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Uraboku episode 3 + 4

Uwaaaaa… gomene for the double post because i can reach my net and laptop 2 weeks ago and also i got late on watching this 2 episode… T^T  Umm but since this also consume energy and time i can’t make it as a long post to… so umm oh well let’s start

Episode 3

Still continuation of the previous episode after the family gathering (LOL) Takashiro-san tried to explained to Yuki about what happened and asked Yuki to join him. Yuki seems to be get a big shock so he asked to give more time to thought over. In the other side Luka is almost mad (which i get this very excited) attacked Takashiro without a minute. Once more the duras low ranks tried to attacked Yuki but protected by Luka. Luka asked Yuki not to go out at tomorrow’s night and didn’t give the reason why. Night has come, Luka who sit alone remembered how he and female! Yuki are having a very deep connection and blah… like holding hands and hug and saying something sweet. Yuki got news that 2 of the orphans hasn’t come back and Yuki worried about them forget about what Luka said and went out to search them.


“Yuki-chan hidoi!! discrimination!! why all of all you call Tsukumo, Tsukumo-kun while i Tooko-san!! >.<”

Hahahahahaha~ LOL our Tooko-chan wanna be a young to not a big sister for Yuki-chan!!! Hahahahahaha so that’s why Yuki not really good with girls except child~ XD

“Why you always protecting me?”

Aww… Yuki-chan you no need to ask again and the answer is of course LOVE!!

Yeah i know sorry for the bad template of the screencaps… =.= uhh… and okay… their face sure is a serious face… XDDDD hahahahaha~

OMG!!! ANOTHER BAD TEMPLATE!!! >.< i guess i’m bad at tempating the picture… and this is where we get action (need more action!!!)

Takashiro-san sure is a stylish man nee?? look at his cupboard full of clothes…. >.< and nee nee he hates child!!! OMG~

A lovey dovey scene of Luka and female! Yuki…. =.= hahahahahaha~

Anyway let’s move to the summary episode 4 phew after all i’m just a student~

Yuki got trapped by a duras which enter Uzuki body’s and tried to attack Yuki but gladly Tsuku-chan come in the right time and protected Yuki as he got the wound which contain curse… While the duras almost attacked both of them Luka come in the right time and tried to kill him to stop the curse of the wound or something like that… tee-hee~ Yuki who can’t stopped the fighting finally release his true power (the light of god) and because if the light Tsuku-chan’s poison is cured and could shot the duras while Luka killed him as last attacked (YAY!! Tsuku-chan and Luka combine attack!!!). After the night Yuki decided to go with Luka and the other.Before that, he questioned why he’s born? for what he’s born? can’t blame himself… T^T Luka tried to comfort him and said that he’s there and lend his hand and reached’s Yuki’s (awwwwww!!! i’m crying in this part!!! Luka is my baby big boy while Yuki is my baby boy!!!) and they went to Tokyo ara… almost forgot After all Luka finally tell his real name and master?? he said master to Yuki? =.= umm is that to big for a spoiler?? XDDDDD anyway move to screencaps!

oya oya… kowaii… the duras is very frighten…  no way… he still mid-villain… not opast yet…


Mid-villain : a mid level duras

Opast : High level Duras


But Yuki interfere with it but Luka stil protect him and er… that’s much too much for a blood and Luka still not die? O.o okay… how the blood dropped is remembering me of umineko no naku koro ni… which the sound blood drops is really clear… =.=

LUKA’S ATTACK!!!! omg even Luka’s fighting face mode is also a good looking… and Yuki’s power release after all… tch Takashiro-san plan really goes…

LOSER~ baka baka baka mid-villain duras *try to be a epic crazy* ahem… anyway the duras is lost after all and happy ending~

Umm i dunno how to comment again… any comment??

