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Winter anime 2010/2011

Hiyaaaaaaaaa~ phew after all anime winter is COME!!!!!! >W< yay!!! and well as far as i see there’s not much anime i’ll participate this winter~ *not only this winter but also the last winter* i don’t know but i participate much only when fall anime is come~ :3 and ahem… well i don’t get the bigger version for the chart so yeah… at least i could give some comments to the anime~ LET’S GO!!!

Haiyoru! Nyaru ani: remember my Mr. lovecraft

Errr… what’s this? what with this moe moe aura? =.=” NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! PASSS!! my eyes!!!

Starry sky

EH? i know i love bishie(S) but still… a harem-game adaptation? =.=” this make me think twice like hakuouki which also a harem game adaptation… =.=” so i’ll pass… (BUT I LOVE YOU HAJIME SAITOU!!! DON’T WORRYYYYYY!!)


A west film become a japan animation? O.O like iron man i guess i need pass on this series… sorry~


I’ve heard that many people look forward to this anime but since i’m lack of information i’ll keep this in the list first… XDDD and i think the plot isn’t that bad! i just hope i will not drop it…

Hourou Musuko

A gender-bender secret like OTOMEN? XDDDD i just loyal and love otomen only!! (japan dorama of course but a manga adaptation) I love youuuuuuuu otomen!! you’re the best J-dorama i’ve ever watch!!!!!! *forget this series*

IS : Infinite Stratos

WOOOOOOO!! WOMAN RULES THE MAN!!!! oh yeah!! but wait thats not the point… *think twice* pass… i have no interest in such anime… and overall just one man over all the women!! O.O ecchi! harem! NOOOOOOOOOOO~

Yumekui merry

Somehow this dream eater anime is kind of… er… umm well pass *out of reason* i love yumekui kenbun manga even its already a very old manga but i love the story and somehow there’s no one gonna scanlation and translation it anymore… T^T

Kimi ni Todoke 2nd Season

I don’t even watch the first season!! >3< there’s a bunch of happiness for this anime lover since its a warm-hearted shoujo anime (which make it different with any normal shoujo anime) but i’m sorry i must limit my anime list… =.=”

Cardfight! Vanguard

A YU-GI-AWH! and DUEL MASTER collaboration!!!? no pass… i’ve drop my interest to yu-gi-oh! when i still child~

Dragon Crisis!

No… another ecchi or harem series… i shall vanguish myself if i gonna watch!


OHHHHHHH!! after all a shounen part!! >.< but i’m not really gonna watch this… =.=” my mom told me to not buy another anime cd again but… i want to still buy it!! >.< its too cruel!! so i limited my anime cd list… even if i say i put this into my list doesn’t mean i’m gonna buy it for sure.. =.=”


A pretty girl like a doll!!!!! o.o she’s really pretty, almost like a doll *remember rozen maiden*. I dunno if i’m gonna watch it or not since i love the detective plot and the twist or maybe the weird hairdo style but… =.=” the main boy character is just so lame… i mean well AKHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! move to the list!!

Mitsudomoe 2nd season

I don’t even care what this anime about! the character physically is like a child but its more hentai-er than any adults i’ve ever seen!!! >O so PASS!! i don’t want to see another season of this!!

Usagigoya (Kiddo)

A kiddo series… but the animation is just to cuteeeeeeeeee~ well just the animation, i don’t have any interest on this anime~ XDDDD

Rio – Rainbow Gate

From a pachinko character? =.=” what happen in the world? *leave this and run*

Mahou shoujo madoka magica

Wait… not even from the title… i bored for a anime series like this… >.<


*shiver* another harem series look like… =.=” why does there’s so many anime with “one-man-surrounded-by-many-girls” plot? does they out of idea?

Onii-chan no koto nanka zenzen suki janai dakara nee!!

No……… a RAW NOOOOOOOOOO! for this series… :3

Suite precure!

eh? whats this? *confuse*

Kore wa zombie desuka?

MOE… too MOEEEEEEE~ i don’t know but i think this anime would be nice just from the title but no… pass! next~!

