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Fooling or Being Fooled?

OMG! April fool is already done few days ago, so then as usual I check Ponytale’s Website and there’s just so MUCH April fool’s special on some game’s official website! XD and so what make me interest is the Nitro+CHiRAL’s BITROJACK! GAWDS… this is just completely FOOL! *burst out laugh* DRAMAtical Murder website being hijacked by ARUBITRO/ARBITRO-SAMA! (ARBITRO SAMA U’RE SO GRAET!!! LMAO~)

Okay let’s start it. You can play the game in Ponytale’s website anyway! :”D since its only posted in its website a day~

When you play it ARBITRO-sama will explain you about some products (Which the products is just so-oh-awestruck!) There are 4 products which represent each game by Nitro+CHiRAL~

OMG! HUMAN SIZED AKIRA CHOCOLATE! IF THERE’S THIS PRODUCT I’LL DEFINITELY BUY IT!! XDDD who doesn’t go for this guy?? XDDD even SHIKI maybe be pre-order it via BITRO!! XD OMG~ And there’s another product too which I can upload I don’t know why… /CREY Will post another pics of it after I upload them later via Photobucket. The other products are cat’s tail, Dramatical Butter (A blue colored butter? *shock*), and un-appetite  curry from sweet pool. GAWD… BUT the thing that make me love the idea is ARBITRO’S REACTION!! OMG!! THEY’RE FREAKY CUTE!! Even so the background music is kind of creepy though… XDDD So have you try it? 😀




DmmD updates and others

I know, i’m making this post just to make sure that i’m not dead~ :3 AND  while i’m not here to update my own blog post so i spend so many time to search for another Nitro+CHiRAL’s game and found it! >:D HELL YEAH! the new game is called DRAMAtical Murder and it caught me in the first place~ 😀 (well i just realize the style is quite different esp the CG’S and also welcome our new artist HONYORARA) And i bet you should’ve know this well if you read this blog! and so i’m here to tell that DMMD’s official website is updating some new gallery and also special features! The Gallery is just too cute! let me post some of the pictures~ 😀

Aoba is carrying an old woman!oo—! Aoba-chan is carrying an old woman in pink? O_O the color of the hair is shocking…

THIS...IS...CLOSE...ENOUGH... *shot'd*

Who the hell are you calling at Ao-chan?

Ao : DEAD ALIEN!!! Clear : .....


Okay i know my new biased game is gonna be played by me! well maybe i can’t afford to buy the CD because no extra $$ next year… =.=” i should start searching jobs after finish my high school and collage~ >_______<” anyway don’t mind if i left this blog for a quite long hiatus~ 😀 i’m preparing my school test till April if I’m not mistake… *dead* still WHY ALL NITRO+CHIRAL GAME SHOULD BE PLAYED BY 18+ PLAYERS!! I’M STILL 17 AND THERE’S STILL 1 YEAR BEFORE I CAN PLAY IT!!!! *cries* but i’m 18 next year so everything is gonna be alright~ 😀 ARGH! DAMN! i leave my math homework! see you soon at the next post! 😀