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Kuroshitsuji II and Uraboku impression

Phew… finally i’ve finish this 2 anime! just shiki the one i haven’t finish yet! 😀 YAY! i’m feel very doki doki for these 2 anime! OMG!!! O.O i can’t do anything but delayed this post since i’m busy with school and just bought the dvd 3 days ago and finish watching it yesterday! :3 so let’s me preview it!


Okay at first i feel disappoint because the main character isn’t Sebastian and Ciel anymore and i got myself scream in front of my laptop screen… but… the truth IT’S AWESOME! Sebastian and Ciel still the main character and its really really surprise me with the new main character Alois Trancy and Claude Faustus. At least when i watch the first episode, my feeling said EUH… child abuse… (CSA = Child Sexual Abuse) to Alois and its done by his uncle? O.O wait! don’t try to make feel pity on you ALOIS! *points to the TV* and well i pretty enjoy the first episode which tell us about Ciel who is back again while Sebastian carry him in a big luggage? (Sebastian i know Ciel is small but… in a luggage?) And the more episode i watch the more great plot it will! and i just go “WOAH” like that and even my brother who always complain my anime taste! (he doesn’t know what it cost to be a fangirling! beside i’m not watching naruto, bleach and one piece my lil bro!) And what make me surprise is the ending! WHAT!! akuma no CIEL!!! wait a sec… this is not my dream right? i always thought that if ciel would be a demon and it works? O.O i know i’m very popular with my curse, and almost every curse i said 99% is come true! (scary isn’t it?) At first remember guys, Alois said that he will make our Sebastian in pain and tormented if they get Ciel right? and what if i said it’s come true? within the last episode Alois make new contract with Hannah while he still in Ciel’s body, and if his wish granted his soul will be eaten by Hannah and Ciel will come back to live but as demon. Sebastian who want to eat Ciel’s soul for 36 episodes long plus a long hiatus, feel in a big pain. While Ciel said that he freed from the long curse, Sebastian were given a long curse of what happen to him. He know become Ciel’s butler forever, as he said,”I’m a demon butler”…

THAT’S SO SAD!!!!!!! I’M CRYING IN THE LAST EPISODE!! i dunno how to say it but… Claude is pretty freaky when he taste Ciel’s blood nee? okay i’m VERY satisfied with this anime! :3 THIS IS MAYBE the first anime ending that i can’t predict… i bet Sebastian would win and eat Ciel’s soul while my Bro said that Claude would win because he has the demon sword, but the truth said that no one win… >3< wait so that’s mean its already END!? NOOOOOOOO~ i shall wait for the OVA then~ ciel in wonderland is coming soon right? :3 i’m gonna watch it!! i’ll loyal to Kuroshitsuji since its the best victorian anime i’ve ever watch that have a good culture explained there!~

URABOKU ~Uragiri wa Boku no Namae no Shitteiru

Uraboku~ i fall in love with you when i read the manga at the first time~ :3 TI AMO!!! *hugless* but i kind of disappoint on you too~ >.< the ending which i think should be very interesting and full of BANG BANG!! KICK KICK!! PUNCH PUNCH!! BOOOOMMM!! is not coming… T^T and umm i don’t expect that the ending just have a little fight while 1 episode before the ending is really make me doki doki for what will happen in the end… =.=II it’s hanging!!! >O i can’t believe it!! >.< i think if they will make the end as the manga will but i kind of lost in the manga chapter… =.=II Anyway… i LOVE KUROTO!! *SQUEEEZZEEEE* he’s so cute when he still child!!! i wanna a tsun tsun brother like him!!! *fangirling* ahem… anyway i still enjoying this anime! :3

Phew sorry for the long preview and impression~ :3 but i’m glad i’m not drop it… since there’s so many anime i’ve dropped because of the story which lead the ending that i can predict… -.-” but i still love the anime!! *squeeze* i’ll make another review about togainu no chi and letter bee when i have time again… =.=II i still try to being active here~ anyway i know it late but, BUON COMPLEANNO TSUNA!!! *hugless* i love you boss!! ti amo~ :3 i hope you enjoy your present! XDDDD

Uraboku episode 6

uwaaaaaaaaaa!!! i really late about this!!! *bows a hundred times* i just finish my test and it’s a FREEDOM DAY now~ let’s celebrate together!!!! XDDDDDDDD

Let’s move to the summary as usual… (=A=)

er… *thinking twice*  OH! finally yuki  bring the little child to the hospital but yeah as i though there’s a fake or doll duras entertain Luka so he will run after it and leave yuki and the girl alone. The girl then lost consciousness and run towards a man and the man successfully catch her and i just remember Yuki can attack back so he can help the girl. After that unfortunately bunch of doll duras come try to attack yuki but our father, Hotsu-chan caome in the right time!!! and because the duras numbers increase all the time Luka come with a BIG BANG ATTACK!!! XDDDD and explained that all the duras is just a doll. Finally the real duras revealed herself as the little girl, no one can help because all of them are offensive type while Yuki struggle with the girl, Luka summon his dragon (weeeee~ dragon! i love dragon) and make all the duras disappeared!!! When Yuki try to take our the duras Shuusei come and take out the duras from the girl body and eliminated by Hotsu-chan. And happy ending~ XDDDD

screen caps :

i getting lazy to take screencaps but… I HATE YOU LITTLE DURAS WHO TRY TO TRICK MY EYES AND YUKI’S!!!! SHAAAAAA~!!! And look they even eat fast food?? burger? XDDD