Danball senki


Iron Vendetta#0 pilot film

I dunno but the art is so pretty~ i shall out this in the list at least i will have winter anime to watch to~


Kure-nai #2 (OAD)

I don’t watch the series but i’m going to see this OAD~ :3 maybe it’ll take my interest to watch the series~ :3

Mirai Nikki (OAD)

Huh? i’ve heard this somewhere but where? PASS…

Tegami Bachi reverse (OAD)

LOLOLOLOL!!! XDDD i love tegami bachi!!!!! i’ll definitely watch this 3 minutes OAD!!! XDDD

Tamayura (OVA)

i don’t want… enough!! *run and take a full glass of milk* GULP!! AHHHHHH!!

Black Lagoon : Roberta’s blood trail#3

No… i don’t want to watch a too hard violent movie… =.=” *shiver*

Supernatural : the animation

Er.. i dunno about this… so can i have my time to think? *play the music*

T.P Sakura: time Paladin sakura #2


Kuragehime (OAD)

Okay you can call me weird for not watching the series but list the OAD… =.=” but but… *cry*

Ah! my goddess (OAD)

I don’t care… i don’t believe it… PASSSSS~

Tales of symphonia : tethe’alla hen#4

I don’t watch neither tales series nor play the game so pass~ :3

Morita-san wa Mukuchi

MUKU——–ROOOOOOOOOOO~ *hugless* wait its mukuchi not mukuro!! >3< *feel dizzy* Passs~

Gourlat knights

I’ve a plan to watch this and also read the anime…. the art is so pretty and bishie!! XDDD but i dunno if this interest will be forever… =.=”

Kara no Kyoukai epilogue (OVA)

KARA NO KYOUKAI!!!!!!!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I HAVE LOYALLY WATCH ALL THE SERIES!! i miss you allllllll~ *and also this anime make me love kalafina~* HOHOHOHOHO~ i’ll definitely watch this!!


And so… overall i don’t have many anime to watch to in this winter so maybe i’ll go hiatus on watching anime until spring anime come again~ *HARU~ NATSU~ AKI~ FUYU~ OWARI NO NAI MERRY GO ROUND!!!* <- SINGING like crazy…  and i bet all of you have so many list~~~ not like me… i’m a really picky chooser… =.=” and its due to my wallet and economic state~ XDDD *crisis economy* and there’s not much place left for my DVD!! XDDD *LOL* so what’s you winter anime choosen?


Kuroshitsuji II and Uraboku impression

Phew… finally i’ve finish this 2 anime! just shiki the one i haven’t finish yet! 😀 YAY! i’m feel very doki doki for these 2 anime! OMG!!! O.O i can’t do anything but delayed this post since i’m busy with school and just bought the dvd 3 days ago and finish watching it yesterday! :3 so let’s me preview it!


Okay at first i feel disappoint because the main character isn’t Sebastian and Ciel anymore and i got myself scream in front of my laptop screen… but… the truth IT’S AWESOME! Sebastian and Ciel still the main character and its really really surprise me with the new main character Alois Trancy and Claude Faustus. At least when i watch the first episode, my feeling said EUH… child abuse… (CSA = Child Sexual Abuse) to Alois and its done by his uncle? O.O wait! don’t try to make feel pity on you ALOIS! *points to the TV* and well i pretty enjoy the first episode which tell us about Ciel who is back again while Sebastian carry him in a big luggage? (Sebastian i know Ciel is small but… in a luggage?) And the more episode i watch the more great plot it will! and i just go “WOAH” like that and even my brother who always complain my anime taste! (he doesn’t know what it cost to be a fangirling! beside i’m not watching naruto, bleach and one piece my lil bro!) And what make me surprise is the ending! WHAT!! akuma no CIEL!!! wait a sec… this is not my dream right? i always thought that if ciel would be a demon and it works? O.O i know i’m very popular with my curse, and almost every curse i said 99% is come true! (scary isn’t it?) At first remember guys, Alois said that he will make our Sebastian in pain and tormented if they get Ciel right? and what if i said it’s come true? within the last episode Alois make new contract with Hannah while he still in Ciel’s body, and if his wish granted his soul will be eaten by Hannah and Ciel will come back to live but as demon. Sebastian who want to eat Ciel’s soul for 36 episodes long plus a long hiatus, feel in a big pain. While Ciel said that he freed from the long curse, Sebastian were given a long curse of what happen to him. He know become Ciel’s butler forever, as he said,”I’m a demon butler”…

