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07-Ghost : ME and MY shock…

Manga scoop is back!

I just realize that my manga scoop review of 07-Ghost manga was chapter 54. Since then, I still keeping read 07-Ghost, but no time to make long post about it… *sigh* well me and my shock is back TEITOOOOOO!!! Y U NO KEEP SEEING THE TRUTH! i get really annoyance when Teito keep saying what the chief said is the truth. /choke

But I’m glad that our PRINCE FRAU-SAMA IS BACKKK!! he’s quite emo this chapter… =.=”

*SQUEALLLLL* ME IS SO WANNA THEY TO MEET AGAIN BUT WHY ITS HAPPEN SO FAST?? while Teito is keep denying his own truth memories, Frau keep going to make Teito remember it! AWWWWWW~ the latest chapter keep making me wanna read the next one!!! >3< me will wait patiently! i really just hoping that Teito will remember his memories! /CREY

Well uhh anyway in other words, i’m speechless… dunno what should do… LET’S WAIT FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER THEN!!! XDDD


The rumor of 07-ghost

Rejoice all 07-ghost Lover for being wait for a long time!!! I’ve got a rumor that make us happy but also make us feel uneasy! 😀 its about the confirmation of 07-ghost the second season! >:D well I just know today and that’s mean I need another sources to make sure that this will be done in no time! But in Yukimachi website itself I find this sentence that confuse me…


Is it true? for sure that 07-ghost second season will launch at the first July? O.O maybe you have another comments~

This picture is dedicate to 07-ghost web itself!

07-Ghost Chapter 56

Welcome to the manga preview~

The always manga i’ve give the review is only 07-ghost… cause i love it from my deep heart~ and this chapter is very sad too… T^T

So let’s move to the preview…

Yes from the previous preview now the stronger kor come and now this KOR can bring the time backwards… o.o And of course the KOR really like to pissing Frau off, so without any words Frau vanquish it…

After the KOR was completely killed, the time back to normal. Suddenly it’s already noon and already 20th [the date] it’s been 8 days after rena’s b’day, and they panicked and hurry preapre the party.

While they are prepare about it, Capella and his mother is having chat and suddenly someone wanna kill his mother and capella just… MAKING SOME OFFENSIVE ZAIPHON!!! Minna-sama! it’s offensive zaiphon while he still learning about the healing zaiphon? Frau said that it was a really rare, And anyway Teito success to stop capella’s attack to his mother and the guy.

See? he stop it and get totally hand bleeding… T^T i’m going cry teito… you don’t wanna capella do what you do in the past…  it’s very like a teacher… not like Frau

Frau : WHATTTTTTT!!!!!!!!?????

They targeting Lutia-san because they think that her is the guy’s sister [who i forget the name] and even poisoned the real rena’s mother. I’m going to cry!!!!!!!!!! T^T

And the end they live happily ever after… and now it’s a “goodbye” for teito and capella from now on… btw isn’t it there’s a goodbye for everyone? first Ouka then capella… it’s sad… XPPPPPPPP

“it’s not like we hate you” (Frau)

Yes… it doesn’t mean if we said goodbye and not let you join us that doesn’t mean we hate you… it’s just so touching… T^T yes… yes… i’m get easily cry right now…

Anyone… attention please! have you all see Teito cry again? Here we see once more… BAWWWWW teito you’re just my little brother i’ll protect you no mather is it even from that pervert bishop!

Frau : …. Sigh… up to you…

Teito cry because he remeber of what he and fia Kreuz do is just exactly with what teito and capella do… and the story the end and what kind of new story will begin again?

Like i said where’s the hell of 07-ghost 2nd season!!!!!!!!!!!! >:OOOOOO i’m very angry!!! >X

Alright alright as long as i still can read the manga guess it’s alright…

07-Ghost Chapter 55

Yo! i’m back here to give review about 07-ghost chapter 55!!! XDDDD kyaaa!!! it’s back to normal not like the previous chapter it’s quite confusing me!!! yes! yes! let’s start with the opening page

Uwaaa… it’s hakuren and teito… yes it’s been a long time not to see hakuren and i miss him too T.T

We still connected with the last chapter, finally capella found his mother and reunite once more… but there’s something Teito want to say to his mother but nothing coming out from his mouth…

Dawwwwwwww!!! the best picture of mom and her child~ actually capella’s mother or Lutia doesn’t want leave Capella but there’s no other way again… XP

Lutia-san seems very glad that she could meet capella again and say thanks to Teito… (wait-wait-wait! after the bad romance in the previous chapter frau become more little action than before???)

