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The rumor of 07-ghost

Rejoice all 07-ghost Lover for being wait for a long time!!! I’ve got a rumor that make us happy but also make us feel uneasy! 😀 its about the confirmation of 07-ghost the second season! >:D well I just know today and that’s mean I need another sources to make sure that this will be done in no time! But in Yukimachi website itself I find this sentence that confuse me…


Is it true? for sure that 07-ghost second season will launch at the first July? O.O maybe you have another comments~

This picture is dedicate to 07-ghost web itself!

07-Ghost Chapter 56

Welcome to the manga preview~

The always manga i’ve give the review is only 07-ghost… cause i love it from my deep heart~ and this chapter is very sad too… T^T

So let’s move to the preview…

Yes from the previous preview now the stronger kor come and now this KOR can bring the time backwards… o.o And of course the KOR really like to pissing Frau off, so without any words Frau vanquish it…

After the KOR was completely killed, the time back to normal. Suddenly it’s already noon and already 20th [the date] it’s been 8 days after rena’s b’day, and they panicked and hurry preapre the party.

While they are prepare about it, Capella and his mother is having chat and suddenly someone wanna kill his mother and capella just… MAKING SOME OFFENSIVE ZAIPHON!!! Minna-sama! it’s offensive zaiphon while he still learning about the healing zaiphon? Frau said that it was a really rare, And anyway Teito success to stop capella’s attack to his mother and the guy.

See? he stop it and get totally hand bleeding… T^T i’m going cry teito… you don’t wanna capella do what you do in the past…  it’s very like a teacher… not like Frau

Frau : WHATTTTTTT!!!!!!!!?????

They targeting Lutia-san because they think that her is the guy’s sister [who i forget the name] and even poisoned the real rena’s mother. I’m going to cry!!!!!!!!!! T^T

And the end they live happily ever after… and now it’s a “goodbye” for teito and capella from now on… btw isn’t it there’s a goodbye for everyone? first Ouka then capella… it’s sad… XPPPPPPPP

“it’s not like we hate you” (Frau)

Yes… it doesn’t mean if we said goodbye and not let you join us that doesn’t mean we hate you… it’s just so touching… T^T yes… yes… i’m get easily cry right now…

Anyone… attention please! have you all see Teito cry again? Here we see once more… BAWWWWW teito you’re just my little brother i’ll protect you no mather is it even from that pervert bishop!

Frau : …. Sigh… up to you…

Teito cry because he remeber of what he and fia Kreuz do is just exactly with what teito and capella do… and the story the end and what kind of new story will begin again?

Like i said where’s the hell of 07-ghost 2nd season!!!!!!!!!!!! >:OOOOOO i’m very angry!!! >X

Alright alright as long as i still can read the manga guess it’s alright…

07-Ghost Chapter 55

Yo! i’m back here to give review about 07-ghost chapter 55!!! XDDDD kyaaa!!! it’s back to normal not like the previous chapter it’s quite confusing me!!! yes! yes! let’s start with the opening page

Uwaaa… it’s hakuren and teito… yes it’s been a long time not to see hakuren and i miss him too T.T

We still connected with the last chapter, finally capella found his mother and reunite once more… but there’s something Teito want to say to his mother but nothing coming out from his mouth…

Dawwwwwwww!!! the best picture of mom and her child~ actually capella’s mother or Lutia doesn’t want leave Capella but there’s no other way again… XP

Lutia-san seems very glad that she could meet capella again and say thanks to Teito… (wait-wait-wait! after the bad romance in the previous chapter frau become more little action than before???)

The reason Lutia-san become the stepmother of a girl [who i forget the name] because every child who inherit the parents money need to grow up with their parents until 15, but her mother got killed by some poison and found Lutia-san who really resembled to her late mother.

Then they promise to let Lutia go as well as teito and frau accompany The girl to some place that i forget the name[again]. They’ve been asked to chance their clothes and pfftt!!! Frau is really like a bartender… XDDDD

After they guard the girl’s room the other butler gives them tea and suddenly [well, unfortunately] only Frau who doesn’t get time distort…

AWWWWWW….  frau want to catch teito but he can’t because of thet damn distorting dimension or something like that…

Frau come back to the the time when he enter the mansion once more… and teito found him… *ahem* chance his clothes!!! XDDDD ahahahaha!!! OMG Frau!!! you even still have time to chance your clothes!!!