THAT’S SO SAD!!!!!!! I’M CRYING IN THE LAST EPISODE!! i dunno how to say it but… Claude is pretty freaky when he taste Ciel’s blood nee? okay i’m VERY satisfied with this anime! :3 THIS IS MAYBE the first anime ending that i can’t predict… i bet Sebastian would win and eat Ciel’s soul while my Bro said that Claude would win because he has the demon sword, but the truth said that no one win… >3< wait so that’s mean its already END!? NOOOOOOOO~ i shall wait for the OVA then~ ciel in wonderland is coming soon right? :3 i’m gonna watch it!! i’ll loyal to Kuroshitsuji since its the best victorian anime i’ve ever watch that have a good culture explained there!~

URABOKU ~Uragiri wa Boku no Namae no Shitteiru

Uraboku~ i fall in love with you when i read the manga at the first time~ :3 TI AMO!!! *hugless* but i kind of disappoint on you too~ >.< the ending which i think should be very interesting and full of BANG BANG!! KICK KICK!! PUNCH PUNCH!! BOOOOMMM!! is not coming… T^T and umm i don’t expect that the ending just have a little fight while 1 episode before the ending is really make me doki doki for what will happen in the end… =.=II it’s hanging!!! >O i can’t believe it!! >.< i think if they will make the end as the manga will but i kind of lost in the manga chapter… =.=II Anyway… i LOVE KUROTO!! *SQUEEEZZEEEE* he’s so cute when he still child!!! i wanna a tsun tsun brother like him!!! *fangirling* ahem… anyway i still enjoying this anime! :3

Phew sorry for the long preview and impression~ :3 but i’m glad i’m not drop it… since there’s so many anime i’ve dropped because of the story which lead the ending that i can predict… -.-” but i still love the anime!! *squeeze* i’ll make another review about togainu no chi and letter bee when i have time again… =.=II i still try to being active here~ anyway i know it late but, BUON COMPLEANNO TSUNA!!! *hugless* i love you boss!! ti amo~ :3 i hope you enjoy your present! XDDDD

which one do you prefer, Playing RPG games or brick puzzle?

Brain time!!! this time title is “Which one do you prefer, Playing RPG games or brick puzzle?” etoo…

before i start this topic i’ll present the picture first!!!

See? playing is such a wonderful thing and bad news for me… i… i… [uh..] i… over-slept so i… don’t go to…school this morning… OHHHHH!!!! IT’S HORRIBLE!! I NEVER DONE THAT BEFORE!!! IT’S SUPER SUPREME EMBARASSING!!!!  yeah i don’t even imagine it that i sleep like dead person which can’t hear any voices~~ tee-hee…

So let’s start the main topic!

between playing game and playing brick puzzle both of them are using brain but which one more interesting? RPG game? or brick puzzle?

For my decision and also some projection to search the answer i need so, at last the answer is 70% with 30% . Believe it or not brick puzzle will only be played when there’s it’s season where many people play it in my school just in a weeks…but how about RPG games? they were played all the time in Playstasion, psp, Nitendo DS, and many other game console.

Both of them are using tricks. so which game that using interesting tricks?

The winner:

RPG Games!!!!

Rpg games use more interesting tricks! in one games they use very many tricks and puzzle and also brain mixing to attract us and confuse us… hehe… and of course i like to play RPG games so much~~ =.= ve~

so what the best thing for you?? please tell me!!!


Found it!!! Cute or adore?

Another theme in this season that almost going Fall (Oh i love Fall there’re many leaves rain, good fruit, not to hot weather -.-) And guess what??? I found many adorable and cute picture to put it in my computer!!! 😀

Here i’ll share with ya!!! XDDDD

X33333 Uhhhh Coollll!!!!

X33333 Uhhhh Coollll!!!!

Waiiiii 07-Ghost in gank schooler uniform!!!!

My opinion : Uhhh it’s so cute!!! and the most LoL thing is Castor really does look like megane gangster!!!! (Hahahahahaha… ) 😀 And oh Both Teito and Hakuren really fit that uniform!!! Like it. Frau too also really fit it!! (Cause you have gangster lookie Frau-chi) And Labrador quite cute in this uniform too X33333

I’m just hoping Mikage was there too then it’ll be complete. How about Black Hawks in school uniform??? LoL XD

Chibi, Chibi fall down!!!

Chibi, Chibi fall down!!!

Umineko chibi fall down!