The reason Lutia-san become the stepmother of a girl [who i forget the name] because every child who inherit the parents money need to grow up with their parents until 15, but her mother got killed by some poison and found Lutia-san who really resembled to her late mother.

Then they promise to let Lutia go as well as teito and frau accompany The girl to some place that i forget the name[again]. They’ve been asked to chance their clothes and pfftt!!! Frau is really like a bartender… XDDDD

After they guard the girl’s room the other butler gives them tea and suddenly [well, unfortunately] only Frau who doesn’t get time distort…

AWWWWWW….  frau want to catch teito but he can’t because of thet damn distorting dimension or something like that…

Frau come back to the the time when he enter the mansion once more… and teito found him… *ahem* chance his clothes!!! XDDDD ahahahaha!!! OMG Frau!!! you even still have time to chance your clothes!!!

Then as usual they begin the WAR again…

Actually Frau is worried about teito and the time distortion… but we still dunno who the bad guy is…

At last frau will check the reason of dimention distortion…

Ahh… 28 pages is really short for me… but the most schoking news in this day is In chapter 41 kuroshitsuji sebastian died and ciel really want sebastian back… dawwww… that’s so touching! i need the next chapter!!! hurry up!!!

Chibi san Date Chapter 1 + manga review

Yatta!!! i’ve been read this until 3 chapter and totally love it!!!! X3

I don’t know the plat for sure… but at first it quite boring… but i touched by the story~ and also the art is very pretty!!! i like it!!!!

So let’s start the preview!!!
I like the cover very much… because it’s so artistic and love the main character from the start… Hahahaha!!!

And in the 2 or 3 next page I GET his name!!! Kyaaaa!!! Seiji-chan!!! you’re cute!!! i don’t know why… but i like Himaruya’s eye’s colour… it’s so bright and good…

It seems Seiji-chan live in the crescent-shaped island in Cape god. He said that it was a nice place full of flowers, windmill and ships also…

And Seiji-kun like drawing very much… [the current state with me] and he can’t draw good [his opinion] but i think his drawing was very nice…

Seiji-kun being visited by the two girl who i still confuse about their name… i just know the straight hair one is mag…[that’s what she being called] XDDD

Suehiro-san try to comfort Seiji-kun. i think he just need to try feel more confident… he’s really good at rough sketch… i always want to draw sketch also~~

Seiji-kun gain his confident again and try to draw again…

First impression

Totally love it!!! even in the first chapter i feel kinda bored… but the art totally win over it!!! it’s so cute!!! XDDD i mean seiji-kun is sooo cute!!!! please be my little brother!!! XDDD

And there also a few of manga picking up that i wanna read… well not much i think…but here they are~


“Vampires Charles J. Chrishunds (Charley) and Johnny Rayflo have a strange relationship. Charley is a cyborg, and a vampire hunter for the Vatican, while his master Johnny enjoys a playboy lifestyle. While fighting crimes involving vampires, Charley struggles to control his lust for blood and for Johnny, while Johnny (previously known as Addie before becoming a vampire) delights in seducing his servant and attempts to deal with issues from his own past. Johnny cares about Charley (also known as Cherry and Chris), and the feelings don’t seem to be one-sided.”

Eh!!!! a kind of BL again??? *sigh* but i just can’t leave the action and vampire thingy~~ XDDDDD OH MY GOD!!!!! i love the art also!!! try to start it from chapter one… i’ve no guaranty if it not suit you… so… i’m sorry~~

Mother keeper

“The world is split into two kinds of people: those on the “inside” of EDEN, and those on the “outside”. The “inside” EDEN contains clean air, clean water and a good way of living, it lives up to it’s name of a true paradise, But this EDEN couldn’t contain all of the people of the world. Those who couldn’t be inside the paradise that is the inner EDEN has to stay outside the “inside” EDEN. The conditions in the “outside” EDEN is the total opposite of that of the “inside” EDEN, here the land is dry and in here the people suffer from poverty caused by the “inside” EDEN. Because of this, many resistance groups have been formed. Ricalna Forde is a soldier of the resistance team COSMOS, whose mission is to infiltrate EDEN’s main headquarters and destroy the “Central CPU” – that controls all of EDEN.”

For this one again Kaili sorano art… i even finish yet with the monochrome factor manga!!! T.T huwaaaa!!! but i’ll try to read it once i’ve time… *sigh* there’s so many manga that delayed… to read…

Chibi-san Date

“On the crescent-shaped island of Nantucket lives Seiji, a young Japanese artist. This heartwarming story is about his daily life and interactions with the people there.”

