. GAWD… And there’s also this sealed sword…? *facepalm* AND OMG!!! TOUMA DIED IN THE SECOND CHAPTER AND RAISE IN THE SAME CHAPTER!! but overall this is worth to try! XD and I suggest you not to read it so fast, because the lack of information even you only read 2 chapters… =.=”

Mahoutsukai no Neko by Kikuta YUI

Rio is a 14-year-old boy with no particular special traits, except his burning love for books. He’s awkward and considered odd at best by his peers. Rio also has a twin brother, Mao. Although they look alike, they couldn’t be more different. Mao is good at everything, is popular, and has future plans to have a big, happy family. Despite their differences, the brothers are close.

One day, when Rio attempts to retrieve a cat that wandered into the street, he is hit by a car right in front of his brother’s eyes. Everything fades to black. In the darkness, a voice offers a choice: to live or to die. Fading rapidly, Rio gives the obvious answer: to live!

Rio awakens in a world filled with foreigners and strange animals he’s never seen before. That’s not the only odd thing–Rio now has the form of a black cat! He quickly learns cats are revered in this world because of their special role as familiars of wizards.

Mito’s Comment : TWINNNNNNN-CEST? LOLZ! of course not! its about your daily life with your twins. But because of this accident Rui died and turn into black cat! XDDD and OMG!!! THE MAGICIAN! THE WIZARD IS SO BISHIE!!! XDDD AND SADIST! but somehow i smell sho-ai touch here? there’s 3 chapters ready to SERVE! 😀

Another 0 by Kiyohara Hiro

Another manga about another. The curse of the third class.

Mito’s Comment : i haven’t see the original Another manga but this manga is good! XDD i know the artist! she just has the best art for horror as for another her works are Tsumitsuki and One-coin laundry girl! XDDD

And so I haven’t find anything interesting again~ will probably post again when i have my freedom fully~ XDDD see ya FOLKS!


Mito is back with manga scoop guys~! Don’t you miss me so much? *JK* I hope my English is better than the first time I run this blog… *confuse* Anyway to celebrate my last day of DAMN SCHOOL’S EXAMS i want to share some oneshot~ 😀 it is highly recommended! No need to speak anymore, let’s START!

Oneshot from Teezah

X-Tai shinsho by Ezawa

Sugita Genpaku made a contract with the demon in exchange for the ability to cure any disease.
But if he doesn’t find someone to treat within the time limit, his soul will be taken!

Mito’s comment : THIS IS DEFINITELY MUST READ! OMG!!! BISHIEEEEE~! its so heavenly oneshot having bishie err… i mean doctor who make contract with demon on order to cure any diseases is too AWESTRUCK! i have no comment on this oneshot~ *admire it more*

Dr. Psyche by Chihiro

No doctor can cure or figure out the cause behind the illness of Mii’s older brother.
Except for Dr. Psyche.
But this mysterious doctor is perverted and even had a criminal record. Can she really trust him?

Mito’s comment : WELL WELL what this? a doctor that is perverted… well no wonder then~ but beside his perverts attitude he is the best doctor who can cure the diseases with UNKNOWN CAUSE! another BISHIE TO STARE TO~

Camelot Garden by Yuki Kaori

There she weaves by night and day
A magic web with colours gay.
She has heard a whisper say,
A curse is on her if she stay
To look down to Camelot.
But in her web she still delights
To weave the mirror’s magic sights:
A funeral, with plumes and lights
And music, came from Camelot.
“I am half-sick of shadows,” said
The Lady of Shalott.
“Tirra lirra, tirra lirra,”
Sang Sir Lancelot.
She left the web: she left the loom:
She looked down to Camelot.

Mito’s comment : A little bit sho-ai touch~ well i don’t care, but the real story is so touching… but well uhh horror, gender-bender genre, what do you think? for all Yuki Kaori fans this oneshot would be very delighted!

Apple by KOMI Naoshi

The main character (the blond ponytailed guy – yeah, guy) is Aramiya Satoshi, whose main ability is shape-shifting into any animal… though at some point he has plants growing out of him, so he is able shape-shift into any living thing. I’m not sure if he was naturally born that way or if he was a biological experiment. Anyway, he’s a pretty easygoing guy who just wants to be left alone to enjoy his solitary life in the middle of a junkyard, but apparently some army or another is always after him because of his ability, though he is able to fight off entire tank battalions before breakfast.

