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07-ghost chapter 52 and 53

I never thought they out so fast, at first i think ichihara san will change Frau into better state but…

Frau sama!Frau: Welcome to Frau’s little flower shop!

What’s that!!! frau!!! you never failed amuse me!!!! bwahahahahahahahaha!!!!

Next in chapter 52 we still learned Labrador past and A little bit Ayanami or Verloren’s past

ayanami and eveEve: i never thought that father make you with pretty face!!!

Lol…oh eve-sama you are so er… a little bit stupid?? well that’s not the problem but every time i saw eve-sama i remember teito face~~ and verloren in the past quite expressionless and calmer nee??

the same illnesswe also know that Labrador got the same illness with Lirin [huwaaaaaaaa sooo sad!!!!] i never know that his past was touchable~~~

Evil? or death god?hiiiiieeeee!!!!! frau in this page remembering me with sebastian if he said this phrase “akuma de shitsuji takara” chotto kowai… nee ore sama?

Ore sama: Huh??*swallow pizza*

boomAfter the problem resolves Lab gives teito a bomb but i think lab’s bomb just… “extreordinary”

Frau: is lab trying to kill us!!!!

Lol… Frau you always be my humour~~~ XDDDDDDD

GETTO!!!awww… teito getting so easily blushed nee>> but unfortunately Capela broke the romance between them

Frau: Read the atmosphere~

lol… and for chapter 53 we see eye of raphael ready for attacking teito while ouka still unconscious nuuuuuuuu!!!!!!  but we meet Hakuren again at last~~~

oops almost forgot before they left each other… [teito and ouka] Ouka give teito her earing to bring in his journey and teito panic, dunno what should he do [aw you little baby i shall give you the way!!!]

Frau: don’t use your head a man win with his heart.

Teito: *in mind* heart… heart…

then guess what??? he give his bunny doll [which ouka think that it’s skull… lol] that he made in the church… i also wanna have it though~~ so that all now i’m gonna sleep!


Hey it’s increasing!!!

Yo! Konnichiwa all~

I’m in great deppresion now but not as long as the last one… -.-‘

First i’ll open this post with this:

Omg!!! Mikage~

Omg!!! Mikage~

Omg!!! Mikage~~ so evil, so cool~~~ I love you!!! Well from this post title you should know that…

MY MATH SCORE INCREASING!!!!!! oh i don’t want to believe it!!! My math score changed from 37 to 50!!! see it’s increasing!!!

Clary: “Oh god your score even didn’t change from when you small. Especially math…”

Mito: “Oh stop it… i know i never got luck for math~~” [sigh]

yup… and why i’m not depression?? i’d like to have some disscussion such as my score for all subject in my school, and what more make me depression is my english score just 75 and 100!!! impossible! such a grateful score!!!

Clary: “Such ungrateful languange”

Yup…yup… i know it later or soon… so what about your score??? is it good? bad? or so-so?

Anime Grand Prix 2009

Yahoo!! For today i’ll guess many things i wanna share with you all 😀

First i want to tell this:

Ahk!!! Tommorow i must go to school again! Nooooooo!!! it’s terrible! even i’m forgot to do the physic homework!!! Sh*t! Yeah  it’ll do it… T.T maybe after i’m going to school again, it’ll be hard for me to reply your comments (because my mom will not give me time to open my beauty computer nor my laptop… Huwaaaaa!!!) but i’ll try my best to open it secretly… hehehe…

Then second i’ll tell you 10 anime chara that very popular in Japan on August 2009 (Late for 1 month?? ni problem)

Here the list:

  1. Lelouch Lamparouge_Code Geass
  2. Edward Elric_Fullmetal Alchemist
  3. Dale Masamune_Sengoku Basara
  4. Tierie Erde_Gundam oo
  5. Gintoki_Gintama
  6. Mio Akiyama_K-on
  7. Sebastian michaelis_Kuroshitsuji
  8. Teito Klein_o7-Ghost
  9. Kyouya Hibari_Katekyou Hitman Reborn
  10. Roy Mustang_Fullmetal Alchemist

And my impression : Oh my god Lelouch always be nomeru uno??? O.o And Sebastian and Teito are near each other, I wonder will Teito in potition 7 and Sebastian in 6?? Ohohoho! How about your fave Chara? Is he/she enter it??