I’ll definitely continue this one!!! hahahaha!!! is so cute anyway!!! XDDDD


“Ilegenes is an island internationally known for its prowess in genetic engineering research and technology. But behind the scenes, it is a breeding ground for illegal clones, which are sold for major profits in the black market. After witnessing the death of his parents, young Fon F Littenber joins the Ilegenes Military Academy to rid the island of both its connection to the black market and its tainted name: The Genetic Sodom.”

Ve~ i plan to read it and when i read the first chapter, the net connection is off… XDDDD Hahahaha!!! i gonna continue it later~~ lol

And there’s still many manga that i continue to read it…

Umm like 07-Ghost, Kuroshitsuji, monochrome factor, di[e]ce, togainu no chi[yamamoto kana], uragiri wa boku no namae wa shitteiru ,Hetalia Axis powers, Umineko no naku koro ni episode X [read it full of cracks].. ha-ah… it’s so many… and most of them are slow-paced scanlation… *sigh* so if there’s another good manga… please tell me!!! XD

With love


Happy new year 2010

Minna now it’s already new year 2010. Oh no!!! it’s already 2010!!! oh god it’s so fast!! I’m getting old now!!! this year i’ll become 16! i wanna be small and a good kid everyday!!!! please stop my age in 15!!!!!

*Cries* well i hope this new year will be more good than the last year… but ahahaha!!! thanks to everyone who always accompany me this year!

fufufu.. well it’s not winter 2009 but 2010 also! Lol XD

oh and maybe this my first time i’ll post my own drawing… well it’s bad anyway, but it’s my present for all of you…

Ahhhhh!!! as i though! it’s bad anyway!!!! >< i don’t really mention it!!! i draw it when i still in school because the subject was tooooooooooo boring!!!! ^O^

A handmade copy of the first page of first chapter of 07-ghost. Lol handmade… i make it more than 30 minutes or less than 30 minutes? i forget. Anyway when i show it to my friend, she said that mine better than ichihara-san’s drawing. OH NO! it can’t be!!! Ichihara-san’s drawing style more better than me!!! I’m still newbie, still in progress to success! Anyway my dream is to become like our god and goddesses in Japan, yes Mangaka!!! lololololololol but i hope i could do it… and make me more happy if my manga also been sold in Japan!!! and make the anime,….bla… *very long wishes it cencored.*

Uhhh.. anyway my dream it’s not only that, there still more of them… *daydreaming* oh well say this my best ney year present!!!

Cookie!!! hahahahaha!!!! yeah i like this strawberry cookie!!! anyway,

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010!!!! please within now and then guide me this amateur, Mito!

~With love Mito~

07-ghost chapter 54

another manga post, 07-Ghost chapter 54 well in this chapter when i read the forum there’s a forum entitled 07-ghost chapter 54 page 11-12.  And you know what since i just can read what they write, someone write like this:

“I dunno about the page 11 and 12 of 07-Ghost is that sho-ai vibes?” or something like that, i confuse what happen? what happen? i really curious!!!

but that’s not the real topic so let me finish this post first…

Teito and Frau still continue their journey to find Capela’s mother.

Look! now Teito is completely like mother to Capella!!! and Frau is the father!!! Lol I believethis the best family otp ever…

And looks like Ichihara-san show us that Teito like to wandering in the middle of night so Frau by any chance chain him lol…

Teito: “What the heck is this!!!!”

And Teito seems got cold,and Frau to-san care much too him!!!! lololololol. but this the first time Teito got sick right??? oh my little god Teito you sick now!!! let your twin take care of you!!!

After that Teito was brought to Frau’s friend in some place that i think maybe it’s an inn or cafe? or pub? no way…!!! and really fast i read the page that i told you before…

And This is the page!!!!! It’s not Sho-ai vibe!!!! [well not really]

Teito : “Who said is sho-ai vibe!!!!!!”

Frau : “Aw… who said that???”

Lol kidding.. The real one

Frau:”… just who do you think you’re traveling with?”

And then…

Hieeee!!!! and this the second time Frau chance into Devilish Sebastian!!!!!! but what the hell are you doing???

Mito: “Hey Frau let go of teito!!!”

Mito : “How dare you touvh my little pure Teito!!! As if i’ll give you him!!!!!”

Frau : “So-sorry…”

Teito : “Mito…?”

