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which one do you prefer, Playing RPG games or brick puzzle?

Brain time!!! this time title is “Which one do you prefer, Playing RPG games or brick puzzle?” etoo…

before i start this topic i’ll present the picture first!!!

See? playing is such a wonderful thing and bad news for me… i… i… [uh..] i… over-slept so i… don’t go to…school this morning… OHHHHH!!!! IT’S HORRIBLE!! I NEVER DONE THAT BEFORE!!! IT’S SUPER SUPREME EMBARASSING!!!!  yeah i don’t even imagine it that i sleep like dead person which can’t hear any voices~~ tee-hee…

So let’s start the main topic!

between playing game and playing brick puzzle both of them are using brain but which one more interesting? RPG game? or brick puzzle?

For my decision and also some projection to search the answer i need so, at last the answer is 70% with 30% . Believe it or not brick puzzle will only be played when there’s it’s season where many people play it in my school just in a weeks…but how about RPG games? they were played all the time in Playstasion, psp, Nitendo DS, and many other game console.

Both of them are using tricks. so which game that using interesting tricks?

The winner:

RPG Games!!!!

Rpg games use more interesting tricks! in one games they use very many tricks and puzzle and also brain mixing to attract us and confuse us… hehe… and of course i like to play RPG games so much~~ =.= ve~

so what the best thing for you?? please tell me!!!


Which one do you prefer: Making doujinshi or studying math?

Which one do you prefer: Making doujinshi or studying math?

This one is such simple question??? Everyone maybe choose making doujinshi than studying math that make you all going crazy, then mad and last you’ll becoming An autis kid. But that’s not true you see people do anyhting with brain. and as you guys know, when people use their brain for think it’ll consume 20 % of our energy.

Now the main point is the consuming of energy for every activition we do is different. The activity that use brain more such as doing math, or do sth that using number and counting, I bet it’ll consume more energy than Drawing right??? Here the picture (It’s my friend who ome the moodel!!!)

Fun!!!”]Math is just sooooo [Damn] Fun!!!And there it is next, I bet Drawing doujinshi is just need a litlle bit energy why???  We just don’t really need brain to making it are you making doujunshi or making math doujinshi??? LoL here the picture (Now it’s my fav doujinshi!!!!)

My lovely doujin but it's sooo bad

My lovely doujin but it's sooo bad

Ahhh my own drawing it’s been a long time nee??? With that i’ll declared my end here!!! Adiue~~~