Shuusei if he doens’t make the barrier i bet this earth is going down within 5 minutes!!! XDDD because we can see 2 figther who fight and attack without thinking twice~ XDDDDD

MASTER STROKE!!! Is that the name of hotsu-chan weapon? why it’s so weird named? but hahahahahaha~ i’m just laughing over it~ XDDDDD

YOU LITTLE GIRL!!! how dare you chock my cutey Yuki?? =.= and luka and hotsuma make a good picture of them together~

and finally that b*tch is gone from the little girl~ and happy ending!!

Next episode kawaii sodom will out!!! XDDD i’m gonna make the review after i watch it episode 7 and 8… =.= double post again… =.=

Uraboku episode 5 Hotsu-chan and Shuu-kun

Yay!! i get the episode more faster than usual since i really wanna wanna wanna hear hotsu-chan and shuu-kun’s voice (Ono daisuke and Miyano mamoru) Bwahahahahahaha~ ahem… let’s move to the summary~


After Yuki decided to go with them, Now they are in the way to twilight mansion. Yuki dream about himself in female! body, and woke up and found Luka beside him and Luka ki-ki-ki- uhh… it’s hard to type it… i mean kissed him (remember in female body!!!) and Yuki woke up, shocked and Screamed which make the other looked at him. Yuki was very confused why Luka was kind to him and Tooko-chan and Tsuku-kun just laugh about it Tsuku-kun said that Yuki will eventually heard it from Luka himself. But before they went to Twilight mansion Takashiro-san wanna meet them at the police officer. Tooko-chan warned Yuki-chan if he met the bad mouthed and trouble maker child he must be HOTSU-CHAN!!!Yuki-chan was separated from Luka. Takashiro-san just wanna make sure about Luka which is on his side right now. Yuki who walked around found a little children and helped her but again… low ranks duras tried to attack him but Hotsu-chan out!! HERO!!! >.< but it’s an unfortuante for our hero number one Luka to come late. At first met Yuki-chan got mad by Hotsu-chan so yeah~  i found this very cute~ XDDDD


Continuation from the previous episode and i just go bawwwwwwww~ >.<

Tooko-chan and Tsuku-chan just can laugh when hearing Yuki asking why Luka only kind to him… >.< Awwww Yuki you’re just too honest and cute~~ XDDDD

Uwaaaa… when they almost kiss it’s fade… =.= and yuki “uwaaaaaa~” is quite girly… lemme change the yuki VC…!!! XDDDD because i think i suit boy voice~ XDDDD

YEAH!!! hotsu-chan and shuu-kun first appearance!!! yatta!!! XDDDDDD and and… hotsu-chan’s voice remembering me of nikaido akira from monochrome factor… =.= check it carefully~ XDDDD

Hotsu-chan seems very hate yuki-chan nee? even tooko-chan warned him if Yuki fin a person with bad mouthed and stubborn child it’s must be hotsu-chan (LOL)

Yada na… Takashiro-san REALLY happy about yuki-chan join him… yuki-chan be careful from now on nee? Luka will protect you and me~ *Fangirling mode on*

When Luka and takashiro-san have discussion well Luka seems to hate takashiro-san too so LUKA!!! LET’S KICK HIM TOGETHER!!! XDDDD

And anyway i really like Luka’s style… from his shirt until his shoes… and i umm wanna one… >.<

Hahahahaha~ the way Hotsu-chan mad at Yuki-chan is very amusing and loved to see~ XDDDD hahahahahahaha!!


Aww… Luka’s worried face is also good looking~ XDDD bwahahahahahahaha!!! >.<

Anyway and yes… i hope we can see more Action and i can’t wait for they to arrive at Twilight mansion!!! XDDDD

Uraboku episode 3 + 4

Uwaaaaa… gomene for the double post because i can reach my net and laptop 2 weeks ago and also i got late on watching this 2 episode… T^T  Umm but since this also consume energy and time i can’t make it as a long post to… so umm oh well let’s start

Episode 3

Still continuation of the previous episode after the family gathering (LOL) Takashiro-san tried to explained to Yuki about what happened and asked Yuki to join him. Yuki seems to be get a big shock so he asked to give more time to thought over. In the other side Luka is almost mad (which i get this very excited) attacked Takashiro without a minute. Once more the duras low ranks tried to attacked Yuki but protected by Luka. Luka asked Yuki not to go out at tomorrow’s night and didn’t give the reason why. Night has come, Luka who sit alone remembered how he and female! Yuki are having a very deep connection and blah… like holding hands and hug and saying something sweet. Yuki got news that 2 of the orphans hasn’t come back and Yuki worried about them forget about what Luka said and went out to search them.