Hahahaha! *laugh* well i draw that for this post anyway mito is the one who slap Frau… and sorry for the mess pictures… T.T

Well i’m just shock, Mito is a guy form of me but when i design him and look Teito they quite alike…

See? well bad quality pictures will not be able to see anyway… just continue with the post and main course…

“As if my body is about to melt in the inside”

What the hell is that?? Frau couldn’t resist his scythe desire to eat Teito’s soul??? so that’s the conclusion!!!  it’s not Sho-ai vibe…

Teito : “See? i told you soo!!!!!”

Mito : “He.. you’re right…”

Frau : “The reader need fanservice anyway…”

Mito and Teito : “Shaaaddddupppp!!! you twat!” *punch him together*

See? he do it again… but please don’t do it frau take it as you can!!!!! Oh no!!!! someone help mee!!!!!

yes a probably just a little more chapter frau will completely lose control on it…

Then next day in the morning Teito completely healed and continue their journey to Capella’s mother place!!! *GO*

Then when they arrive there and guess what they get a VERY warm hello from one of the butler… and they were send away…


Lol.. Frau is really doen’t look like a tru bishop actually… Sorry…

Frau : “I really am bishop!!!”

Teito :” No… you’re just some perverted bishop…”

Ahahahaha!! and Frau just using 1 clothes only… totally pervert Frau…

Then at last they discuss about meeting Capella’s mother but accidentally Capella found his mother and that so happy ending… i hope for the next chapter really… and Frau being so ridiculous funny and scary…

So i’ll continue blogging it!!!


Merry Christmas!!

Hahaha! long time not see! because my business in home, and many watchlist in cinema i want to watch so, yeah it become like this. but today it’ll be a very long post because I’ll serve 12 presents! hahahaha! so what we waiting for? let’s check it up!

12 Best Anime

AN: this anime base on my watchlist, but overall i watch all anime even just 4-5 episodes only

1. Hetalia Axis powers

Who can deny this anime and it’s succeed in humor and trivia about World war 1 and 2? I totally lose for this anime! it’s just purely win! love it! love it! and there also tell about many history about my favorite country for example German smashed the potato, but in France they chop it into small pieces. Oh and also maybe this anime just to much *cough*  hint *cough* between country? so what are you waiting for? watch it!

2. Umineko no naku koro ni

Magic vs Logic which one you think will win and get the ticket to Gloriane and famous land of golden? This anime full of gore which really amuse me much! Beato purely win it! She’s really the bitch, She’s great on fake moe and oh my god what should i comment about her again? Hahaha! this anime really different with Higurashi, but both of them really amuse me~

3. Kuroshitsuji

Butler who served a 13 years old little bo-chan and defeat all his enemies with one blow and  appearance of death god and angels who starve of darkness? Kuroshitsuji is the only answer! if there another thing I’ll recommend this anime will be the first to tell! I love how Toboso Yana-san tell us many about England history and trivia. Not like other anime which take the same place they focused only with the story but not the trivia and history that seems “ah look like japanese”  but not Kuroshitsuji which balance the trivia and the story too! this my favorite anime anyway.

4. 07-Ghost

A boy who lost his memories regain his memories little by little, burden himself, and lost his best friend shock him even, now he shall choose the path he will step on it. If you talk about fantasy anime 07-ghost is my recommend! not only fantasy but also humor between the character especially the 3 bishop [love frau! ><] and i think it’s war between church and empire nee? And also i like how the food look like but taste good ( eyefish stew? ) i just wanna try if it’s really good.

5. Pandora Hearts

Boy who looks like the hero whom fight his own friend in Sabrie tragedy and fate to make contract with the legend Black Bloody rabbit Alice. Waiiiii, another fantasy anime mix between fairy tale and a little bit gothic or dark feeling! I loce Alice and The will of Abyss because both of them are extremely beautiful and their clothes [ er… what do you think about 27 outfits in one episode? ]. Na-ah no need for another minute if you can watch NOW!

6. Bakemonogatari

Story of many girls with their problem like japanese myth and Arararara-gi try to help them to find the way to cure them. Lol this anime just fabulous with the myth and oh the humor ( Araragi is really pure and honest heh? and his name is really funny to make a joke! ) and Shaft really creative about the opening and ending!!! ^o^


A mercenary in Shanghai and also a mysterious profile behind her name “CANAAN” and her past. Yeah girl in action and i think this genre a little bit going to Shojou ai nee? but overall i like it.

8. K-ON

Girl who dream to be a guitar player. A moe moe service here… please call another anime here….