Mito’s comment : BISHIEEEEEEEEEEEEE~! ah~ there’s nothing oneshot manga that recommended by me without BISHIE! muahahahahaha! this one is quite amusing but well~ JUST READ IT! (>u<)/

Boku wa Sakana by YUMEKA Sumomo

A short 16-page oneshot about the relationship between two high school boys who are incapable of admitting their feelings to each other and the girl who perpetuates their anxiety.


That’s all for today’s oneshot! phew! i search it while i’m studying for my school’s exams, so i don’t find it much… TT.TT but if you also have manga recommended, please do say so! I’LL receive all your kind comment! 😀 see you at the next post!

Manga Scoop~

MANGA SCOOP IS BACK WITH ME!! *LAUGH* since i can’t go blogging as usual, so i’m back with this manga scoop~ 😀 let me introduce some manga to read~

Well i said “Some” before… that’s a BIG TYPO~ *liar* anyway this manga is titled “Momogumi Plus Senki” its about Momozono yuuki as the reincarnation of Momotarou must fight 7 demons before he turned 18 or he will die. Well this story is has a good art and COMEDY! i LOVE COMEDY! its a rare for me to laugh much than when i was young~ And i already got 5 books in my hand now~ kufufu~ so if you wanna laugh just read this~ silly… pfft~! book…

Hitori Ja Nai 2nd year

In just case that I as the runner for this blog, “Hitori Ja Nai” is almost reach its second year! *clapping hands* well I don’t think this blog which is almost die still stand up firmly in this state! the reason why there’s not much posts due to my school and I’m in a danger state for some subjects score… =.=” (just receive my reports 2 days ago) I got worst in History and Sociology *gasp* well anyway beside my blogs being 2 years now I’m going to celebrate the 30K viewers in the second years!

sorry for the bad banner… =.=” its been a long time for me not to edit picture~ >__< tee~ hee~ anyway thanks to everyone! Hitori Ja Nai has hit 30000 viewers! >.< *tears of joy* anyway if I’ve got some present for all of the viewers and you too whoever read this post! AH! almost forgot that I’m going to update this post by the summer anime chart! *darn…*

ta-da-! its the summer anime 2011 chart! *laughs* I’LL DEFINITELY WATCH NATSUME YUUJINCHOU SAN!!!! XDDDD kyahahahahaha~ and also I’m going to watch no.6 too I guess…? there’s no more other series that i’ll check but anyway maybe you could give me some recommendation?


Game review : Togainu no chi ~True Blood~ Portable

I’ve just finish my school tests recently and still try to find something interesting to play with. Well i guess I’m going to waiting for my friend because he is kindly downloading the [SWEET POOL] game for me! Well actually I played Togainu no Chi ~True blood~ in my PSP just curious and also killing time and surprisingly when I played it I just realize that there’s more than 1 ending! *SHOCK* well who can guess this is my second time play VN and I totally into it even my Japanese is limited… TΔT

Just in case I’m just going to give short review about the game since its already out last year I think… Since I play it the first time I don’t have any basic information for this game except the anime (I just finish the anime first after that play the game). The anime is having the ending where Keisuke a.k.a Kei-chan die, while Akira recently come back to Toshima and fight the IL-re a.k.a Badass-Hot-BLoody SHIKI. The time when i start to play this game I try to follow the anime track but since its totally different I got shock and check the net for this PSP version but no information, so I continue play it well uhh… let me tell you how the ending I get. First I get Rin’s ending which at the end of the game Rin challenge Shiki again and bring Shiki’s sword to Akira. Grow-up Rin is quite shocking to look. He just totally different from the last time! *laugh* •♦• The next ending I get is Keisuke’s ending which Akira is being ended by Keisuke killing him and GURU – GURU sound is just out! >____< *GURU LOVERS* but I still feel sad because of the ending… T.T. The third ending I get is another Keisuke’s ending which the ending is just well uhh… ” NORMAL” to me, Akira and Keisuke is having a job together and live happily ever after like a fairytale… =3=, this ending is really normal right? I don’t really like this ending. After Keisuke’s seconds ending I got stuck for about a day, and then realize that there’s still 1 Keisuke’s CG picture that still blank. I bet it’ll be placed by the dead Keisuke’s ending. After that I just realize I find the Yukihito’s ending which the ending I love the most! (Dunno just can’t resist Yukihito for sure! He is just too awesome!) Yukihito is just being so sweet with Akira and that just make me fall in love with him more!!! *SQUEALLL*Ahem since that ending I got Motomi-san’s ending. Then I was angry with myself for not getting any Shiki’s ending but right after I get Motomi-san’s ending FINALLY! SHIKI’S ENDING! i just don’t understand why Shiki give the Il-re position to Akira and well uhh… never mind then. The last ending I get is N’s ending. He is quite a mysterious character and well the most confusing in his ending is his speed of talk. When he was young his speed of talk isn’t that fast well a bit almost normal I could expect it and then the current N, his speed is just become slower and as if he was reading a poem! >.< but surprisingly his speed is becoming normal in the ending and his hair color is also different… its BLACK? O.O how could he change the speed of the talk and his hair like that? that’s really really confusing… =.=

