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Merry Christmas!!

Hahaha! long time not see! because my business in home, and many watchlist in cinema i want to watch so, yeah it become like this. but today it’ll be a very long post because I’ll serve 12 presents! hahahaha! so what we waiting for? let’s check it up!

12 Best Anime

AN: this anime base on my watchlist, but overall i watch all anime even just 4-5 episodes only

1. Hetalia Axis powers

Who can deny this anime and it’s succeed in humor and trivia about World war 1 and 2? I totally lose for this anime! it’s just purely win! love it! love it! and there also tell about many history about my favorite country for example German smashed the potato, but in France they chop it into small pieces. Oh and also maybe this anime just to much *cough*  hint *cough* between country? so what are you waiting for? watch it!

2. Umineko no naku koro ni

Magic vs Logic which one you think will win and get the ticket to Gloriane and famous land of golden? This anime full of gore which really amuse me much! Beato purely win it! She’s really the bitch, She’s great on fake moe and oh my god what should i comment about her again? Hahaha! this anime really different with Higurashi, but both of them really amuse me~

3. Kuroshitsuji

Butler who served a 13 years old little bo-chan and defeat all his enemies with one blow and  appearance of death god and angels who starve of darkness? Kuroshitsuji is the only answer! if there another thing I’ll recommend this anime will be the first to tell! I love how Toboso Yana-san tell us many about England history and trivia. Not like other anime which take the same place they focused only with the story but not the trivia and history that seems “ah look like japanese”  but not Kuroshitsuji which balance the trivia and the story too! this my favorite anime anyway.

4. 07-Ghost

A boy who lost his memories regain his memories little by little, burden himself, and lost his best friend shock him even, now he shall choose the path he will step on it. If you talk about fantasy anime 07-ghost is my recommend! not only fantasy but also humor between the character especially the 3 bishop [love frau! ><] and i think it’s war between church and empire nee? And also i like how the food look like but taste good ( eyefish stew? ) i just wanna try if it’s really good.

5. Pandora Hearts

Boy who looks like the hero whom fight his own friend in Sabrie tragedy and fate to make contract with the legend Black Bloody rabbit Alice. Waiiiii, another fantasy anime mix between fairy tale and a little bit gothic or dark feeling! I loce Alice and The will of Abyss because both of them are extremely beautiful and their clothes [ er… what do you think about 27 outfits in one episode? ]. Na-ah no need for another minute if you can watch NOW!

6. Bakemonogatari

Story of many girls with their problem like japanese myth and Arararara-gi try to help them to find the way to cure them. Lol this anime just fabulous with the myth and oh the humor ( Araragi is really pure and honest heh? and his name is really funny to make a joke! ) and Shaft really creative about the opening and ending!!! ^o^


A mercenary in Shanghai and also a mysterious profile behind her name “CANAAN” and her past. Yeah girl in action and i think this genre a little bit going to Shojou ai nee? but overall i like it.

8. K-ON

Girl who dream to be a guitar player. A moe moe service here… please call another anime here….

9. Tegami Bachi

10. Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou

11. Higurashi no naku koro ni rei

12. Kara no kyoukai

12 best seiyuu

Ah… for seiyuu I’ll not separate between female and male because i kinda hard find good seiyuu for me… in this limited time… *tears* and i’ll just comment 3 seiyuu only.

1. Daisuke Ono

Who the hell don’t know Daisuke ono? our god of seiyuu! he already voiced many male character and really success on it. i love how he voiced Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji and Batto fro Umineko… my friend said his voiced character sound so smexy [ that what my friend said anyway ] lol but i really adore him when entering anime world.

2. Daisuke Namikawa

Yup now he’s extraordinary moe male voice!!!!! >< i love his voice very much!!!!!! and how he voiced both of our beloved Italy and Mikage from 07-GHOST love, love it!!!!! and by my judge i think his voice really fit for a little bit stupid and easy going male character. my numero duo!