9. Tegami Bachi

10. Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou

11. Higurashi no naku koro ni rei

12. Kara no kyoukai

12 best seiyuu

Ah… for seiyuu I’ll not separate between female and male because i kinda hard find good seiyuu for me… in this limited time… *tears* and i’ll just comment 3 seiyuu only.

1. Daisuke Ono

Who the hell don’t know Daisuke ono? our god of seiyuu! he already voiced many male character and really success on it. i love how he voiced Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji and Batto fro Umineko… my friend said his voiced character sound so smexy [ that what my friend said anyway ] lol but i really adore him when entering anime world.

2. Daisuke Namikawa

Yup now he’s extraordinary moe male voice!!!!! >< i love his voice very much!!!!!! and how he voiced both of our beloved Italy and Mikage from 07-GHOST love, love it!!!!! and by my judge i think his voice really fit for a little bit stupid and easy going male character. my numero duo!

3. Chiwa Saito

Chiwa-chan is extremely famous with her cv: Hitagi Senjougahara and little Kuroyuri-kun from 07-ghost!!! i love her voice really great seiyuu in the next light i see…

4. Suwabe Junichi

5. Noriaki Sugiyama

6. Konishi Katsuyuki

7. Kamiya Hiroshi

8. Maaya Sakamoto

9. Saiga Mitsuki

10. Hayami Shou

11.Marina Inoue

12. Romi Paku

12 Best Female Character

Well new step for female character i mix it all is it okay?

1. Ryougi Shiki-Kara no Kyoukai

Nothing to comment again she’s perfect

2. Beatrice-Umineko no Naku Koro ni

She’s the queen of bitch and fake moe-trice!!!!

3. Hitagi senjougahara-Bakemonogatari

She intelligent, feminine, and also a second queen after Beatrice… yeah!

4. Canaan-CANAAN

5. Alphard-CANAAN

6. Ouka-07-ghost

7. Aozaki Touko-Kara no Kyoukai

8. Rena Ryugu-Higurashi no naku koro ni

9. Bernkastel-Umineko no naku koro ni

10. Asagami Fujino-Kara no Kyoukai

11. Lambdadelta- Umineko no naku koro ni

12. Yun-Yun-CANAAN

12 Best Male Character

At last the most hard thing to choose. why? because in this one and half year i entered anime land i always watch shonen type anime so most of them are male character i mean not all…

1. Frau – 07-Ghost

Yep i dunno how to say it but he’s really a funny type person yet serious and very hard to know what he’s been thinking over. I know he’s a very kind guy who need protected and protecting. i love suwabe junichi voiced his voice so it sound fits for him…

2. Mikage – 07-Ghost

A loyal, kind, and friendly yet easily broke guy. the reason i like him because he really know how friend and boyfriend would know what must they do. If there’s a friend and boyfriend like him, i’ll became the candidate!

3. Igirisu/England/UK/Arthur Kirkland – Hetalia Axis Powers

A tsundere type person who easily angry yet he’s actually kind-hearted especially to his little brother country America. Ah no comment with him i just love iggy-kun he’s just so tsun-tsun! even he so creative with his hand!!!! he make soldier for Alfred!!! *die*

4. America/US/Alfred F.Jones – Hetalia Axis Powers

5. Teito Klein – 07-Ghost

6. Battler – Umineko no naku koro ni

7. Romano/Lovino – Hetalia Axis Powers

8. Sebastian – Kuroshitsuji

9. Ciel – Kuroshitsuji

10. Undertaker – Kuroshitsuji

11. Antonio/Spain – Hetalia Axis Powers

12. Labrador – 07-Ghost

Best OTP

Well i don’t have many OTP to share not until 12 i think but maybe all of them are unusual… *hint*

1. US/UK – Hetalia Axis Powers

Don’t lie to yourself i know no one refuse to see this best couple A.K.A OTP  i love it!!!! i can’t refuse this one even i make the fanfiction well just one chapter only… hahahaha!

2. Teito/Frau – 07-Ghost

Yes for this part you can see them on chapter 41 or another 40 or 42? i forgot there’s the hint…

3. Antonio/Lovino – Hetalia Axis Powers

Well no question Tsundere love with an air thick head of Antonio…

4. HRE/Chibitalia – Hetalia Axis Powers

Yey after all it’s finish phew… i hope this enough because my brain all burn…

And it seems Himaruya make another drawing and also merchandise sell for Christmas!!!

Prussia!!!! Gilbo is here!!!!! lol isn’t he look cool?

KOLKOLKOLKOL Rusia and Nihon is here too!!!! love it!