Anyway my impressive about this game is awesome! i love the endings (Yukihito’s) and also the songs~ >:D the BGM is not that bad too! 😀 i hope I could get my [SWEET POOL] game as fast as I could but i need to upgrade my computer first plus adding the Japanese language~ after that I’ll get another review~ see ya!

Kaizoku to ningyo

Phew beside on reading it myself, i’m trying to test my editing pics skill in this manga! >:D so well since its the first post please don’t mind any mistake since i’m still newbie at scanlating manga! *laugh*

and here is the manga i want to share!

KAIZOKU TO NINGYO by Tatsuya Kiuchi

“In the world where ships are still going around the seas. Hisui was sold by the people to a nobleman for money. Even being treated nicely, he was treated like a figure that chained in the cage. When trying to run away, he met a pirate that target him, as the “mermaid” of the nobleman. Hisui who heard that feel that his run away is useless. Then… what is the connection between Hisui and the “mermaid?”

and here is the sample of my unfinished work!! XDDD hope it’ll done in 2 days~ 😀 well this is impossible for me… since well today i might be only finish half of it or even less than it… i hurt my back so much because of this project… =.=” and thanks to zefringo who provide the raw~ 😀 and other for being the translator~

This is genjutsu!look upside? that’s one of the pages that i’m working on… maybe the total of the first chapter would be almost 15mb or more than that… =.=” i guess i make it too “high” quality… and i’m searching for proof reader before i’m upload this chapter here~ if someone want to do it just try tell me then! it’ll be a great help! :3

*this post might be updated due to the chapter uploading!

New Community is OPEN!

UWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~ I’VE been in hell~ The now me is having CHRONIC SLEEP DEPRIVATION!! my eyes is almost like panda’s eyes *black* oh so for this new community I’d like to share the love of new manga : TOXIC by TAKAHASHI RYO

OMG!!! I DON’T CARE EVEN JUST DROOLING THERE!! XDDD but, I can’t let this manga have no further fans club or even fandom!! xDDD they need love from us! so join:


My first flash animation!

Well uhh i’m out of topic so i try to post here about my first flash animation!! XDD just a GIF pictures and all of them using mouse not a pen tablet~ 😀 since i don’t have anything like that!! i’m gonna post it here since deviant art can’t upload it~

LOL! XDDD colored and made by me with flash macromedia help!! XDDD i’m such a spoil kid who love her first flash!! XDDD hahahahaha!!! so what do you think?? :3

Happy new year 2010

Minna now it’s already new year 2010. Oh no!!! it’s already 2010!!! oh god it’s so fast!! I’m getting old now!!! this year i’ll become 16! i wanna be small and a good kid everyday!!!! please stop my age in 15!!!!!

*Cries* well i hope this new year will be more good than the last year… but ahahaha!!! thanks to everyone who always accompany me this year!

fufufu.. well it’s not winter 2009 but 2010 also! Lol XD

oh and maybe this my first time i’ll post my own drawing… well it’s bad anyway, but it’s my present for all of you…

Ahhhhh!!! as i though! it’s bad anyway!!!! >< i don’t really mention it!!! i draw it when i still in school because the subject was tooooooooooo boring!!!! ^O^

A handmade copy of the first page of first chapter of 07-ghost. Lol handmade… i make it more than 30 minutes or less than 30 minutes? i forget. Anyway when i show it to my friend, she said that mine better than ichihara-san’s drawing. OH NO! it can’t be!!! Ichihara-san’s drawing style more better than me!!! I’m still newbie, still in progress to success! Anyway my dream is to become like our god and goddesses in Japan, yes Mangaka!!! lololololololol but i hope i could do it… and make me more happy if my manga also been sold in Japan!!! and make the anime,….bla… *very long wishes it cencored.*

Uhhh.. anyway my dream it’s not only that, there still more of them… *daydreaming* oh well say this my best ney year present!!!

Cookie!!! hahahahaha!!!! yeah i like this strawberry cookie!!! anyway,

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010!!!! please within now and then guide me this amateur, Mito!

~With love Mito~