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Winter anime 2010/2011

Hiyaaaaaaaaa~ phew after all anime winter is COME!!!!!! >W< yay!!! and well as far as i see there’s not much anime i’ll participate this winter~ *not only this winter but also the last winter* i don’t know but i participate much only when fall anime is come~ :3 and ahem… well i don’t get the bigger version for the chart so yeah… at least i could give some comments to the anime~ LET’S GO!!!

Haiyoru! Nyaru ani: remember my Mr. lovecraft

Errr… what’s this? what with this moe moe aura? =.=” NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! PASSS!! my eyes!!!

Starry sky

EH? i know i love bishie(S) but still… a harem-game adaptation? =.=” this make me think twice like hakuouki which also a harem game adaptation… =.=” so i’ll pass… (BUT I LOVE YOU HAJIME SAITOU!!! DON’T WORRYYYYYY!!)


A west film become a japan animation? O.O like iron man i guess i need pass on this series… sorry~


I’ve heard that many people look forward to this anime but since i’m lack of information i’ll keep this in the list first… XDDD and i think the plot isn’t that bad! i just hope i will not drop it…

Hourou Musuko

A gender-bender secret like OTOMEN? XDDDD i just loyal and love otomen only!! (japan dorama of course but a manga adaptation) I love youuuuuuuu otomen!! you’re the best J-dorama i’ve ever watch!!!!!! *forget this series*

IS : Infinite Stratos

WOOOOOOO!! WOMAN RULES THE MAN!!!! oh yeah!! but wait thats not the point… *think twice* pass… i have no interest in such anime… and overall just one man over all the women!! O.O ecchi! harem! NOOOOOOOOOOO~

Yumekui merry

Somehow this dream eater anime is kind of… er… umm well pass *out of reason* i love yumekui kenbun manga even its already a very old manga but i love the story and somehow there’s no one gonna scanlation and translation it anymore… T^T

Kimi ni Todoke 2nd Season

I don’t even watch the first season!! >3< there’s a bunch of happiness for this anime lover since its a warm-hearted shoujo anime (which make it different with any normal shoujo anime) but i’m sorry i must limit my anime list… =.=”

Cardfight! Vanguard

A YU-GI-AWH! and DUEL MASTER collaboration!!!? no pass… i’ve drop my interest to yu-gi-oh! when i still child~

Dragon Crisis!

No… another ecchi or harem series… i shall vanguish myself if i gonna watch!


OHHHHHHH!! after all a shounen part!! >.< but i’m not really gonna watch this… =.=” my mom told me to not buy another anime cd again but… i want to still buy it!! >.< its too cruel!! so i limited my anime cd list… even if i say i put this into my list doesn’t mean i’m gonna buy it for sure.. =.=”


A pretty girl like a doll!!!!! o.o she’s really pretty, almost like a doll *remember rozen maiden*. I dunno if i’m gonna watch it or not since i love the detective plot and the twist or maybe the weird hairdo style but… =.=” the main boy character is just so lame… i mean well AKHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! move to the list!!

Mitsudomoe 2nd season

I don’t even care what this anime about! the character physically is like a child but its more hentai-er than any adults i’ve ever seen!!! >O so PASS!! i don’t want to see another season of this!!

Usagigoya (Kiddo)

A kiddo series… but the animation is just to cuteeeeeeeeee~ well just the animation, i don’t have any interest on this anime~ XDDDD

Rio – Rainbow Gate

From a pachinko character? =.=” what happen in the world? *leave this and run*

Mahou shoujo madoka magica

Wait… not even from the title… i bored for a anime series like this… >.<


*shiver* another harem series look like… =.=” why does there’s so many anime with “one-man-surrounded-by-many-girls” plot? does they out of idea?

Onii-chan no koto nanka zenzen suki janai dakara nee!!

No……… a RAW NOOOOOOOOOO! for this series… :3

Suite precure!

eh? whats this? *confuse*

Kore wa zombie desuka?

MOE… too MOEEEEEEE~ i don’t know but i think this anime would be nice just from the title but no… pass! next~!

Danball senki


Iron Vendetta#0 pilot film

I dunno but the art is so pretty~ i shall out this in the list at least i will have winter anime to watch to~


Kure-nai #2 (OAD)

I don’t watch the series but i’m going to see this OAD~ :3 maybe it’ll take my interest to watch the series~ :3

Mirai Nikki (OAD)

Huh? i’ve heard this somewhere but where? PASS…

Tegami Bachi reverse (OAD)

LOLOLOLOL!!! XDDD i love tegami bachi!!!!! i’ll definitely watch this 3 minutes OAD!!! XDDD

Tamayura (OVA)

i don’t want… enough!! *run and take a full glass of milk* GULP!! AHHHHHH!!