And ta-da here the stuff! uwaa! sugoi kawaii!!! i want it it’s sooo cute!!!! love it! love it! Himaruya sensei i wanna 1~~~

And almost forgot!


Me, bear and new obsesion…

Hi guys ling time not blogging nee? i just confuse what i’m wanna write in this blog…

And i really not enjoyed my school… not really i think…

Yeah this my next watchlist

1. Black rock shooter

2. Hetalia movie 2o10

3. Durarara!

4. 07-Ghost second season [well for this i get information from where i forgot]

5. Hidden God

6. ….Er… what more i forget it??

7. Ah! also Uragiri wa boku no namae wa shitteiru

8. Umineko 2nd season…

Hehehehe… sorry for being so short post… and everyone who loves anime please join me in crunchyroll!!! and add me please!!

melody of michael out now!!

whoa after all my cd about melody of michael already out now…. in japan~ *sigh*

here the cover:

cd_ost01yeah so nice with the 07-ghost symbol… i wonder where i can download it~~

Updated!!! i’ve got the cd tracks…. >< huweeeee~~


== DISC 1

1. TEITO KLEIN [ Teito Klein ]
2. Tsui’oku (Piano ver.) [ Reminiscence (Piano version) ]
3. Tsui’oku (Trombone ver.) [ Reminiscence (Trombone version) ]
4. Michibikidasareta kioku [ Guiding Memory ]
5. Awatadashii jikan [ Busy Time ]
6. Teikoku rikugun shikan gakkou [ Imperial Military Academy ]
7. Atatakai kokoro [ Warm Heart ]
8. Zankon ~ZEHEL [ Soul Killer ~ Zehel ]
9. Zankon ~ZEHEL 2 [ Soul Killer ~ Zehel 2 ]
10. Yokon ~PROFE [ Soul Keeper ~ Profe ]
11. Yokon ~PROFE 2 [ Soul Keeper ~ Profe 2 ]
12. Keikon ~FEST / Tsumugareru unmei [ Soul Binder ~ Fest – Spinning Fate ]
13. BARSBURG Teikoku [ Barsburg Empire ]
14. Teikoku no kyou’i [ Empire’s Menace ]
15. Hikari ni tsutsumareshi nichijou [ Everyday wrapped in Light ]
16. SISTER no omichibiki [ Sisters’ Guidance ]
17. HOHBURG yousai [ HO-BURUGU Fort ]
18. Tsugi naru itte [ The Next Move ]
19. Shiretsu wo kiwameru tatakai [ End the Fight Violently ]
20. Kyoudai naru yami no chikara [ Power of Darkness becomes Powerful ]
21. BARSBURG kyoukai [ Barsburg Church ]
22. Shukufuku no utagoe [ A Song of Blessing ]
23. Aisuru mono ni sasageru chinkonka [ Requiem of the Beloved Sacrifices ]

== DISC 2

1. Todokanu omoi ~Zetsubou [ Unreachable Thoughts ~ Despair ]
2. Dai 7 ku ~Kami no ku’iki [ The 7th District ~ God’s Domain ]
3. Kyoukai no yoru wa fukete [ The Night at Church Wears On ]
4. Shinobi yoru yami [ Darkness draws near ]
5. NOEL no ningyo ~RAZETTE [ Noel Mermaid ~ Razette ]
6. Densetsu ~SEVEN GHOST [ Legend ~ Seven Ghost ]
7. Hangeki no rou’en [ Counterattack Signal ]
8. Hangeki no rou’en (chorus cut ver.) [ Counterattack Signal (chorus cut version) ]
9. Hanatareta yami no chikara [ Power of Darkness released ]
10. MICHAEL no hitomi ~Kakusei [ Eye of Michael ~ Awakening ]
11. Dasshutsu [ Escape ]
12. Yami ni oboreta tamashii [ Spirit that sinks into darkness ]
13. Kami ga ataeshi taguimarenaru chikara [ God grants a kind power ]
14. Kami ga ataeshi taguimarenaru chikara 2 [ God grants a kind power 2 ]
15. Tsukaima ~KOR [ Familiar ~ Kor ]
16. AYANAMI ~VERLOREN [ Ayanami ~ Verloren ]
17. Sakusen kaishi [ Commence Operation ]
18. Kinpaku [ Tension ]
19. Hijou naru ketsudan [ Heartless Decision ]
20. Soba ni semeru kiki [ Crisis draws near ]
21. Fuan [ Anxiety ]
22. Kyoudai naru yamito ~WARS [ Powerful Imprisoning Darkness ~ Wars ]
23. Muku naru waga ko yo hikari to nemure [ Be Pure My Child, and Sleep ]
24. Odayaka na toki no nagare de [ Flow of Calm Times ]
25. Tamashii no susumu michi [ Soul’s Path ]
26. Kimorebi [ Tree’s Filtered Sunlight ]
27. Unmei no sentaku [ Fate’s Choice ]