My opinion : Totally cute!!! Just who make this one but it’s adoreable!!!cute!!!! Beatrice was hit by Virgillia, Lambdadelta, and Bernkastel!!! How cute~~  Ange too she’s just cute and Eva-Beatrice angry because they  just playing around~ Lol Nice!!!

Happy Halloween???

Happy Halloween???

Yup two girls in fighting???

My opinion : Freaking cool!!! XDDDD Anyway everyone of you, do you know what this anime title??? It’s interest me very much… If one of you know it please tell me the title! Thank you

Om my Ghost... O.o

Om my Ghost... O.o

Creak me out!!!! Oh god this one the most Hilarious picture in this season!!!

My opinion : Hahahahaha!!! Battler as beatrice??? Kanon as Shannon and the other two who i dunno the name… yes i would like to see Beatrice, shannon , and Ange wear their clothes!!! X3Chaaaaannnnnngeeeeeeeee!!!!!

Yup that’s it I’ll try to updated it if i got another good pictures again… Ohohohohohoho!!!!

And I’ve got good news for 07-ghost lovers~~~

ehmmm… I’ve got rumour that says 07-Ghost will dit’s second season in 2010!!!! Oh godddd!!! it’s toooo late!! but if it still start then i’ll wait for it… Hahahahahahahahahahaha… Ohoekh! Ohoekh… uhhh… too much laughing~~

My watchlist from My old day!!

Ahhh… it’s really reminds me of my watchlist in my old day… (ummm Hello??? i’m still 15 and i’m young enough) Althoughy my watch list just 50 title of anime but still it’s was very many for me… soo let me share with you:

  1. D.N Angel
  2. Nabari no Ou
  3. Gravitation + OVA
  4. X The TV Series
  5. Hack//Roots
  6. Loveless
  7. Night Head Genesis
  8. Sola
  9. Rental Magica
  10. Shonen Onmyouji
  11. Amatsuki *I’m kinda dissapointed with this anime it just too short with not CLEAR ending Although i have high expected to this anime, blame the studio!!*
  12. Kyou Kara maou 3rd season *This one i’ve dropped it already tired of watching the first and second season*
  13. Kyou Kara Maou 1st season and 2nd Season
  14. Junjou Romantica 1st season and 2nd season * I stopped for the 3rd season too boring!!!!*
  15. Yami no Matsuei
  16. Shugo Chara *Another dropped too lazy to watch and i don’t really like long anime you see Shugo chara is too long so i decided to not continue it*
  17. Vampire Knight + VK Guilty*Another dropped again… To long so i got bored with it*
  18. Kara no Kyoukai Movie 1 ‘Overlooking view’
  19. Kara no Kyoukai Movie 2 ‘Murder study part 1’
  20. Kara no Kyoukai Movie 3 ‘Remaining sense of pain’
  21. Kara no Kyoukai Movie 4 ‘Void Shrine’
  22. Kara no Kyoukai Movie 5 ‘Mujun Rasen’
  23. Kara no Kyoukai Movie 6 ‘Oblivion Recorder’
  24. Angel Feather
  25. Kirepapa *I don’t want to continue it to much shame picture*
  26. Rozen Maiden + Traumend
  27. Angel Sanctuary
  28. Monochrome Factor *The ending not clear i need 2nd season for this one!!!!*
  29. Tales of Abyss *Nope, dropped it. I still could bear it until episode 14 because my cute Ion there ^o^*
  30. Soul Eater *Na-ah just four episode, it just not suit me*
  31. Final Fantasy VII Last order
  32. Natsume Yuujinchou 1st season +  2nd season
  33. Special A
  34. Kuroshitsuji
  35. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (All season)
  36. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Live Action
  37. Shikabane hime A.K.A *Just for killing time watch only 4 epi*
  38. Tsubasa Chronicles 1st + 2nd Season
  39. Tsubasa Chronicles Tokyo revelation OVA
  40. D Gray Man *another anime for killing time. not watch it to the  end just 8 epi* 
  41. 07-Ghost
  42. Pandora Hearts
  43. Hack//GU Trilogy
  44. Tactics
  45. Saiyuki reload : Interactive (Ova)
  46. Code Geass *I just curious how lelouch look like start from the 2nd season*
  47. Prince of Tennis : 2 Samurais the first game (Movie 1)
  48. Trinity Blood *I never watch this anime to end. Dropped*
  49. CANAAN
  50. Bakemonogatari
  51. Umineko no naku koro ni
  52. Negimagi
  53. XXX Holic 2nd season

