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Fooling or Being Fooled?

OMG! April fool is already done few days ago, so then as usual I check Ponytale’s Website and there’s just so MUCH April fool’s special on some game’s official website! XD and so what make me interest is the Nitro+CHiRAL’s BITROJACK! GAWDS… this is just completely FOOL! *burst out laugh* DRAMAtical Murder website being hijacked by ARUBITRO/ARBITRO-SAMA! (ARBITRO SAMA U’RE SO GRAET!!! LMAO~)

Okay let’s start it. You can play the game in Ponytale’s website anyway! :”D since its only posted in its website a day~

When you play it ARBITRO-sama will explain you about some products (Which the products is just so-oh-awestruck!) There are 4 products which represent each game by Nitro+CHiRAL~

OMG! HUMAN SIZED AKIRA CHOCOLATE! IF THERE’S THIS PRODUCT I’LL DEFINITELY BUY IT!! XDDD who doesn’t go for this guy?? XDDD even SHIKI maybe be pre-order it via BITRO!! XD OMG~ And there’s another product too which I can upload I don’t know why… /CREY Will post another pics of it after I upload them later via Photobucket. The other products are cat’s tail, Dramatical Butter (A blue colored butter? *shock*), and un-appetite  curry from sweet pool. GAWD… BUT the thing that make me love the idea is ARBITRO’S REACTION!! OMG!! THEY’RE FREAKY CUTE!! Even so the background music is kind of creepy though… XDDD So have you try it? 😀




Hooray for another ENDING!

Phew, just in case I’m doin’ my work at TEEZAH’s manga scanlation group, I’m gladly do some posting here because its been a long time right? (òωó)/ Oh and I manage to finish playing Sweet Pool before my computer is broke again (I dun want, so please DON’T~ ∏A∏). And before doin’ this preview another warning to do…


See? I have told you so, so please until you read that part please do as you’re told! (>.<)”

[SWEET POOL] isn’t your ordinary yaoi or BL VN game, its have a totally WEIRD storyline, a bunch of PYSCHO character, a non-NORMAL bishies, and of course no normal RELATIONSHIP that full of FLUFFY or even LOVEY-DOVEY. Despite of that, I still love to play it and sadly the endings are bitter sweet to me. There are 3 semes to choose but not from the choices but from this 2 choices of REASON and INSTINCT. This choices are also different from your normal BL VN game since mostly this story from beginning has the same start. Let’s start the review before I forget all about it… too BITTER… (-~-)

Story : Sakiyama Youji is your typical of aloof and quiet person which has a AWESTRUCK body structure and non – NORMAL hormones. (I’M NOW UR FANS SEIJI ONITSUKA) He attend Komanami gakuen, and he find this three semes which will lend you to 6 different endings. let’s start it one by one.

Shironuma Tetsuo

Shironuma is Youji true seme and his attitude at first is totally ALOOF, hard to APPROACH! god, when this kind of person become so sweet at the last? he got 4 endings and all of them is so heart breaking~! *cries* anyway beside that 4 endings, I love the red road ending so much! i dunno but that one really the best for me? even though the endings are so bitter sweet, overall i love Tet-chan road~ 😀 Well duh, he is more to action type than talk type. REMEMBER all what he done is not that bad to You-chan! Like that and this and that (Being censored by “this” and “that” LOL~) Tet-chan is always pop-out everywhere where Yo-chan is (is that count as creepy? or stalkie?). I remember there’s sth about Tet-chan that makes me never want to see him in the front… ITS HIS EYES! the sudden move make me crazy! (ΠΛΠ)/ its a bit creepy~ >.< and with his straight face too… *cries* BUT I TOTALLY MAKE THIS MY NEW LOVELY OTP! YO-CHAN X TET-CHAN~! I’m just hoping there’ll be a good ending for them~

Mita Makoto

Mako-chan is Yo-chan’s BESTIEST-OF-BEAST-WHO-LIKE-TO-EAT-EVERYTHING. Mako-chan is also the only friend whom Yo-chan know since he skip school 1 year. Well, about this buddy… he likes to eat, eat, and another activity that he like is to EAT! (>_<); Oh gawd… he sure is a glutton~ but he was very kind to Youji, always helping him and cheering him up, until he change into MAD-MITA because of Yo-chan’s  pheromones that drive him crazy and go MAD~ He can’t believe the fact that it couldn’t be him instead of our ALOOF prince, TET-CHAN. He try to make Yo-chan all himself so he try to trick him by telling him to come to laboratory(and the stupidest fact is that Yo-chan say “OK” so Innocent…). After Yo-chan’s come to laboratory, MAD-MITA is already there try to hurt Yo-chan and rape him, than eating him…alive? RAW HUMAN MEAT? for real? (O_O)!! Its so shocking… glad that i can finish this ending first. After eating Yo-chan alive he felt that his hunger couldn’t be extinguish and began to eat his own hand… (ITS SO BADDDDDDDDDDDD ENDING!!! SO… SO… well i’m not puke so its alright~) but at Tet-chan route, he regret himself and say sorry to Yo-chan and become a good friend again~ (Awww~)

Okinaga Zenya

Zenyan, our CUCKOO-SENPAI type. He is another Osu but he is counted as failed one (Tet-chan arrive first~ if not maybe Zenyan could be the HQ osu?) I prefer not to play this ending because… *cries* I DON’T WANT TO REMEMBER~~~!!! so let’s skip this one~ *grins*

Overall, i like the story~ ORIGINALE~ the music is catchy (ZIZZ studio hello?) but i like Forever and Fade the most~ 😀 its really touching… *cries* the graphic is also good~ 😀 and the character, well first actually i don’t really play this game because they look like REAL MAN (who cares now) but since the story is bitter-sweet i don’t care anymore~ 😀 and yes thanks, i could finish this post after delay it so much~ hope i could post another post because i’m busy these day(s)…

Sweet POOL = Sad ending lovers?

Can’t believe that i played VN for another time… This time after I truly played Togainu no Chi : True Blood Portable, I decide myself to play another Nitro+CHiRAL’s game. This game is quite popular like Lamento (I don’t play this but maybe i’ll next time! XDD ohohoho!) So i decide myself to play Sweet Pool first which the story pretty good for me (na-ah I prefer the story not the pleasure or else~ >.< tch…) I like the story based on religious~ but WOW this one is really using script from bible?? (I’m catholic anyway so I understand the script) and that’s pretty understandable for me… *bitter laugh* Ah! but forget, if you don’t like gore, blood and another else please, DON’T EVER PLAY THIS GAME! I’ve warned you nee?

Well maybe all of you asking why I just played this game now. Well this game out for about 2006 or after maybe but since at that time i’m still er… small and innocent so you don’t want to taint my pure and innocent look don’t you? *smile* and so as the result I delayed it until now and also I was being dragged by my friend to yaoi world when I turned 15… pity…

I’m not going to give review since I’m still stuck with the ending… TT.TT well if you could help me please contact me right now! as fast as possible! >.< So far I just finish 3 endings and they are Diving deep, The hunger and VLG. I really wanna get the rest because miracle’s may ver. violin ending could be get after I finish all the 5 endings~ but as far as i play it I got hurt so many times because of the ending! I’ve play it so much time and get diving deep for about 5 times, and VLG for about 3 times…  so sad… am I the only one who deserve to see Tet-chan and Yo-chan die in front of me thousand times? okay okay, stop being dramatic and I’ll go find another combination of the reason and instinct… ceh~