== DISC 3

1. Aka no Kakera (TV Size) [ Aka no Kakera (TV Size) ]
2. Kokyou no yuki [ Snow of My Home ]
3. Hikari ga susumu michishirube [ Light that guides forward ]
4. Ugomeku yami no chikara [ Power of Darkness crawls ]
5. Sanbika A [ Hymn A ]
6. Hikari afureru jikan [ Time Light Floods ]
7. Ten yori mai orishi kohitsujisan [ Lamb that Falls From the Sky ]
8. An’un [ Dark Clouds ]
9. Eye Catch A [ Eye Catch A ]
10. Eye Catch B [ Eye Catch B ]
11. Kaikou [ Chance Meeting ]
12. Itoshiki hibi no kioku no naka de [ Inside my dear daily memories ]
13. RAGGS no chinkonka (album edit) [ Raggs Requiem (album edit) ]
14. Sanbika B [ Hymn B ]
15. Dai 7 ku no tokusanhin [ The 7th District’s Specialty ]
16. Sekai wo kowasu fu’on na kaze [ Unsettling Wind of the World’s Destruction ]
17. Mayoeru kohitsujisan [ Lost Lamb ]
18. Yokan [ Premonition ]
19. Hitomi no kotae ~The past ver.~ (TV SIZE) [ Hitomi no Kotae ~The past ver.~ (TV Size) ]
20. Oshiete ohanasan ~sono 1 [ Informing Flower ~ Number 1 ]
21. Oshiete ohanasan ~sono 2 [ Informing Flower ~ Number 2 ]
22. Oshiete ohanasan ~sono 3 [ Informing Flower ~ Number 3 ]
23. Bonus Track MINI DRAMA “Dasshutsu” [ Bonus Tracks Mini Drama “Escape” ]
24. Hitomi no Kotae ~The future ver.~ (TV SIZE) [ Hitomi no Kotae ~The future ver.~ (TV Size) ]

So yeah so much….  love love it!!! thanks for sharing the information!!! ^o^

and for the bonus mini drama i’ve got the translation so check it out!

[Track 63 – Raggs’ Requiem plays in the background]

TEITO: I am setting off on a journey, now, so that I can see for myself what the truth really is. Why was the Raggs Kingdom destroyed? Why does the Eye of Michael even exist? And what about Verloren, who is said to have been kept sealed away, and the Seven Ghosts? I want to see, and learn. I want to decide for myself what is evil and what is just.

FRAU: Are you crying, little brat?
TEITO: Don’t be stupid! I’m not!
FRAU: Just know this. We’re not flying right now to leave everyone, but so we can see them again one day.
TEITO: Yeah.

TEITO: As we faced the Seventh District, we continued to soar the skies at such heights that it was almost as if we could see the entire world below.

TEITO: Hey, Frau.
TEITO: The world — when you see the real thing — it looks completely different from how it’s drawn on maps.
FRAU: Yeah.
TEITO: We’ll probably keep experiencing a lot of things even now, won’t we?
FRAU: Yeah, you’re right. There’s gonna be a load of times when things are harsh or just plain annoying. But not all of it will be bad times. I give you my word.

[Track 33 – The Eye of Michael ~Awakening suddenly plays in the background]

FRAU: W–What’s that?!
TEITO: Since this music is playing…
AYANAMI: Hold it right there, you two.
FRAU: Oh damn, he’s here. The most annoying guy in this show.
AYANAMI: Who are you calling annoying, you philistine!
TEITO: Uwah… just when we went through all that trouble to set up that ‘it’s a good day for a journey’ atmosphere we had going.
FRAU: [sighs] Well, now that he’s here, let’s do him the favor of listening to what he’s gotta say.
AYANAMI: Silence, peasant. I didn’t come here to talk to you.

[FRAU twitches]

AYANAMI: Teito Klein. If you wish to pass by me safely, you will answer a few of my questions.
TEITO: Questions?