“Yuki-chan hidoi!! discrimination!! why all of all you call Tsukumo, Tsukumo-kun while i Tooko-san!! >.<”

Hahahahahaha~ LOL our Tooko-chan wanna be a young to not a big sister for Yuki-chan!!! Hahahahahaha so that’s why Yuki not really good with girls except child~ XD

“Why you always protecting me?”

Aww… Yuki-chan you no need to ask again and the answer is of course LOVE!!

Yeah i know sorry for the bad template of the screencaps… =.= uhh… and okay… their face sure is a serious face… XDDDD hahahahaha~

OMG!!! ANOTHER BAD TEMPLATE!!! >.< i guess i’m bad at tempating the picture… and this is where we get action (need more action!!!)

Takashiro-san sure is a stylish man nee?? look at his cupboard full of clothes…. >.< and nee nee he hates child!!! OMG~

A lovey dovey scene of Luka and female! Yuki…. =.= hahahahahaha~

Anyway let’s move to the summary episode 4 phew after all i’m just a student~

Yuki got trapped by a duras which enter Uzuki body’s and tried to attack Yuki but gladly Tsuku-chan come in the right time and protected Yuki as he got the wound which contain curse… While the duras almost attacked both of them Luka come in the right time and tried to kill him to stop the curse of the wound or something like that… tee-hee~ Yuki who can’t stopped the fighting finally release his true power (the light of god) and because if the light Tsuku-chan’s poison is cured and could shot the duras while Luka killed him as last attacked (YAY!! Tsuku-chan and Luka combine attack!!!). After the night Yuki decided to go with Luka and the other.Before that, he questioned why he’s born? for what he’s born? can’t blame himself… T^T Luka tried to comfort him and said that he’s there and lend his hand and reached’s Yuki’s (awwwwww!!! i’m crying in this part!!! Luka is my baby big boy while Yuki is my baby boy!!!) and they went to Tokyo ara… almost forgot After all Luka finally tell his real name and master?? he said master to Yuki? =.= umm is that to big for a spoiler?? XDDDDD anyway move to screencaps!

oya oya… kowaii… the duras is very frighten…  no way… he still mid-villain… not opast yet…


Mid-villain : a mid level duras

Opast : High level Duras


But Yuki interfere with it but Luka stil protect him and er… that’s much too much for a blood and Luka still not die? O.o okay… how the blood dropped is remembering me of umineko no naku koro ni… which the sound blood drops is really clear… =.=

LUKA’S ATTACK!!!! omg even Luka’s fighting face mode is also a good looking… and Yuki’s power release after all… tch Takashiro-san plan really goes…

LOSER~ baka baka baka mid-villain duras *try to be a epic crazy* ahem… anyway the duras is lost after all and happy ending~

Umm i dunno how to comment again… any comment??

Yuki-chan hontou ni yasashi hito deshou nee??? he even forgive uzuki-kun for what he have done… awwww…

don’t worry there still me… -Luka-

LUKA!!! I HOPE THERE’S ALSO SOMEONE SAYING LIKE THAT TO ME!!! >.< i’m really really wanna a perfect boyfriend like him but… =.= uhh… no hope…

Welcome home!!! And happy ending~

Anyway i can’t wait for the next episode it’s HOTSUMA AND SHUUSEI!!! minna sama alert!!! hotsuma-chan and shuusei-kun will arrived in the next episode box… and weeeeee~ i’m almost finish download the drama cd uragiri wa boku no namae wa shitteiru and sono yubi dake ga shitteiru… i’ll put the link if i’ve time~ ja~~ enjoy this post!!

[Another update] uraboku news

Another update news minna sama!!! XDDDDDDD ah this is the time where i, mito will once more survive!!! I always dump in bored… because my one favorite anime has no update status… T^T . er actually it’s not an update news, i just going to update some of the character design in anime~

So here they are:

Yes it’s another yuki-chan~ aww… he’s so adorable but i still mistake him as “adult teito” guh… i know they are really different but still =.=”… never mind… but why must the uniform is in brown color!!! Ahkkk~

KYAAAAAAAAA~ ZEEE~SUUUU~kun!!! oops the “kun” is small… ahahahaha, doesn’t luka-kun is cool?? XDDD he’s black, mysterious, charming~ my PRINCE!!! Of course he’ll be the knight in the shining armor~ Okay stop the fandom and let’s move~

Tooko-chan~ i love her long hair!!! i hope i can have a long hair too…

Tsukumo-KUN!!!!!!!!!!! kyaa!!! this is where i go fangirling the second!!!!AWWW… tsukumo-kun really look… look… umm how to say it? XDDDD never mind~ i can’t think anything if he’s here!!! XDDDDDDD

Takshiro-san!!! wow, he look very gorgeous in that hair style *pfft* Ki-kidding, it’s look very pretty there… but he still look manly~ XDDDDDDD

It’s not “Kun” that suit him… it’s “CHAN” omg he’s very cute person!!! he’s mad in outside and fluffy in inside!!! XDDDDDD i’ve my eyes on him!!! XDDDD

AND the second mysterious guy, syuusei-kun!!!! i dunno that he has a kinda green-brown hair?? but it’s suit him~ XDDDDDDDD ah… now i really can’t wait for the anime!!!