3. Chiwa Saito

Chiwa-chan is extremely famous with her cv: Hitagi Senjougahara and little Kuroyuri-kun from 07-ghost!!! i love her voice really great seiyuu in the next light i see…

4. Suwabe Junichi

5. Noriaki Sugiyama

6. Konishi Katsuyuki

7. Kamiya Hiroshi

8. Maaya Sakamoto

9. Saiga Mitsuki

10. Hayami Shou

11.Marina Inoue

12. Romi Paku

12 Best Female Character

Well new step for female character i mix it all is it okay?

1. Ryougi Shiki-Kara no Kyoukai

Nothing to comment again she’s perfect

2. Beatrice-Umineko no Naku Koro ni

She’s the queen of bitch and fake moe-trice!!!!

3. Hitagi senjougahara-Bakemonogatari

She intelligent, feminine, and also a second queen after Beatrice… yeah!

4. Canaan-CANAAN

5. Alphard-CANAAN

6. Ouka-07-ghost

7. Aozaki Touko-Kara no Kyoukai

8. Rena Ryugu-Higurashi no naku koro ni

9. Bernkastel-Umineko no naku koro ni

10. Asagami Fujino-Kara no Kyoukai

11. Lambdadelta- Umineko no naku koro ni

12. Yun-Yun-CANAAN

12 Best Male Character

At last the most hard thing to choose. why? because in this one and half year i entered anime land i always watch shonen type anime so most of them are male character i mean not all…

1. Frau – 07-Ghost

Yep i dunno how to say it but he’s really a funny type person yet serious and very hard to know what he’s been thinking over. I know he’s a very kind guy who need protected and protecting. i love suwabe junichi voiced his voice so it sound fits for him…

2. Mikage – 07-Ghost

A loyal, kind, and friendly yet easily broke guy. the reason i like him because he really know how friend and boyfriend would know what must they do. If there’s a friend and boyfriend like him, i’ll became the candidate!

3. Igirisu/England/UK/Arthur Kirkland – Hetalia Axis Powers

A tsundere type person who easily angry yet he’s actually kind-hearted especially to his little brother country America. Ah no comment with him i just love iggy-kun he’s just so tsun-tsun! even he so creative with his hand!!!! he make soldier for Alfred!!! *die*

4. America/US/Alfred F.Jones – Hetalia Axis Powers

5. Teito Klein – 07-Ghost

6. Battler – Umineko no naku koro ni

7. Romano/Lovino – Hetalia Axis Powers

8. Sebastian – Kuroshitsuji

9. Ciel – Kuroshitsuji

10. Undertaker – Kuroshitsuji

11. Antonio/Spain – Hetalia Axis Powers

12. Labrador – 07-Ghost

Best OTP

Well i don’t have many OTP to share not until 12 i think but maybe all of them are unusual… *hint*

1. US/UK – Hetalia Axis Powers

Don’t lie to yourself i know no one refuse to see this best couple A.K.A OTP  i love it!!!! i can’t refuse this one even i make the fanfiction well just one chapter only… hahahaha!

2. Teito/Frau – 07-Ghost

Yes for this part you can see them on chapter 41 or another 40 or 42? i forgot there’s the hint…

3. Antonio/Lovino – Hetalia Axis Powers

Well no question Tsundere love with an air thick head of Antonio…

4. HRE/Chibitalia – Hetalia Axis Powers

Yey after all it’s finish phew… i hope this enough because my brain all burn…

And it seems Himaruya make another drawing and also merchandise sell for Christmas!!!

Prussia!!!! Gilbo is here!!!!! lol isn’t he look cool?

KOLKOLKOLKOL Rusia and Nihon is here too!!!! love it!

And ta-da here the stuff! uwaa! sugoi kawaii!!! i want it it’s sooo cute!!!! love it! love it! Himaruya sensei i wanna 1~~~

And almost forgot!


