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Fooling or Being Fooled?

OMG! April fool is already done few days ago, so then as usual I check Ponytale’s Website and there’s just so MUCH April fool’s special on some game’s official website! XD and so what make me interest is the Nitro+CHiRAL’s BITROJACK! GAWDS… this is just completely FOOL! *burst out laugh* DRAMAtical Murder website being hijacked by ARUBITRO/ARBITRO-SAMA! (ARBITRO SAMA U’RE SO GRAET!!! LMAO~)

Okay let’s start it. You can play the game in Ponytale’s website anyway! :”D since its only posted in its website a day~

When you play it ARBITRO-sama will explain you about some products (Which the products is just so-oh-awestruck!) There are 4 products which represent each game by Nitro+CHiRAL~

OMG! HUMAN SIZED AKIRA CHOCOLATE! IF THERE’S THIS PRODUCT I’LL DEFINITELY BUY IT!! XDDD who doesn’t go for this guy?? XDDD even SHIKI maybe be pre-order it via BITRO!! XD OMG~ And there’s another product too which I can upload I don’t know why… /CREY Will post another pics of it after I upload them later via Photobucket. The other products are cat’s tail, Dramatical Butter (A blue colored butter? *shock*), and un-appetite  curry from sweet pool. GAWD… BUT the thing that make me love the idea is ARBITRO’S REACTION!! OMG!! THEY’RE FREAKY CUTE!! Even so the background music is kind of creepy though… XDDD So have you try it? 😀




Game review : Togainu no chi ~True Blood~ Portable

I’ve just finish my school tests recently and still try to find something interesting to play with. Well i guess I’m going to waiting for my friend because he is kindly downloading the [SWEET POOL] game for me! Well actually I played Togainu no Chi ~True blood~ in my PSP just curious and also killing time and surprisingly when I played it I just realize that there’s more than 1 ending! *SHOCK* well who can guess this is my second time play VN and I totally into it even my Japanese is limited… TΔT

Just in case I’m just going to give short review about the game since its already out last year I think… Since I play it the first time I don’t have any basic information for this game except the anime (I just finish the anime first after that play the game). The anime is having the ending where Keisuke a.k.a Kei-chan die, while Akira recently come back to Toshima and fight the IL-re a.k.a Badass-Hot-BLoody SHIKI. The time when i start to play this game I try to follow the anime track but since its totally different I got shock and check the net for this PSP version but no information, so I continue play it well uhh… let me tell you how the ending I get. First I get Rin’s ending which at the end of the game Rin challenge Shiki again and bring Shiki’s sword to Akira. Grow-up Rin is quite shocking to look. He just totally different from the last time! *laugh* •♦• The next ending I get is Keisuke’s ending which Akira is being ended by Keisuke killing him and GURU – GURU sound is just out! >____< *GURU LOVERS* but I still feel sad because of the ending… T.T. The third ending I get is another Keisuke’s ending which the ending is just well uhh… ” NORMAL” to me, Akira and Keisuke is having a job together and live happily ever after like a fairytale… =3=, this ending is really normal right? I don’t really like this ending. After Keisuke’s seconds ending I got stuck for about a day, and then realize that there’s still 1 Keisuke’s CG picture that still blank. I bet it’ll be placed by the dead Keisuke’s ending. After that I just realize I find the Yukihito’s ending which the ending I love the most! (Dunno just can’t resist Yukihito for sure! He is just too awesome!) Yukihito is just being so sweet with Akira and that just make me fall in love with him more!!! *SQUEALLL*Ahem since that ending I got Motomi-san’s ending. Then I was angry with myself for not getting any Shiki’s ending but right after I get Motomi-san’s ending FINALLY! SHIKI’S ENDING! i just don’t understand why Shiki give the Il-re position to Akira and well uhh… never mind then. The last ending I get is N’s ending. He is quite a mysterious character and well the most confusing in his ending is his speed of talk. When he was young his speed of talk isn’t that fast well a bit almost normal I could expect it and then the current N, his speed is just become slower and as if he was reading a poem! >.< but surprisingly his speed is becoming normal in the ending and his hair color is also different… its BLACK? O.O how could he change the speed of the talk and his hair like that? that’s really really confusing… =.=

Anyway my impressive about this game is awesome! i love the endings (Yukihito’s) and also the songs~ >:D the BGM is not that bad too! 😀 i hope I could get my [SWEET POOL] game as fast as I could but i need to upgrade my computer first plus adding the Japanese language~ after that I’ll get another review~ see ya!

Are you Alice? PSP game


Just right after i get the game, the battery is run out! >3< *BOO! BOO!* and i just charge it after that~ well just within less than 1 hour i manage to reach 2 chapter~ 😀 well before that, everyone who doesn’t like “SPOILER” just please don’t open this post :3

Are you alice? First Chapter

As the first appearance an anonymous person read the Alice in Wonderland story, and move to The Queen of Hearts castle which there was a conversation between 2 men. Alice who just arrived to Wonderland walk around and found the parade in the street and meet our beloved neko-chan~ (Chesire cat) and Chesire cat said that his name was “Alice” and brought him to alley backstreet. At that time Alice met a girl (which this girl’s voice is just too ANNOYING) that can’t be Alice or what they called “regret”. After Alice attacked and screamed over the street Mad Hatter just shot the regret (and when this part the girl’s laughing is TERRIBLY annoying) saved our beloved Alice. Alice now went with MR. Matty (Cute name : MAD HATTER) to his house while waiting for the time for him to met the queen of Wonderland~ *laugh* Alice was given a gun, and he tried it first to shoot at our MATTY~, but our MATTY is just TOO genius he didn’t give any bullet inside it, because our MATTY job’s is to protect Alice from “ENEMY” or “REGRET”. Time has shown to 6 o’clock and time to go to Queen’s castle.

-End of First chapter-

well I don’t wanna spoil it too much but that’s how the story goes on~ even i can’t read the japanese but at least i could hear what happen and the conversation between them! >:D ahhh~ if just i could take the picture when Alice try to shoot our MR. Matty~ >___< why he is so CUTEEEEEEE~ well just wondering if i could finish it! 😀 i want to hear *spoiler* VOICEEEEEEEE!!! just because he was ordered by the queen to not speak~ >.<

Are you Alice? PSP game

As a loyal manga reader especially for this series I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE GAME!!! >3<

Umm as for the information guys, you could check here :

Are you Alice? this will go directly to the official website!! XDD AHHHHH~ i wanna play it!! >.< its going to be released at March 2011 OHOHOHOHOHO!! I CAN’T WAIT FOR IT!! i’ll go keep upload the information of course!! XDDD <- can’t even read japanese am i kidding you?

Hetalia games!

Hay this post just for fun!

So I’ll post hetalia games be sure you join this!

The Rules is simple:

1. Choose your character.

2. Play it with the Skills and equipment that already served.

3. Enjoy the game and respect to others

4. One game 5 people only.

So what do you waiting for? choose your character now!!!

The character:

1. England/UK/Arthur Kirkland

Ekoku beam!!!! Hahahaha!!

2. America/US/Alfred F. Jones

Hamburger Punch!!! lol

3. France/Francis

Triple love beam!!! ahahhaha… i’ll pass.

Francis : EHHHHH!

4. German/Ludwig

Germania wurst and potato mix!!! Delicious~

5. Spain/Antonio

TOmatoes bombs! Hahahaha!

Well i’ll let you guys choose first! don’t forget to leave me at least one character~~ lol

Have fun!!!