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Manga Scoop

While I’m busy with my college life I still manage to read manga every night , watch anime and fangirling LOLZ.

So then I decide to bring up some manga recommendation again! 😀

Anorexia – Shikabane Hanako wa Kyoshokushou

“In an accident at the meat factory, the heiress was heavily injured. Guiltily, I agreed to her request, but this very same request have let me enter into a wonderful life…”

Mito’s comment : its pretty good and some twist added to the plot! 😀 i do read it till the end of the manga. I like the gruesome parts there. (gomen, I like gore desu)


What does it take to find your true inner self? Zen’s memory has been wiped, and he can’t remember if he’s a killer or a hero. And a lot of people will do anything they can to keep it that way.

Mito’s comment : I love the mangaka firstly. Her art is just so good. If you read otomen, I think you’ll like this one. Though the story is darker than otomen. :3

Ilegenes – Giyoku no Koukyoukyoku

Through the activity of “Elfenbein” – an anti-government organization that Fon, Jacques and their other classmates established – Fon, now a 3rd grade student in Ilegenes Military Academy, became a threat for those important people in the government with connections to the black market. Meanwhile, two female military cadets entered the academy – something unusual in the all-male environment of the academy. One of them, Gabrielle, is surrounded by mysterious movements of unrest… The long-awaited new series of Ilegenes finally begin!!

Mito’s comment : OMF— I LOVE ILEGENES SO MUCH! THE ART IS SO PRETTY AND CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF THE FIRST ILEGENES STORY. Although I heard that the drama CD has a different plot from this one since its taken from the novel. I miss Fon and Jake! //hugless

Tousei Gensou Hakubutsushi

It’s the early days of the Showa Era. In a really ordinary-looking and peaceful city, no one notices the strange things that are happening. Shinobu, a young man who manages his father’s second-hand goods store, comes face to face with one mystery after another. At some point, these events lead to a story…

Mito’s comment : this one is n old manga but still the story is interested! I love showa era’s story as the background sometimes~ 😀 it depends though!

Donten ni Warau

In the eleventh year of the Meiji era carrying swords was forbidden by the government and those known as samurai were slowly fading away. However there were plenty that didn’t like those changes taking place in Japan and inevitably the crime rates increased. Japan’s only resolve was an inescapable lake prison. While the prison had no other way to access it but only through water, the 3 boys of the Kumo family were assigned to transport the criminals to their new “home”. Although… is that the only thing they were doing…?

Mito’s comment : I just rush this manga till the latest chapter yesterday, and I almost crying LOLZ. If you love brotherly connected, I suggest you this one. BESIDE, I love Karakarakemuri-san’s art~! 😀 i read 3 manga(s) done by here~

LOLZ that’s all I have bring it to you. Since I’m now enjoying my holiday, I’ll try to be active here!



Manga reviews : Ilegenes

Who the hell said i do not love BL?? pfft!!! that’s a total lie~ i mean i’m not love it and umm… umm… *shrink* I MEAN NO!! i mean er… okay okay that’s doesn’t matter!! =3= anyway i’m almost finish with the Ilegenes even its hard to find the meaning *the rest of the chapter are in mandarin* even I could read mandarin but I’m not that fluent! >:D and this manga is so URGH! make me crying with the main character!! TT.TT I’m just saying that its so sad being an artificial, with a fake memories and pretend that nothing are his! *tragic music on* DON’T WORRY FON!! I’LL LOVE YOU FOREVER!! >3< umm well i put Jake again? *shot’d*

taken from mangafox! XDDD etoo, this scene is so so so so so so…… make me cry!!! i don’t know how to express it, i lost my appetite and er… in the middle of night i went out of the room quitely and eat some biscuits since i have no dinner when i read this (marathoning 2 days, 24 chapters) I CAN’T BELIEVE I FIND THE TRUTH OF FON!! this is the worst i’ve bet something like this is happening!! (and he’s also so beautiful! how can??) but the most intriguing things after this is…. OMG!! O.O I’VE JUST REALIZED THAT THAT… *cough* in 16 pages? well all of you can’t blame a fujoshi mind like me right? >3< in chapter 26 i just could smile and crying~ 😀 especially when i read the translation of the 30th chapter, i just go dawwwwwww~



Well uhh for this manga as a big big big fujoshi, i just go goo goo and gaa gaa!! XD well i also enjoying the Fon’s “propose” part to Jake-nii!! XDDDD LOL!! overall, i’m waiting for the sequel and other series which i forget the name since it’s quite long… *thinks* =.=” ahh, never mind i’ll continue read this~ 😀 come on~ read this right now!! XDD just for refreshing! XDDD