Final is in it’s way~my personal though~

Even I don’t watch the final episode of my beloved 07-ghost but still… Ahkkkkkk!!!!!! You fool DEEN how could you end my beloved Anime in just one seasonn???? You see i just couldn’t blame this all to DEEN but for the name who watch this anime there something that WE should watch then i’ll tell you ‘this thing’ :

1. I need to see Castor-san past when he called XingLu i have big interest there…

2. I want to see Capella animated and the one who want to sell Capella [Forgot the name]

3. I also want to see Frau and Teito’s journey to the land of Seele and collect Teito’s memory about father

4. Oh! O.O and also Ouka in anime i want to see her badly cause she’s the one (I think) who has the Eye of Raphael.

5. Labrador’s past, a quite sad past!!! It’s need to be animated!!! Rooooaaaarrrr!!!!

6. I want to know the reason why Frau become one of the 07-Ghost… We just know his past only… T.T

7. I also want to know how Lance past look like~~~

8. It’s still worry me but i want to see the other two of 07-Ghost: Ea and I forgot what they called this one…

9. Ahkk!!! how about Haruse???? is he dead??? or just losing half of his soul??? If just losing half of his soul then continued it!!!

10. The Black Hawks need more love~~ I want to see them more!!!

11. But the perfect moment I want to see Ayanami become a good guy and dead!!! Oh it must be beautifull

12. I read the manga that Teito want to go to The land of Seele but first of all he need the cursed ticket from all 07-Ghost right???  I wonder if Frau will give him or not since i’ve good felling about this one… ^^’ and also if Teito got the cursed ticket all he wanted to revive Mikage!!! and change with his life!!!! O.O oh it’s shockinggggg!!!!!

13. Uuuu~~ oh and also that two guys from Raggs too uh… i forgot the name again… I think one of them named Yuki, They are recieve command from Ayanami to kill Teito but they didn’t (Ahhh… So kind you two)

14. I need MMMMMMOOOOOOAAAAAARRRRRR my beloved eye of Mikhail and time for Frau and Teito~~ Ufufufuffu (Fangirling is in action)

15. At last please~~~ don’t let me down my animelist just not as many as in the past again~~~ I need to qualify what’s interesting and important for me!!!

16. Oh i want to know what kind of connection between Ayanami and the chief of heaven’s daughter.

17. How can Frau get Ayanami’s deathly weapon (How do we write grim reaper’s weapon actually)

18. Why Frau face always changing when Teito ask about ayanami?

19. How can Verloren body inside Teito’s body??? It need to be animated

20. I… just… need… a… clear…ending!!!!!!

Then everyone!!! if you have something to said to me please sait it clearly!!! and who join me Come on!!! I’ll wait for your comments!!!!!! Ja~Na~

o7-Ghost 13:”Hikari aru michi no sakini miru monoha…”

After watched it carefully i found my love again in this episode =3

Summary :

Teito founding Frau at the church seeing him with such eye(?)

Then Teito continued to his study about the “Eye of Michael”  but all the informations he need all are the same with the information that he know, then Teito found ‘Verloren’ word and brought him into his own deep soul. He was so surprised that make him felt down on his own chair. Hakuren who saw him ask him if he was okay and Frau came closer. When Teito stand up and want to asking Frau about Something, Hakuren shock so he cut Teito’s word and asking if Frau is really Frau and give him a kind of book (Which when Frau open it kind of pink colour shine or what. I bet all of you know what it’s about) Then Frau ask Hakuren about his name (because of that bribery don’t it???) Suddenly Assistant Archbishop Bastien come and knock Frau with his hand and All his porn book fell down and Bastien take it!!! (It’s your puishment my boy…) and Teito continued about what he wanna know about last night accident. After that Teito went to bishop room (Or it’s Frau personal room??) suddnely Teito heard of what Frau and Castor talked about which made Teito ran to the… What that place name again?? ah! Foundtain!! Frau catched him up and said that he has responsibility to protected Teito and Talk to him to became stronger so he could walked alone. Teito remember the word that his Father say, but wait!

Teito      : “How did you know what father say to me???” Don’t said that you can read my past???”

Frau       :” Glekh… (Bell Ringing) Oops! time for dinner so bye kid!!!!!!!!!!”

That’s it… since this summary so simple and short and also i’m still green with my english and also my japanese too.. so if there’s any grammar mistakes please kindly tell me ‘kay??

In the end Green english + Green Japanese= Stupid???

Nooooo!!!!!!!! Read More…