How about my list!!! Yeah i know more or less there are some yaoi anime right??? My friend affecting me and i addicted to yaoi!!! but now i’ve atonement to my “Addictty” but not really i still love Sho-ai hahahaha!!!! and why the anime i dropped most of them are shoujo??? Cause at first watch anime i don’t like Shoujo type really it’s honest! even i girl but i really don’t like shoujo type… XDDDDDD

Final is in it’s way~my personal though~

Even I don’t watch the final episode of my beloved 07-ghost but still… Ahkkkkkk!!!!!! You fool DEEN how could you end my beloved Anime in just one seasonn???? You see i just couldn’t blame this all to DEEN but for the name who watch this anime there something that WE should watch then i’ll tell you ‘this thing’ :

1. I need to see Castor-san past when he called XingLu i have big interest there…

2. I want to see Capella animated and the one who want to sell Capella [Forgot the name]

3. I also want to see Frau and Teito’s journey to the land of Seele and collect Teito’s memory about father

4. Oh! O.O and also Ouka in anime i want to see her badly cause she’s the one (I think) who has the Eye of Raphael.

5. Labrador’s past, a quite sad past!!! It’s need to be animated!!! Rooooaaaarrrr!!!!

6. I want to know the reason why Frau become one of the 07-Ghost… We just know his past only… T.T

7. I also want to know how Lance past look like~~~

8. It’s still worry me but i want to see the other two of 07-Ghost: Ea and I forgot what they called this one…

9. Ahkk!!! how about Haruse???? is he dead??? or just losing half of his soul??? If just losing half of his soul then continued it!!!

10. The Black Hawks need more love~~ I want to see them more!!!

11. But the perfect moment I want to see Ayanami become a good guy and dead!!! Oh it must be beautifull

12. I read the manga that Teito want to go to The land of Seele but first of all he need the cursed ticket from all 07-Ghost right???  I wonder if Frau will give him or not since i’ve good felling about this one… ^^’ and also if Teito got the cursed ticket all he wanted to revive Mikage!!! and change with his life!!!! O.O oh it’s shockinggggg!!!!!

13. Uuuu~~ oh and also that two guys from Raggs too uh… i forgot the name again… I think one of them named Yuki, They are recieve command from Ayanami to kill Teito but they didn’t (Ahhh… So kind you two)

14. I need MMMMMMOOOOOOAAAAAARRRRRR my beloved eye of Mikhail and time for Frau and Teito~~ Ufufufuffu (Fangirling is in action)

15. At last please~~~ don’t let me down my animelist just not as many as in the past again~~~ I need to qualify what’s interesting and important for me!!!

16. Oh i want to know what kind of connection between Ayanami and the chief of heaven’s daughter.

17. How can Frau get Ayanami’s deathly weapon (How do we write grim reaper’s weapon actually)

18. Why Frau face always changing when Teito ask about ayanami?

19. How can Verloren body inside Teito’s body??? It need to be animated

20. I… just… need… a… clear…ending!!!!!!

Then everyone!!! if you have something to said to me please sait it clearly!!! and who join me Come on!!! I’ll wait for your comments!!!!!! Ja~Na~

Which one do you prefer: Making doujinshi or studying math?

Which one do you prefer: Making doujinshi or studying math?

This one is such simple question??? Everyone maybe choose making doujinshi than studying math that make you all going crazy, then mad and last you’ll becoming An autis kid. But that’s not true you see people do anyhting with brain. and as you guys know, when people use their brain for think it’ll consume 20 % of our energy.

Now the main point is the consuming of energy for every activition we do is different. The activity that use brain more such as doing math, or do sth that using number and counting, I bet it’ll consume more energy than Drawing right??? Here the picture (It’s my friend who ome the moodel!!!)

Fun!!!”]Math is just sooooo [Damn] Fun!!!And there it is next, I bet Drawing doujinshi is just need a litlle bit energy why???  We just don’t really need brain to making it are you making doujunshi or making math doujinshi??? LoL here the picture (Now it’s my fav doujinshi!!!!)

My lovely doujin but it's sooo bad

My lovely doujin but it's sooo bad

Ahhh my own drawing it’s been a long time nee??? With that i’ll declared my end here!!! Adiue~~~