Yuki-chan hontou ni yasashi hito deshou nee??? he even forgive uzuki-kun for what he have done… awwww…

don’t worry there still me… -Luka-

LUKA!!! I HOPE THERE’S ALSO SOMEONE SAYING LIKE THAT TO ME!!! >.< i’m really really wanna a perfect boyfriend like him but… =.= uhh… no hope…

Welcome home!!! And happy ending~

Anyway i can’t wait for the next episode it’s HOTSUMA AND SHUUSEI!!! minna sama alert!!! hotsuma-chan and shuusei-kun will arrived in the next episode box… and weeeeee~ i’m almost finish download the drama cd uragiri wa boku no namae wa shitteiru and sono yubi dake ga shitteiru… i’ll put the link if i’ve time~ ja~~ enjoy this post!!


The Best [dump] day!

It’s the second week after enter the school again i really hate it… and today was the worst day ever!!!

*sobs* *sobs*

at my previous post i feel so boring, then today i feel so more boring!!! o god.

i’m move from my favorite spot to a very bad spot in my classroom… and sit with the person i don’t want… sheeesh…

i sit with him, one group with him, even my friend said that i’m is his lover!!!! *huwaaaaa*

i don’t want sit with him! please i beg you my teacher!!!! it’s not worst but i still don’t want!!!!


i can’t sit with boy… i don’t know why but me and my friend now get the same problem… we are in the same class… and the boys we sit with is soooooooo talkative especially mine!!!! i really want to punch him once! so what do you think we [me and my friend] do?



This day i fell so boring… it’s boooring… and i hate it so anyone… can you help me erase this boringness??? thanks…

Schools and hate

Hey! it’s been a long time not to blogging again ya? I miss you all!!! XDDDD

And also it’s already december and almost christmas!!! what will you do at christmas?? i’ll going to start continue watching Umineko, Bakemonogatari, Hetalia and Kara no kyoukai… ^w^

Ansd guess what my best friend just hate me 4 dats ago… she said that i overacting…Huweeee!!!! i just can’t hate her.. i know i was used to be an overacting kid or maybe bratty? if you knoe Alfred F.jones then you can see my bratty in him…

Lol… XDDD wait what should i do? she never like me since then!!!! i dunno what to do i just easily anger too… [well i’m tsun-tsun type person…] If i can apologize her i want it… i already apologize to her once but seems she never accepted it… *begin to cry*

So what you think i must to do? please give the best answer or possibilty that i can use… she really mad to me… i don’t want her hate me… well better she hate me at first than hate me later, it’ kinda hurt…. i already talk to my other best friend and she said don’t scream to all my friends [i like scream much]

Maybe this friendship will over soon enough… i don’t know… anymore… really. so i think if this the best way to do than let it be…

Please help me kay?


Still arguing but not quite~

Still with me arguing with life~ just yesterday i… i… OK! I ADMIT IT!! I CRIED!! it’s the first time since the last 3 years ago!!! My friends(enemies actually) mocked me until i couldn’t bear the hurt and sickness in my heart so… i… i… uhhh it’s sooo embarrasing to say “Cry” just because  my 3 years ago i didn’t even feel emo or sad (this what people said sadism)

Today in my world(huh?)  the sun shine sooo bright and almost burn me into red crab!!! but i still enjoying bloging and other stuff and gueat what… I’LL HAVE MY HOLIDAY NEXT WEEK !!! Horrrayyy!!! i don’t believe it!! (You must believe it anyway!!!)

After all i don’t need to go to that damn hell school!!! I just wanna sleep peacefully without any homework or etc… and especially i wanna said, “Happy b’day Sapphy!! even we just met a few days ago but i’m really enoying reading your blogs!! Hope you always give us many good and great information!!”

And wish i could enjoy my life NOT being bullied BUT just live AS ORDINARY student… anyway thanks for always helping mee… XD

And Konbanwa for Sapphire pyro, mimiko, jayers, chie, xcrownclownx and many more~~ please emjoy your life cause life is too beautifull for words..