And the final is Anime Grand Prix 2009!!! in Japan of course~

And it held in japan as the 31 grandprix from december 2007-December 2008 ( i’m so late then???)

Where i should start neee???

Hai… hai…

Dai ichi! “20 Best theme song”

  1. Monochrome Kiss_SID-Kuroshitsuji OP TV
  2. Hakanaku mo Towa no Kanashi_Uverworld-Gundam 00 Second season tv OP/ED
  3. Lyon_May’n/Megumi Nakajima-Macross F TV OP
  4. Waga Routashi Aku no Hana_ALI PROJECT-Code Geass Hangyaku no Lelouch R2 TV ED
  5. Triangular_Maaya Sakamoto-Macross F TY OP/ED
  6. Shura_DOES-GintamaTV OP/ED
  7. World End_Flow-Code Geass Hangyaku no Lelouch R2 TV OP
  8. 02_Orange range-Code Geass Hangyaku no Lelouch TV OP
  9. Prototype_Ishikawa Chikai-Gundam 00 second season ED
  10. Sakura addiction_Hibari Kyouya and Rokudo Mukuro-Katekyou Hitman Reborn ED
  11. Continued Story_Hitomi-Code Geass Hangyaku no Lelouch R2 TV instrumen
  12. Boku wa tori ni Naru_Hitomi-Code Geass Hangyaku no Lelouch R2 Tv Instrumen
  13. Toki o kizamu Uta_Lia-Clannad after stroy TV OP
  14. Daybreak’s bell_L’arc~en~Ciel-Gundam oo OP
  15. Seikan Hikou_Megumi Nakajima-Macross F TV instrumen
  16. Iteza Gogo Kuji Don’t be late_Sherly Nome staring May’n-Macross F TV instrumen
  17. Diamond Cresvasse_Sherly nome starring May’n-Macsross F TV instrumen
  18. Gake no ue no ponyo_Fujioka Fujimaki and Nozomu Ohashi-Gaku no ue no ponyo
  19. Friends_Stephanie-Gundam oo Second season TV ED
  20. i’M aLIVE_Becca-Kuroshitsuji TV ED

Dai ni! “20 Best Seiyuu”

  1. Jun Fukuyama
  2. Hiroshi Kamiya
  3. Daisuke Ono
  4. Mamoru Miyano
  5. Akira Ishida
  6. Yuuichi Nakamura
  7. Takahiro Sakurai
  8. Romi Paku
  9. Rie Kugimiya
  10. Hiroyuki Hoshino
  11. Aya Hirano
  12. Maaya Sakamoto
  13. Miki Shinichirou
  14. Tomokazu Sugita
  15. Kenichi Suzumura
  16. Yukana
  17. Nana Mizuki
  18. Hoshi Soichirou
  19. Haruka Tomatsu
  20. Megumi Hayashibara

Found it!!! Cute or adore?

Another theme in this season that almost going Fall (Oh i love Fall there’re many leaves rain, good fruit, not to hot weather -.-) And guess what??? I found many adorable and cute picture to put it in my computer!!! 😀

Here i’ll share with ya!!! XDDDD

X33333 Uhhhh Coollll!!!!

X33333 Uhhhh Coollll!!!!

Waiiiii 07-Ghost in gank schooler uniform!!!!

My opinion : Uhhh it’s so cute!!! and the most LoL thing is Castor really does look like megane gangster!!!! (Hahahahahaha… ) 😀 And oh Both Teito and Hakuren really fit that uniform!!! Like it. Frau too also really fit it!! (Cause you have gangster lookie Frau-chi) And Labrador quite cute in this uniform too X33333

I’m just hoping Mikage was there too then it’ll be complete. How about Black Hawks in school uniform??? LoL XD

Chibi, Chibi fall down!!!

Chibi, Chibi fall down!!!

Umineko chibi fall down!

My opinion : Totally cute!!! Just who make this one but it’s adoreable!!!cute!!!! Beatrice was hit by Virgillia, Lambdadelta, and Bernkastel!!! How cute~~  Ange too she’s just cute and Eva-Beatrice angry because they  just playing around~ Lol Nice!!!

