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New anime: Black Rock Shooter ~First Impression~

Yey new good anime for watch~ >o< it’ll went good when we see the trailer. This anime will be very nice to watch with my recomendation~~

Black Rock Shooter

Black rock shooter anime will aired in Spring 2010 but before th anime itself airing, There also some spoiler that will shown in this 30 september with the title Black Rock Shooter_Pilot Edition yup…yup… you guys can check it in youtube. While i’m still seaching for the new interesting anime… [Sigh] i think the video contain is for the opening of this anime… maybe~~[Another sigh] today was tiring day too… dunno what i’m gonna do~ just this blog the one i could use now~~~ tsumanai~~~~ Chocolate tabe!!!!! Ahkkkkk!!! guh… hope you all enjoy  newest information~~