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Kuroshitsuji II and Uraboku impression

Phew… finally i’ve finish this 2 anime! just shiki the one i haven’t finish yet! 😀 YAY! i’m feel very doki doki for these 2 anime! OMG!!! O.O i can’t do anything but delayed this post since i’m busy with school and just bought the dvd 3 days ago and finish watching it yesterday! :3 so let’s me preview it!


Okay at first i feel disappoint because the main character isn’t Sebastian and Ciel anymore and i got myself scream in front of my laptop screen… but… the truth IT’S AWESOME! Sebastian and Ciel still the main character and its really really surprise me with the new main character Alois Trancy and Claude Faustus. At least when i watch the first episode, my feeling said EUH… child abuse… (CSA = Child Sexual Abuse) to Alois and its done by his uncle? O.O wait! don’t try to make feel pity on you ALOIS! *points to the TV* and well i pretty enjoy the first episode which tell us about Ciel who is back again while Sebastian carry him in a big luggage? (Sebastian i know Ciel is small but… in a luggage?) And the more episode i watch the more great plot it will! and i just go “WOAH” like that and even my brother who always complain my anime taste! (he doesn’t know what it cost to be a fangirling! beside i’m not watching naruto, bleach and one piece my lil bro!) And what make me surprise is the ending! WHAT!! akuma no CIEL!!! wait a sec… this is not my dream right? i always thought that if ciel would be a demon and it works? O.O i know i’m very popular with my curse, and almost every curse i said 99% is come true! (scary isn’t it?) At first remember guys, Alois said that he will make our Sebastian in pain and tormented if they get Ciel right? and what if i said it’s come true? within the last episode Alois make new contract with Hannah while he still in Ciel’s body, and if his wish granted his soul will be eaten by Hannah and Ciel will come back to live but as demon. Sebastian who want to eat Ciel’s soul for 36 episodes long plus a long hiatus, feel in a big pain. While Ciel said that he freed from the long curse, Sebastian were given a long curse of what happen to him. He know become Ciel’s butler forever, as he said,”I’m a demon butler”…

THAT’S SO SAD!!!!!!! I’M CRYING IN THE LAST EPISODE!! i dunno how to say it but… Claude is pretty freaky when he taste Ciel’s blood nee? okay i’m VERY satisfied with this anime! :3 THIS IS MAYBE the first anime ending that i can’t predict… i bet Sebastian would win and eat Ciel’s soul while my Bro said that Claude would win because he has the demon sword, but the truth said that no one win… >3< wait so that’s mean its already END!? NOOOOOOOO~ i shall wait for the OVA then~ ciel in wonderland is coming soon right? :3 i’m gonna watch it!! i’ll loyal to Kuroshitsuji since its the best victorian anime i’ve ever watch that have a good culture explained there!~

URABOKU ~Uragiri wa Boku no Namae no Shitteiru

Uraboku~ i fall in love with you when i read the manga at the first time~ :3 TI AMO!!! *hugless* but i kind of disappoint on you too~ >.< the ending which i think should be very interesting and full of BANG BANG!! KICK KICK!! PUNCH PUNCH!! BOOOOMMM!! is not coming… T^T and umm i don’t expect that the ending just have a little fight while 1 episode before the ending is really make me doki doki for what will happen in the end… =.=II it’s hanging!!! >O i can’t believe it!! >.< i think if they will make the end as the manga will but i kind of lost in the manga chapter… =.=II Anyway… i LOVE KUROTO!! *SQUEEEZZEEEE* he’s so cute when he still child!!! i wanna a tsun tsun brother like him!!! *fangirling* ahem… anyway i still enjoying this anime! :3

Phew sorry for the long preview and impression~ :3 but i’m glad i’m not drop it… since there’s so many anime i’ve dropped because of the story which lead the ending that i can predict… -.-” but i still love the anime!! *squeeze* i’ll make another review about togainu no chi and letter bee when i have time again… =.=II i still try to being active here~ anyway i know it late but, BUON COMPLEANNO TSUNA!!! *hugless* i love you boss!! ti amo~ :3 i hope you enjoy your present! XDDDD


Now now… don’t cry anymore,

Mito : but i’m really curious about the next chappie!!!!!!!