Happy Halloween???

Happy Halloween???

Yup two girls in fighting???

My opinion : Freaking cool!!! XDDDD Anyway everyone of you, do you know what this anime title??? It’s interest me very much… If one of you know it please tell me the title! Thank you

Om my Ghost... O.o

Om my Ghost... O.o

Creak me out!!!! Oh god this one the most Hilarious picture in this season!!!

My opinion : Hahahahaha!!! Battler as beatrice??? Kanon as Shannon and the other two who i dunno the name… yes i would like to see Beatrice, shannon , and Ange wear their clothes!!! X3Chaaaaannnnnngeeeeeeeee!!!!!

Yup that’s it I’ll try to updated it if i got another good pictures again… Ohohohohohoho!!!!

And I’ve got good news for 07-ghost lovers~~~

ehmmm… I’ve got rumour that says 07-Ghost will dit’s second season in 2010!!!! Oh godddd!!! it’s toooo late!! but if it still start then i’ll wait for it… Hahahahahahahahahahaha… Ohoekh! Ohoekh… uhhh… too much laughing~~

Final is in it’s way~my personal though~

Even I don’t watch the final episode of my beloved 07-ghost but still… Ahkkkkkk!!!!!! You fool DEEN how could you end my beloved Anime in just one seasonn???? You see i just couldn’t blame this all to DEEN but for the name who watch this anime there something that WE should watch then i’ll tell you ‘this thing’ :

1. I need to see Castor-san past when he called XingLu i have big interest there…

2. I want to see Capella animated and the one who want to sell Capella [Forgot the name]

3. I also want to see Frau and Teito’s journey to the land of Seele and collect Teito’s memory about father

4. Oh! O.O and also Ouka in anime i want to see her badly cause she’s the one (I think) who has the Eye of Raphael.

5. Labrador’s past, a quite sad past!!! It’s need to be animated!!! Rooooaaaarrrr!!!!

6. I want to know the reason why Frau become one of the 07-Ghost… We just know his past only… T.T

7. I also want to know how Lance past look like~~~

8. It’s still worry me but i want to see the other two of 07-Ghost: Ea and I forgot what they called this one…

9. Ahkk!!! how about Haruse???? is he dead??? or just losing half of his soul??? If just losing half of his soul then continued it!!!

10. The Black Hawks need more love~~ I want to see them more!!!

11. But the perfect moment I want to see Ayanami become a good guy and dead!!! Oh it must be beautifull

12. I read the manga that Teito want to go to The land of Seele but first of all he need the cursed ticket from all 07-Ghost right???  I wonder if Frau will give him or not since i’ve good felling about this one… ^^’ and also if Teito got the cursed ticket all he wanted to revive Mikage!!! and change with his life!!!! O.O oh it’s shockinggggg!!!!!

13. Uuuu~~ oh and also that two guys from Raggs too uh… i forgot the name again… I think one of them named Yuki, They are recieve command from Ayanami to kill Teito but they didn’t (Ahhh… So kind you two)

14. I need MMMMMMOOOOOOAAAAAARRRRRR my beloved eye of Mikhail and time for Frau and Teito~~ Ufufufuffu (Fangirling is in action)

15. At last please~~~ don’t let me down my animelist just not as many as in the past again~~~ I need to qualify what’s interesting and important for me!!!

16. Oh i want to know what kind of connection between Ayanami and the chief of heaven’s daughter.

17. How can Frau get Ayanami’s deathly weapon (How do we write grim reaper’s weapon actually)

18. Why Frau face always changing when Teito ask about ayanami?

19. How can Verloren body inside Teito’s body??? It need to be animated

20. I… just… need… a… clear…ending!!!!!!

Then everyone!!! if you have something to said to me please sait it clearly!!! and who join me Come on!!! I’ll wait for your comments!!!!!! Ja~Na~

Manga discovery!!