Then as usual they begin the WAR again…

Actually Frau is worried about teito and the time distortion… but we still dunno who the bad guy is…

At last frau will check the reason of dimention distortion…

Ahh… 28 pages is really short for me… but the most schoking news in this day is In chapter 41 kuroshitsuji sebastian died and ciel really want sebastian back… dawwww… that’s so touching! i need the next chapter!!! hurry up!!!

07-ghost chapter 54

another manga post, 07-Ghost chapter 54 well in this chapter when i read the forum there’s a forum entitled 07-ghost chapter 54 page 11-12.  And you know what since i just can read what they write, someone write like this:

“I dunno about the page 11 and 12 of 07-Ghost is that sho-ai vibes?” or something like that, i confuse what happen? what happen? i really curious!!!

but that’s not the real topic so let me finish this post first…

Teito and Frau still continue their journey to find Capela’s mother.

Look! now Teito is completely like mother to Capella!!! and Frau is the father!!! Lol I believethis the best family otp ever…

And looks like Ichihara-san show us that Teito like to wandering in the middle of night so Frau by any chance chain him lol…

Teito: “What the heck is this!!!!”

And Teito seems got cold,and Frau to-san care much too him!!!! lololololol. but this the first time Teito got sick right??? oh my little god Teito you sick now!!! let your twin take care of you!!!

After that Teito was brought to Frau’s friend in some place that i think maybe it’s an inn or cafe? or pub? no way…!!! and really fast i read the page that i told you before…

And This is the page!!!!! It’s not Sho-ai vibe!!!! [well not really]

Teito : “Who said is sho-ai vibe!!!!!!”

Frau : “Aw… who said that???”

Lol kidding.. The real one

Frau:”… just who do you think you’re traveling with?”

And then…

Hieeee!!!! and this the second time Frau chance into Devilish Sebastian!!!!!! but what the hell are you doing???

Mito: “Hey Frau let go of teito!!!”

Mito : “How dare you touvh my little pure Teito!!! As if i’ll give you him!!!!!”

Frau : “So-sorry…”

Teito : “Mito…?”

Hahahaha! *laugh* well i draw that for this post anyway mito is the one who slap Frau… and sorry for the mess pictures… T.T

Well i’m just shock, Mito is a guy form of me but when i design him and look Teito they quite alike…

See? well bad quality pictures will not be able to see anyway… just continue with the post and main course…

“As if my body is about to melt in the inside”

What the hell is that?? Frau couldn’t resist his scythe desire to eat Teito’s soul??? so that’s the conclusion!!!  it’s not Sho-ai vibe…

Teito : “See? i told you soo!!!!!”

Mito : “He.. you’re right…”

Frau : “The reader need fanservice anyway…”

Mito and Teito : “Shaaaddddupppp!!! you twat!” *punch him together*

See? he do it again… but please don’t do it frau take it as you can!!!!! Oh no!!!! someone help mee!!!!!

yes a probably just a little more chapter frau will completely lose control on it…

Then next day in the morning Teito completely healed and continue their journey to Capella’s mother place!!! *GO*

Then when they arrive there and guess what they get a VERY warm hello from one of the butler… and they were send away…


Lol.. Frau is really doen’t look like a tru bishop actually… Sorry…

Frau : “I really am bishop!!!”

Teito :” No… you’re just some perverted bishop…”

Ahahahaha!! and Frau just using 1 clothes only… totally pervert Frau…

Then at last they discuss about meeting Capella’s mother but accidentally Capella found his mother and that so happy ending… i hope for the next chapter really… and Frau being so ridiculous funny and scary…

So i’ll continue blogging it!!!


