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Some relaxing post

Phew aside from making anime post now i want to tell you about my classroom and all my classmates which mean a relax post for me~ >:3 okay, let me start introducing myself! I’m Mito still 16 years old and still in second senior high school! and this is my classroom :

A small classroom for 42 students... LAWL!!! THERE’S MY BAG THERE!! XDDDD but where the hell i am? of course i’m not like being photoed so i try to avoid as much as i can! >:3 and wooden chair and table and its small… XDDDD

They are eating near the window? O.oOMG!! how can they eat snack in the middle of class?? Na-ah i’m just kidding~ >:3 i mean they’re the boys in my class and most of them are really annoying… =.=”

LOL!! XDDD family gathering for photo!! XDDD they’re all my classmate which all of them are 41 students!! XDDD (I’m the third number anyway) and of course like most of the teenagers they are very narcissism not like me which try to avoid the camera all the time!! XDDD

Phew the last picture is LAWLZZZ!! XDDD he’s so narcissism!! XDD oh he also one of my friend…!!! his nickname is KN!! XDDDD LOL~ and that’s all about the relax post let’s move to the manga digest!! >:3

it’s been a long time that i never do a manga digest again nor manga review since there’s not lot of manga that i’ve been reading this time, still stuck in the same title which still continue until this time… =.=” and maybe for the manga digest i’ll make it in a separate post since it’ll be much title i’ll talk about! >:3 so see youuuuuuu~


HAPPY Halloween!

As i though i late this for 2 days… =.=” school is terribly killing me~ i even have to study at weekend!!! and what i do (i meant i protest here like a crazy girl) here isn’t decreasing the activities!! >:3 anyway i’m gonna say



“prepare for death like i need it, if i could die…” (from my OC)

“Party cracker, poisonous tea like i need it, but i desire you more” (from my OC)

PHEW!! anyway i can’t upload the pic that i’ve already edit it so… :3 wish me luck!



FALL anime participate!

as what i write in the post before about fall anime~ and weee~ it has more potential than summer anime!!! *fangirling everywhere* before i start this~ i just wanna say :


After all i hit the 10000 viewers~!! and it’s hit 5000 more in less than 1 year!! YAY!!!

See!! thanks everyone!! for always read my blog and it reach 10000+ reader now~ i’m very touch… T^T sobs…

by the way for fall anime i’m not really go so much… and maybe not blogging it one episode per blog but overall score~ so it’ll help me with my heavy schedule now~ *laugh* but i will definitely blogging togainu no chi, yakumo (maitantei yakumo), kuroshitsuji II special, and many more~ OH!! letter bee 2 also! since i really wanna know the next episode~ XDDDD it’s fair enough right? :3 and umm oh yeah if you can’t contact me here… you can go to my crunchyroll account Cienviane to find me~ :3

Well i’m not really active in internet world right now since the teacher try to kill me slowly!! HAHA!! so what’s your fall anime? tell me then! :3

HIATUS OF ME? oh no never…

As you see i’ve been absent in my blog for a long time… not only here but also in many others ACC… I even post every pics that says like this one :

See? up there? semi-hiatus? I’m now entering second senior high and damn… there’s so much assignment and projects ans homeworks and TESTS!! just 2 weeks i back to school and next week i already having TEST!! AND IT’S MATH!! AHKKKKKK!! GIMME BACK MY HOLIDAY TIME!! And even now in my weekend i need to finish all my homeworks that like mountain and… STUDY!! EVEN IN THE MALL I NEED TO BRING BOOKS!! >_< IT’S MAKE ME CRAZY!!! GWAAAAAAAA~

Wait? what’s the main point i do this post? O.o oh yeah i just need to inform all of you who read this that i’ll not go hiatus but only semi-hiatus… i’ll be back here as much as i can… =.= sobs sobs… i know i miss here~ and i love to blogging and others but when i really graduate from senior high i’ll online as mush as i want!! i do really sorry but i’ll be back soon?

Sheesh… after all winter anime is starting now…

Minna sama… hai… hai… it’s me Mito i’m here just make sure what i get in my holiday and some manga…

Ummm…. what kind of manga i read recently? well just a manga from the same author or an old manga~~ [late update]

1. Manga from Odagiri Hotaru

At least i like all ummm… her manga very much!!! XDDD it’s has pretty art, good story, and sometimes it’s so bawww and dawww  especially i like her “uragiri wa boku no namae wa shitteiru” (yup a long  title and it’ll get anime adaptation!!! XDDDD) I also like her “toumei shounen” it’s so touching!!!! hohohohohohoho!!!!

2. Togainu no Chii [Yamamoto Kana]

I know the game from my friend but never play it… it a BL actually but i focus to the action!!! XDDDD and the character of course~~ rin is so cute i almost can’t guest if rin is a boy or a girl… [Confused] but at last i know that RIN is BOY!!!! ah~ doesn’t he look cute~~

3. Gourlat knights [new manga]

Fufufufu… i love the artwork but i’m not reading it yet… but i love to see it became an anime adaptation~~ lololololol XDDDD

Yeah i think it’s for today, please pray for me because tomorrow i’ll get my report~ my mom will sing a minor song because of that…. and it gonna be long one~~~ so Bye!!!