Another manga scoop!! i don’t believe it!!! this is the third post for this day!!! But htis one must be the shortest post i’ve made today…

I found… another manga to read!! Lol… XD

The title is ‘Di[e]ce’ ahhh~ so hard the title was so simple… and  here the summary:

Naruse Kazuki and Koutake Haruki are on the advanced track of Seitoukou Academy. Though they are not connected by blood, these two whose faces are so similar coincidentally have their 16th birthdays on November 11th. However, on that fateful anniversary, the cogs of fate have begun to turn. A game involving both their destinies has now begun!

I copy it from mangafox~~~ tooo lazy to write it!! Ouch!! it’s hurt myself for not read it first but looks promising so please enjoy it.. and if i’m not wrong the mangaka is Yamamoto Kana… and it also publish at Zero-Sum comic sooo it’ll be another “hint” i hope sooo~~

Uhhh… I need Frau for recharge my batteries~~ Frau_chi!!!

What should i watch for Fall Anime + Manga scoop

Ahh~ In this Fall i think i’ll not watch any anime… because many reason such as my test score was so bad, and also not much interesting anime in thi Fall.

I’ll try to review more anime that i watch from this spring until the end~

And also some manga scoop today!!! i found them in Here. And thanks for sapphire pyro i got many interesting manga that worth to read!!! XDDDDDDD

First of All here the list:

~ Rust Blaster (Toboso Yana)

~ Crimson Shell (Jun Mochizuki)

~ Shiki

~ Izayakaku

Yup! That’s what i read last week… and i’ve read each of them just one chapter and it really is great! except Rust Blaster it’s already over and only 6 chapter.

Rust Blaster

It’s about a school that full vampire and each of the student blessed by some weapon  from their birth but unfortunately Alfredo van Envrio (Hahaha…) wasn’t bless by his weapon from birth and he didn’t like blood!! (How cute if vampire doesn’t like blood… i meant artificial blood) One day he met Kei, a human. Kei entered the same class with Aldred and thought that Kei has powerful strenght beyond normal human. Until one of Aldred’s friend attacked the  entire school and made mess, Aldred was injired badly so Kei asked him to sucked his blood and Kei changed himself to holy spear that was Aldred’s weapon… And what happen next??? Just read it at mangafox.

Crimson Shell

An insane man made some projection to produce first seed of rose that planted in human body and one of the seed was planted in Little girl body named Claudia and they called her Crimson shell Claudia. It said that if a person touched Claudia body, the life and soul been sucked away by Claudia’s roses and thorns. And Claudia’s precious person killed all her friends… and what happen next?? Read it at mangafox.


War between clan to clan (Which i forgot the name) yoritomo an only xxx(another forgot) clan survivor… and Gomenasaiiiiii!!! i forgot the entire story… hix.. hix… T.T

At last i’m not sure if i’m good at summary~~ but please enjoy it!!

And ohh please send me all your prayer for my Test today!!! Math! it’s Math!!!! TERRIBLEEEEEEE!!!

Douka kami sama ore ni mamote!!!!

Spring and Summer review~Part 1~

Hey guys!! long time no seee… yeah i’ve been polluted by my busy school!!! Hahahahaha!!! but still i can do some blog even in this bussiness~~

I’ll start by core to some spring and summer anime i’ve been watch…

S for Very good anime and it’s really worth to watch it

A for good anime

B for A good anime<A bit>

C for good enough anime

D for Worse anime

E for very worse anime

F for very super bad anime that even before looked it you’ll definetly not watch it!!!

Soo??? let’s start!!

Pandora hearts

I'll kill you later Gill...

I'll kill you later Gill...

Hahaha!! XDDD LoLz… that’s funny and yeah for this anime i aso surprised myself i even give it “A”!!!  i have fun watching this anime and it’s worth to watch but not quite “S” cause something wrong with it’s Artwork… (Sorry XEBEC) and hell yeah!! Gonna squeeeeeee this anime!!! i’ll continue blogging it!! So congratulation Oz!!

Of course by all meant~~~

Of course by all meant~~~

Yeah Oz you’re scarier than before… ^.^’

Gill    : “You’re really my master?? how come???”