Anime Grand Prix 2009

Yahoo!! For today i’ll guess many things i wanna share with you all 😀

First i want to tell this:

Ahk!!! Tommorow i must go to school again! Nooooooo!!! it’s terrible! even i’m forgot to do the physic homework!!! Sh*t! Yeah  it’ll do it… T.T maybe after i’m going to school again, it’ll be hard for me to reply your comments (because my mom will not give me time to open my beauty computer nor my laptop… Huwaaaaa!!!) but i’ll try my best to open it secretly… hehehe…

Then second i’ll tell you 10 anime chara that very popular in Japan on August 2009 (Late for 1 month?? ni problem)

Here the list:

  1. Lelouch Lamparouge_Code Geass
  2. Edward Elric_Fullmetal Alchemist
  3. Dale Masamune_Sengoku Basara
  4. Tierie Erde_Gundam oo
  5. Gintoki_Gintama
  6. Mio Akiyama_K-on
  7. Sebastian michaelis_Kuroshitsuji
  8. Teito Klein_o7-Ghost
  9. Kyouya Hibari_Katekyou Hitman Reborn
  10. Roy Mustang_Fullmetal Alchemist

And my impression : Oh my god Lelouch always be nomeru uno??? O.o And Sebastian and Teito are near each other, I wonder will Teito in potition 7 and Sebastian in 6?? Ohohoho! How about your fave Chara? Is he/she enter it??

And the final is Anime Grand Prix 2009!!! in Japan of course~

And it held in japan as the 31 grandprix from december 2007-December 2008 ( i’m so late then???)

Where i should start neee???

Hai… hai…

Dai ichi! “20 Best theme song”

  1. Monochrome Kiss_SID-Kuroshitsuji OP TV
  2. Hakanaku mo Towa no Kanashi_Uverworld-Gundam 00 Second season tv OP/ED
  3. Lyon_May’n/Megumi Nakajima-Macross F TV OP
  4. Waga Routashi Aku no Hana_ALI PROJECT-Code Geass Hangyaku no Lelouch R2 TV ED
  5. Triangular_Maaya Sakamoto-Macross F TY OP/ED
  6. Shura_DOES-GintamaTV OP/ED
  7. World End_Flow-Code Geass Hangyaku no Lelouch R2 TV OP
  8. 02_Orange range-Code Geass Hangyaku no Lelouch TV OP
  9. Prototype_Ishikawa Chikai-Gundam 00 second season ED
  10. Sakura addiction_Hibari Kyouya and Rokudo Mukuro-Katekyou Hitman Reborn ED
  11. Continued Story_Hitomi-Code Geass Hangyaku no Lelouch R2 TV instrumen
  12. Boku wa tori ni Naru_Hitomi-Code Geass Hangyaku no Lelouch R2 Tv Instrumen
  13. Toki o kizamu Uta_Lia-Clannad after stroy TV OP
  14. Daybreak’s bell_L’arc~en~Ciel-Gundam oo OP
  15. Seikan Hikou_Megumi Nakajima-Macross F TV instrumen
  16. Iteza Gogo Kuji Don’t be late_Sherly Nome staring May’n-Macross F TV instrumen
  17. Diamond Cresvasse_Sherly nome starring May’n-Macsross F TV instrumen
  18. Gake no ue no ponyo_Fujioka Fujimaki and Nozomu Ohashi-Gaku no ue no ponyo
  19. Friends_Stephanie-Gundam oo Second season TV ED
  20. i’M aLIVE_Becca-Kuroshitsuji TV ED

Dai ni! “20 Best Seiyuu”

  1. Jun Fukuyama
  2. Hiroshi Kamiya
  3. Daisuke Ono
  4. Mamoru Miyano
  5. Akira Ishida
  6. Yuuichi Nakamura
  7. Takahiro Sakurai
  8. Romi Paku
  9. Rie Kugimiya
  10. Hiroyuki Hoshino
  11. Aya Hirano
  12. Maaya Sakamoto
  13. Miki Shinichirou
  14. Tomokazu Sugita
  15. Kenichi Suzumura
  16. Yukana
  17. Nana Mizuki
  18. Hoshi Soichirou
  19. Haruka Tomatsu
  20. Megumi Hayashibara

Final is in it’s way~my personal though~

Even I don’t watch the final episode of my beloved 07-ghost but still… Ahkkkkkk!!!!!! You fool DEEN how could you end my beloved Anime in just one seasonn???? You see i just couldn’t blame this all to DEEN but for the name who watch this anime there something that WE should watch then i’ll tell you ‘this thing’ :

1. I need to see Castor-san past when he called XingLu i have big interest there…

2. I want to see Capella animated and the one who want to sell Capella [Forgot the name]

3. I also want to see Frau and Teito’s journey to the land of Seele and collect Teito’s memory about father

4. Oh! O.O and also Ouka in anime i want to see her badly cause she’s the one (I think) who has the Eye of Raphael.

5. Labrador’s past, a quite sad past!!! It’s need to be animated!!! Rooooaaaarrrr!!!!

6. I want to know the reason why Frau become one of the 07-Ghost… We just know his past only… T.T

7. I also want to know how Lance past look like~~~

8. It’s still worry me but i want to see the other two of 07-Ghost: Ea and I forgot what they called this one…

9. Ahkk!!! how about Haruse???? is he dead??? or just losing half of his soul??? If just losing half of his soul then continued it!!!