Mito : Eh? no way… it’s just going to thinning my wallet… you’re so meanie…

Yes that’s the opening okay close it… and yes the bad and also the good news is kuroshitsuji has been licensed… =.=” now you can search it in your country’s near bookstore~

*sigh* and i’m going to fall now~ it’s just to sudden when i’m gonna check the manga in manga fox and ta-da it’s already been licensed… sh*t…

And if in their country no one of the bookstore sell it??? and what should i do!!!!!!!!! i’m gonna check it in another manga webside…

Then…then… we need to read it again… and i just have 36 chapter in my computer onley!!!!!!!!!! XDDDDDDDDD so any objection??? 😀

07-Ghost Chapter 55

Yo! i’m back here to give review about 07-ghost chapter 55!!! XDDDD kyaaa!!! it’s back to normal not like the previous chapter it’s quite confusing me!!! yes! yes! let’s start with the opening page

Uwaaa… it’s hakuren and teito… yes it’s been a long time not to see hakuren and i miss him too T.T

We still connected with the last chapter, finally capella found his mother and reunite once more… but there’s something Teito want to say to his mother but nothing coming out from his mouth…

Dawwwwwwww!!! the best picture of mom and her child~ actually capella’s mother or Lutia doesn’t want leave Capella but there’s no other way again… XP

Lutia-san seems very glad that she could meet capella again and say thanks to Teito… (wait-wait-wait! after the bad romance in the previous chapter frau become more little action than before???)

The reason Lutia-san become the stepmother of a girl [who i forget the name] because every child who inherit the parents money need to grow up with their parents until 15, but her mother got killed by some poison and found Lutia-san who really resembled to her late mother.

Then they promise to let Lutia go as well as teito and frau accompany The girl to some place that i forget the name[again]. They’ve been asked to chance their clothes and pfftt!!! Frau is really like a bartender… XDDDD

After they guard the girl’s room the other butler gives them tea and suddenly [well, unfortunately] only Frau who doesn’t get time distort…

AWWWWWW….  frau want to catch teito but he can’t because of thet damn distorting dimension or something like that…

Frau come back to the the time when he enter the mansion once more… and teito found him… *ahem* chance his clothes!!! XDDDD ahahahaha!!! OMG Frau!!! you even still have time to chance your clothes!!!

Then as usual they begin the WAR again…

Actually Frau is worried about teito and the time distortion… but we still dunno who the bad guy is…

At last frau will check the reason of dimention distortion…

Ahh… 28 pages is really short for me… but the most schoking news in this day is In chapter 41 kuroshitsuji sebastian died and ciel really want sebastian back… dawwww… that’s so touching! i need the next chapter!!! hurry up!!!

Kuroshitsuji 2nd Season~Another news~ Updated


Meee… I know i’m waiting this anime for a long time… but *sigh* This all what we get as Kuroshitsuji fans??


Ahem… but maybe this not really true… how about if they are ciel’s new enemy??? Ah but we still don’t know what’s the next information again or something like that… And ummm… i’m very tired to complain now… so yes… i’ll take a long hibernation… Ja Saraba!!!

And their name: The new butler, Claude Faustas will be voiced by Takahiro Sakurai (Suzuki Kururugi, Yuri Shibuya, Cloud Strife) and the new master will by Alois Trancy, voiced by Nana Mizuki.

This anime will be premier in July 2010… Hope you enjoy it…

Another picture to show and some information has been added to this post!!!
Wow… a color full picture and HEY! ALOIS LOOKS LIKE OZ NEE? *use eyeglasses* uh-oh… no it’s very different…

Our new butler Claude-san is really like the twist of sebastian and will nee?

But the… OH yes the updated news… It’s say that our new stars doesn’t look like having contracts and i get a little spoiler about this anime which will tell us about sebastian past.

and what make me more sad is that there’s a kind of scenery which sebastian walking alone in the middle of snow and said “akuma de hitori desu kara” Hitori here means”alone”. HUWAAAAAAA!!! sebastian i’m going to bring you home immediately!!! so i’ll tell you another news if i get more information again… T.T