Hahaha? Ayanami goes crazy? he will let Teito go just with question? kidding me? no…

AYANAMI: Yes. If you do not give me a serious answer, you shall die.
TEITO: What is this, some kind of quiz contest?
FRAU: Or some kind of riddle game?
TEITO: Either is more trouble than they’re worth.
AYANAMI: Silence. Question number one.

[Quiz show fanfare]

AYANAMI: What do you think of the Eye of Michael?
TEITO: Huh? How should I know? I don’t remember anything that happens when he shows up.
AYANAMI: Hmph. Pathetic. You mean to tell me that you cannot even control the other you that lives within you?
TEITO: What does the Eye mean to you, then?
AYANAMI: It is one of seven magic balls that will grant you any wish you desire when you collect them all.
TEITO: Are you serious?!
FRAU: H–Hey, give that Eye to me! I’ll wish for all of the porno books in the world!

Oh god? eye of michael and dragon ball combined?? o.o lolololol!!! XDDD gosh that part amuse me much!!! and let see Frau really want to have it just wishes for all porn books in the world??? how he will hide that porn books that almost as many as books in 3 international library 100 x 100 size???

TEITO: Die, you perverted bishop!
FRAU: Then what would you wish for?
TEITO: W–Well… maybe a Pyalingual…
FRAU: P–Pya–Pyal…? Oh, you mean that thing that can translate Mikage’s words?[1]
BURUPYA: Burupya!

And what Teito-chan want is only… PYALINGUAL!!!! lolololololo!!!! XDDDDDD what’s with that pyalingual is sooo damn cute!!! i wanna one like that too~~~ lololol…. Teito is just so pure and honest!!! *huggles teito*

AYANAMI: I was kidding, philistines. To me, the Eye of Michael is an essential key that will allow one to obtain this entire world.
TEITO: Don’t lie to us! …Although, that is a typical answer.
FRAU: It’s so typical that it isn’t entertaining in the slightest.
AYANAMI: Hmph! A reaction that is only to be expected from uncultured barbarians such as yourselves. A great and just cause is not valued on whether or not it is entertaining.
TEITO: But Ayanami acts considerably more entertaining in the anime-based drama CDs, doesn’t he?
FRAU: Yeah. It’s a shame the man himself doesn’t seem to realize it, though.
AYANAMI: Hmph. It seems that we have a large difference of awareness between us concerning that matter, but never mind that now. Question number two!

[Quiz show fanfare]

TEITO: There’s more?
AYANAMI: Teito. What do you think… of me?
TEITO: …Huh?
FRAU: Exactly how fond of Teito are you?!
AYANAMI: [threateningly] Answer me, Teito Klein!
TEITO: Well, even if you asked me, I think you’re… an enemy– or really more like… an annoyance.
FRAU: Why don’t you just tell the poor guy that he’s so annoying, you started liking him more and more?
FRAU: [jumps back startled, and then smirks] Why is your face going all red, you little brat?
AYANAMI: [chuckles] Teito Klein. I now fully understand how you feel.
AYANAMI: In any case, I will tell you one thing. Teito. You and I cannot live without the other. Keep that in mind. Now, farewell!

[AYANAMI flies off]

TEITO: …What exactly was the point of him coming here?
FRAU: He probably just wanted a little more show time. Or maybe that was a serious love call from him to you about how “He and I are of one body and soul”, or something along those lines.
TEITO: I DON’T GET WHAT YOU MEAN. He really is nothing but an annoyance, that Ayanami!
FRAU: Yeah, sure is.

[Track 63 – Raggs’ Requiem swells up again]

FRAU: Anyway, pulling ourselves back together– Let’s go, Teito!
TEITO: Yeah!
BURUPYA: Burupya!
FRAU: We’ll race all the way to the end of the world!
TEITO: Right!
AYANAMI: Now, Teito Klein! Let’s fly!
FRAU: –Hey! No stealing my line!
TEITO: Just get out of here already! What the hell!

AYA [as he flies away into the horizon] Yahoo! Yay! Follow me here if you can! Yeah!

TEITO: Ayanami… has been letting loose more and more lately, hasn’t he…
FRAU: He just said “Yahoo”…

He said YAHOO! He said Yahoo!!!! Ayanii-sama sure interesting here!!! lololol oh god i gonna cry because to many laugh… >< but totally it’s very interesting~~

TEITO: And so, our long journey begins.

And that’s all i’m gonna share~

Teito – Download
Ayanami – Download
Zehel (Frau) – Download
Profe (Castor) – Download
Fest (Labrador) – Download
Razette – Download
Raggs Requiem (album edit) – Download | Translation of the Original version

Download | Translation

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