10. The Black Hawks need more love~~ I want to see them more!!!

11. But the perfect moment I want to see Ayanami become a good guy and dead!!! Oh it must be beautifull

12. I read the manga that Teito want to go to The land of Seele but first of all he need the cursed ticket from all 07-Ghost right???  I wonder if Frau will give him or not since i’ve good felling about this one… ^^’ and also if Teito got the cursed ticket all he wanted to revive Mikage!!! and change with his life!!!! O.O oh it’s shockinggggg!!!!!

13. Uuuu~~ oh and also that two guys from Raggs too uh… i forgot the name again… I think one of them named Yuki, They are recieve command from Ayanami to kill Teito but they didn’t (Ahhh… So kind you two)

14. I need MMMMMMOOOOOOAAAAAARRRRRR my beloved eye of Mikhail and time for Frau and Teito~~ Ufufufuffu (Fangirling is in action)

15. At last please~~~ don’t let me down my animelist just not as many as in the past again~~~ I need to qualify what’s interesting and important for me!!!

16. Oh i want to know what kind of connection between Ayanami and the chief of heaven’s daughter.

17. How can Frau get Ayanami’s deathly weapon (How do we write grim reaper’s weapon actually)

18. Why Frau face always changing when Teito ask about ayanami?

19. How can Verloren body inside Teito’s body??? It need to be animated

20. I… just… need… a… clear…ending!!!!!!

Then everyone!!! if you have something to said to me please sait it clearly!!! and who join me Come on!!! I’ll wait for your comments!!!!!! Ja~Na~

Me:Shock, Frau:Shock!, Teito:You did it!!!

I know… i know… i’m really late for this episode but dtill daaaaawwwwww!!! You see i can’t give you any screencaps because my full schedule~~~ so sorry… but still i love this 16 episode my special episode!!! XDDDDD

Frau worried about Teito and Teito worried about Frau!!! Isn’t that sooo romantic??? X33333

I just weanna say Dawwwwwwww!!!!

That’s all I’m really sorry for this short posts!!!

o7-Ghost 13:”Hikari aru michi no sakini miru monoha…”

After watched it carefully i found my love again in this episode =3

Summary :

Teito founding Frau at the church seeing him with such eye(?)

Then Teito continued to his study about the “Eye of Michael”  but all the informations he need all are the same with the information that he know, then Teito found ‘Verloren’ word and brought him into his own deep soul. He was so surprised that make him felt down on his own chair. Hakuren who saw him ask him if he was okay and Frau came closer. When Teito stand up and want to asking Frau about Something, Hakuren shock so he cut Teito’s word and asking if Frau is really Frau and give him a kind of book (Which when Frau open it kind of pink colour shine or what. I bet all of you know what it’s about) Then Frau ask Hakuren about his name (because of that bribery don’t it???) Suddenly Assistant Archbishop Bastien come and knock Frau with his hand and All his porn book fell down and Bastien take it!!! (It’s your puishment my boy…) and Teito continued about what he wanna know about last night accident. After that Teito went to bishop room (Or it’s Frau personal room??) suddnely Teito heard of what Frau and Castor talked about which made Teito ran to the… What that place name again?? ah! Foundtain!! Frau catched him up and said that he has responsibility to protected Teito and Talk to him to became stronger so he could walked alone. Teito remember the word that his Father say, but wait!

Teito      : “How did you know what father say to me???” Don’t said that you can read my past???”

Frau       :” Glekh… (Bell Ringing) Oops! time for dinner so bye kid!!!!!!!!!!”

That’s it… since this summary so simple and short and also i’m still green with my english and also my japanese too.. so if there’s any grammar mistakes please kindly tell me ‘kay??

In the end Green english + Green Japanese= Stupid???

Nooooo!!!!!!!! Read More…