Black Lagoon : Roberta’s blood trail#3

No… i don’t want to watch a too hard violent movie… =.=” *shiver*

Supernatural : the animation

Er.. i dunno about this… so can i have my time to think? *play the music*

T.P Sakura: time Paladin sakura #2


Kuragehime (OAD)

Okay you can call me weird for not watching the series but list the OAD… =.=” but but… *cry*

Ah! my goddess (OAD)

I don’t care… i don’t believe it… PASSSSS~

Tales of symphonia : tethe’alla hen#4

I don’t watch neither tales series nor play the game so pass~ :3

Morita-san wa Mukuchi

MUKU——–ROOOOOOOOOOO~ *hugless* wait its mukuchi not mukuro!! >3< *feel dizzy* Passs~

Gourlat knights

I’ve a plan to watch this and also read the anime…. the art is so pretty and bishie!! XDDD but i dunno if this interest will be forever… =.=”

Kara no Kyoukai epilogue (OVA)

KARA NO KYOUKAI!!!!!!!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I HAVE LOYALLY WATCH ALL THE SERIES!! i miss you allllllll~ *and also this anime make me love kalafina~* HOHOHOHOHO~ i’ll definitely watch this!!


And so… overall i don’t have many anime to watch to in this winter so maybe i’ll go hiatus on watching anime until spring anime come again~ *HARU~ NATSU~ AKI~ FUYU~ OWARI NO NAI MERRY GO ROUND!!!* <- SINGING like crazy…  and i bet all of you have so many list~~~ not like me… i’m a really picky chooser… =.=” and its due to my wallet and economic state~ XDDD *crisis economy* and there’s not much place left for my DVD!! XDDD *LOL* so what’s you winter anime choosen?

Sheesh… after all winter anime is starting now…

Minna sama… hai… hai… it’s me Mito i’m here just make sure what i get in my holiday and some manga…

Ummm…. what kind of manga i read recently? well just a manga from the same author or an old manga~~ [late update]

1. Manga from Odagiri Hotaru

At least i like all ummm… her manga very much!!! XDDD it’s has pretty art, good story, and sometimes it’s so bawww and dawww  especially i like her “uragiri wa boku no namae wa shitteiru” (yup a long  title and it’ll get anime adaptation!!! XDDDD) I also like her “toumei shounen” it’s so touching!!!! hohohohohohoho!!!!

2. Togainu no Chii [Yamamoto Kana]

I know the game from my friend but never play it… it a BL actually but i focus to the action!!! XDDDD and the character of course~~ rin is so cute i almost can’t guest if rin is a boy or a girl… [Confused] but at last i know that RIN is BOY!!!! ah~ doesn’t he look cute~~

3. Gourlat knights [new manga]

Fufufufu… i love the artwork but i’m not reading it yet… but i love to see it became an anime adaptation~~ lololololol XDDDD

Yeah i think it’s for today, please pray for me because tomorrow i’ll get my report~ my mom will sing a minor song because of that…. and it gonna be long one~~~ so Bye!!!

New anime~my impression~

New anime, new post, new layout [no… i think it’s not new anyway] okay let’s start it but before it i’ll try to manage some new post in here:

1. Once a month I’ll try to put 10 best character in this post

2. A bit anime impression before i going watch it, so we’ll get share the information first

And that’s my new program for this post, from now~

Let’s go to some new anime!!!

Tales of Vesperia~The first Strike~

Tales of Vesperia: The First Strike takes place before the events in Tales of Vesperia the video game. It will show Yuri Lowell’s time as an Imperial Knight before all the events in the original game. Many characters from the game will also be returning such as Flynn Scifo, Repede when he was a puppy, Rita Mordio, Estellise Sidos Heurassein and Raven.

Genre : Action, Fantasy

Start on: 3 October 2009

Studio: Production I.G and Namco Bandai

Character Design: Noriyuki Matsutake

This series adapted from XBOX 360 games, well… i don’t think i’ll watch this series but… guess i’ll try for some epiusode to watch before i really want to buy it~

Break Blade/ Broken Blade

Character Design: Takushige Norita

Studio: Production I.G and Xebec

No other information [sigh] this anime adapted from manga Broken Blade by Yunoshuke Yoshinaga. Never read the comic but i’ll have it in my list…

Gourlat Knights

Studio: Lantis

No specific information but this one seems interesting~~ i put it in my list too

So at last maybe you guys will try to check it one by one…