The Best [dump] day!

It’s the second week after enter the school again i really hate it… and today was the worst day ever!!!

*sobs* *sobs*

at my previous post i feel so boring, then today i feel so more boring!!! o god.

i’m move from my favorite spot to a very bad spot in my classroom… and sit with the person i don’t want… sheeesh…

i sit with him, one group with him, even my friend said that i’m is his lover!!!! *huwaaaaa*

i don’t want sit with him! please i beg you my teacher!!!! it’s not worst but i still don’t want!!!!


i can’t sit with boy… i don’t know why but me and my friend now get the same problem… we are in the same class… and the boys we sit with is soooooooo talkative especially mine!!!! i really want to punch him once! so what do you think we [me and my friend] do?


Schools and hate

Hey! it’s been a long time not to blogging again ya? I miss you all!!! XDDDD

And also it’s already december and almost christmas!!! what will you do at christmas?? i’ll going to start continue watching Umineko, Bakemonogatari, Hetalia and Kara no kyoukai… ^w^

Ansd guess what my best friend just hate me 4 dats ago… she said that i overacting…Huweeee!!!! i just can’t hate her.. i know i was used to be an overacting kid or maybe bratty? if you knoe Alfred F.jones then you can see my bratty in him…

Lol… XDDD wait what should i do? she never like me since then!!!! i dunno what to do i just easily anger too… [well i’m tsun-tsun type person…] If i can apologize her i want it… i already apologize to her once but seems she never accepted it… *begin to cry*

So what you think i must to do? please give the best answer or possibilty that i can use… she really mad to me… i don’t want her hate me… well better she hate me at first than hate me later, it’ kinda hurt…. i already talk to my other best friend and she said don’t scream to all my friends [i like scream much]

Maybe this friendship will over soon enough… i don’t know… anymore… really. so i think if this the best way to do than let it be…

Please help me kay?


i’ll not blogging for next 2 days~

phew as the title says i’ll not blogging for the next 2 days because i’m gonna have camp at school~~ mii…

and also this post will be shorter than before


now i’m read uragiri wa boku no namae wa shitteiru

Scanlated : 8 chapter

Overall it’s a good anime but i found some 07-ghost vibe here… and also it’ll be animated soon, please check the picture in i can’t take the picture because my net connection~~~ huweeee!!! and check for the boy with brown hair he looks like teito when he grow up lol… XDDDDD

yes please enjoy it kay???

nya~ winter anime 2009/2010+picture scoop

hiya!!! never thought this hard but it’s quite rare for me to post some anime review for winter… cause that damn school think!!! i can’t even have time for rest nor blogging!!!! *rrrroooooaaaarrrr*

and just yesterday i got many cute picture of hetalia~~ *squuueeeezzzzeee it*

Kiku_Japan Kiku is really cute with that costume~~ squeee!!!! never thought it will gonna be this cute!!! *cuteness overload* i’m gonna get diabetes if this gonna continue~~








Spain and EnglandSpain and tomato! England and tomato! OMG sooo cuteee!!! Arthur maybe sometimes can be so angsty angsty nee? they so cute together and fighting with good face too~~~ Lol…

kiku-Alfred-arthurhuwaaaa never thought this picture amuse me well!!!! hahahahahahaha!!!! no comment no comment…

and about winter anime i’ll just watch hidden god and durarara! only~~ nya~~

so how bout your winter anime watchlist??


ufufufu… bad score, bad news for me…

hello everbody… i almost die in this halloween day party… almost becoming garbage that every one not need… T.T i almost want to cry because my hamster, Tsuki died this morning… [huwwwwwaaaaaaa] and because if that my concentration gone and i can’t do the math test well [oh this test was really easy but i fail on it] huuuuuwwwwaaaa!!!! i’m such a failure!!! i really want to cry… i don’t believe that i was thought i just like [hetare] people!!! >< please forgive me kami-sama… i’ll go where i could hibernation in peace… [not die yet]

And oh yea! i’ve started watch hetalia but not all yet… just 2 episode[episode 7 and 8] ha-ah… if the condition like this, can i still can became mangaka???

And minna how about you this day? nice? and i wanna said:

Happy halloween!!hahahahahaha!!! how can i believe that today is halloween!!! my favorite day!!! no i think this my doomsday… *taking samurai blade from kiku*

Kiku: hey that’s mine…

Mito: i borrow it nee? then i’ll give it back for you after i killed myself…

Kiku: ehk!! i don’t want my sword full of blood, especially yours…

Mito:…. *jleb* died by kiku’s word…

Kiku: …. since the writer hibernation in peace now guess i’ll be the one who will close it…

Feliciano: Ve~ what’s big bear doing here?? she’s full of blood?*try touch it*

Kiku: Don’t touch it or you’ll be infected.

Feliciano: Ehhhh!!!! germany! germany! i’ve touch that bear! i’ll be infected!! what should i do???

Germany[I just forgot your name… ^o^]: … *don’t care*

Kiku: The end…










… Eh? eh? how about my infection hand? someone help me!!!!