Oh Frau~ Even here you're so damn hawt!!><

Oh Frau~ Even here you're so damn hawt!!><

Yeah and this also my very special anime for spring this year!!! X3 Why?? Because there’re so many Frau!!! And i’ll give you “S” score for Frau-action all the episode!!! <Just kidding> soo overall for this anime was “A” too!!! almost forgot my beauty Eye of michael!!~~~ XDDDDDD

Dawwwww!!! It's soooo cute~~~

Dawwwww!!! It's soooo cute~~~

Isn’t that picture cute??? From yukimachi website~~~ Ah… Iwanna bring both of you home…


I know you've ganbatte so hard but...

I know you've ganbatte so hard but...

Sorry for this anime but i’ve lost my interest in you K-on… even you’re funny and full of good music.. but… Every time i watch you, you successfully made me sleep… XO So i dropped this anime long, long ago… And for the score “C”

Umineko no naku koro ni

What kind of winner did we have???

What kind of winner did we have???

Yeahhhh!!! another good anime in this summer!!! Oh i love this anime that full of  BE~A~TO~RI~CHE~~~  YOU’RE SO AWESOME!!! Even i who always having nightmare still watching this!!! So guys you got “A”!!! How about it?? are you satisfied Maria?? Uuuu~

I'm not really satisfied.. i meant..

I'm not really satisfied.. i meant..

Cute~~~ i’m satisfied without maria’s ugly face.. What i meant is…


Oh what a funny face~~~

Oh what a funny face~~~

This was full of action and i love Maria~~ How cute she is… -w- Pya… and for this anime score is “B” Yeah i love this anime but also a little bit hate it… Sorry…

Yeah that’s for today… <Is it just me or i too much saying “yeah” in this blog??> What a tired day… really i’m not joking!!! It was really tired after my collossal dance or what it’s called.. anyway i’ll continued it later


Me:Shock, Frau:Shock!, Teito:You did it!!!

I know… i know… i’m really late for this episode but dtill daaaaawwwwww!!! You see i can’t give you any screencaps because my full schedule~~~ so sorry… but still i love this 16 episode my special episode!!! XDDDDD

Frau worried about Teito and Teito worried about Frau!!! Isn’t that sooo romantic??? X33333

I just weanna say Dawwwwwwww!!!!

That’s all I’m really sorry for this short posts!!!

Holy shit school!!!!

Huwaaaaa!!! my school starts now and it really is shit!! Today i must doooo my things in one day!!! you see for example you’re in your house and your mom told you to do laundry, cooking, washing, and bla… bla… in  one time!!! isn’t it really shit???

I hope this doomsday will over as fast as i drink my 50 ml milk!!!

Well still with anime review, today not to much anime so i’m sorry for this at first~ X3 :

~07-Ghost epi 7-14

Well i’m impressive with it’s pace it’s going faster anyway… and for studio DEEN pleaseeee~~~ don’t mess up with the story!! no fillers again!!! i glad now knowing that it’s stories have move up so far!! So keep it up ‘kay?? Don’t dissapoint me~~

~K-On epi 7-10

I know i kinda late for this one (Because my friend and i being separated for different school so yeah, it’s like that) it’s good as ever silly and it’s really worth too watch but you know too much talking, chit-chat and it’s what make  me boring until me myself overslept while the DVD still playing. Hope it’ll better at it’s second season

~Pandora Hearts epi 7-15

This one is soooo exciting 2 thumbs up!!! dunno what to say again XDDDD!!! LoL… and esspecially epi 12that made laugh rolling at floor!!! it’s good enought!! excellent!!! -.- Just if the artwork a bit good (i meant no blurry) it’ll become the best spring anime!!!

~Umineko no naku koro ni epi 1-2

This good!!! you see mystery… murdered… the corpse.. it’s so artistic.. i really like murder and mystery genre… and i really enjoy this anime ver much!!! i like it.. (Even there’re many things that i didn’t understand sooo well)

And the other are CANAAN and Bakemonogatari.. I’ll watch them later because of my shit school things!!!

I’d love to chat more but i have no idea more…

And my next Blog will be about my hamsters and Mikage(Fyulong) They’re sooo alike.. i’D LOVE THEM MUCH.. =3

Isn't Maria cute??? but 0 for her's uuu~ uuu~ noise

Isn't Maria cute??? but 0 for her's uuu~ uuu~ noise

i love Maria but no her’s uuu~ uuu~ voice…

Thanks again for reading!!!

By me, Mito forever~