Sound Horizon 7th album : Maerchen

My first music POST! OMG! and now i’m bringing you some good music to hear! 😀

“Shall we open the curtain now? Let’s sing it together then!”

I was intriguing to see sound horizon, and so i start from its seventh album because all of them are about Grimm’s tale such as, sleeping beauty, snow white, blue beard, hansel and gretel and many more. But what make me love this album is about the story itself, it was darkened! 😀 can you imagine how snow white’s step mother is being bullied by snow white to use a shoe that is burnt? YES! DARK!!!!

So before you hear this album, i  suggest you to hear ido e itaru mori e itaru ido. The story begin from a boy who is albino and only lived by his only mother. His name is Marz Von Ludowig. Because his mother was knew as someone who can cure any diseases thus, she was called witch. Because of that reason he and his mother must leave to every forest and town. One day Marz meet a little girl named Elisabeth Von Wettin which is a noble and become her one and only friend. At last Marz and his mother should move to another forest, but before that Marz said that he want to say goodbye to Elisabeth. His mother agree with it. By home, Marz meet two guys who want to meet his mother but they want to kill her instead. Arrive at Marz’s house, they kill Marz throw him to the well then burnt his mother.

One day, A black-haired man wake up without having any memorize with a cute doll beside him and tell him to get revenge…

Okay, i try to make it as short as i can, since i’m not really that good with summary~ 😀 and here is the cover~!

Pretty nice for a cover deshou? Saa, what are you waiting for! Grab it and hear the sensational Album! i like all of them, but i like “the crucified saint” ,”yoiyami no uta”, “the song of dawn” more! XDD and i got sore throat because i sing that song for 3 times! tee-hee~ The are also the live! XDD i’m going to download it soon enough~ 2 GB more… -.-”

Trivia : since this is the seventh song, they make it by 7 stories, 28 bonus track which every track 7 seconds and the total  time of the songs is 77 minutes! XDDD


Mangaka scoop! Drama is always make you cry~

HELLO! MITO IS back~ anyway today’s post will be full of manga from the same mangaka as you can see from the title~ 😀

This mangaka is so good at making drama story and almost all of her work i’ve already read it! its so TOUCHING! BAWWWWWW~! So let’s start this post by introducing her!

Name : Yumeka Sumomo (for all sho-ai works) a.k.a Sahara Mizu (for all seinen works) a.k.a Sahara Keita (for all shoujo works) and Chikyuya/Sasshi (for all doujinshi works)

All of her manga that i recommended are :

Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan by Sahara Mizu

“I have something I don’t want to lose—
So much so that these terrible feelings have grown.”

A pianist who attempted suicide 3 times, Juri, is taken to help her aunt at a prison where murderers who killed indiscriminately are sentenced to death. There, she meets a man named Yuu who took the lives of 3 people. A mother’s antagonism–a brother’s death… Together they embrace the violent rebellion in their hearts caused by the large, deep scars they carry. However, before long, they both embrace an earnest hope in their hearts. “I want to live”…

An adaptation of a novel by South Korea’s most popular female novelist, Gong Ji-Young.

Mito’s comment : THIS IS TERRIBLE! I’VE NEVER CRY AFTER READING MANGA BEFORE BUT THIS ONE IS REALLY DID! OMG! for all of you who love slice of life and tragedy, I really RECOMMENDED THIS to you! The life appreciation is really interpreted here! you can feel it~

Chou ni naru hi by Yumeka Sumomo

There is a rumor going around school that Mikami can “hear” when one’s death is near. Uka has just turned fifteen, but doesn’t know how much longer he’ll live… Will the budding love between Mikami and Uka have a happy ending?

Mito’s comment : this is a book contains of many stories inside. Well not all of them but most of them are bitter sweet! >_______< this book is sho-ai colored and umm its still okay for me because ITS JUST TOO SWEET!!! ARRRRRGHHHHH!!!! THIS IS JUST TOO SWEET TO BE TRUE!!! I THINK I GET DIABETES FROM THIS!!! This is recommended to you who like sweet love story and of course SHO-AI~ (fujoshi fans)

Dousaibou Seibutsu by Yumeka Sumomo

Nakagawa and Yokota are two boys very much in love with each other. Yokota is more open with his feelings, but Nakagawa is easily embarrassed of public displays of affection. Though they may be outwardly different, their feelings for each other are the same…their connection is such that they liken themselves to Dousaibou Seibutsu (Same-Cell Organisms).

Mito’s comment : this book is also the same as chou ni naru hi. This book contains many stories but it was mix of sho-ai and shoujo~ 😀 this one is also as sweet as chou ni naru hi! OMG! SWEETNESS OVERLOAD! I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE! again this one is recommended for all of you FUJOSHI!

Nanairo Sekai by Sahara Mizu

A boy with bad eyesight and the girl who is in love with him…


Yakusoku Siren by Yumeka Sumomo

A heartrending and heartwarming story about two twins: one who hates everything like himself and one who wishes to keep his promise from long ago.

Mito’s comment : I’ve read this manga for only about 3 chapters since there’s no one going to scanlation it… TTATT someone scanlate this!!! the ending is just to heartbreaking!!!

That’s all the mangas that i want to share! there’s still much manga that is made by her but, most of them are oneshot that is worth reading! 😀 you should try to read it one by one~ anyway see you soon at the next post! SEE YA~



Happy New Year 2012~

Happy New Year 2012! Together with Hitori Ja Nai again~ 😀

Merry Christmas~!

Heya Imma posting this from my home country, since i’m going to take vacation (not to long one) after this, so i post it earlier than ever!



Youko x Boku SS preview

Anyway before I watch my Winter series~ I need to check the available manga. This time I’m going to check Youko x Boku SS! 😀 the first ten pages i have read and my expression is : OMG! THIS BISHIE IS JUST GO SPARKLING EVERYWHERE AND EVEN DESCRIBED HIMSELF TO BE HER DOG! stupid… i haven’t see this kind of bishie before… even crying?



omg! He even want to die if her master Ririchou-sama want to break the contract! THIS IS RIDICULOUS! BE MY SERVANT THEN!!!!



Another picture that explain everything… when will he stop bring that sparkles over him… This will end like BBS, Bishie Before Sparkle…

Anyway my first impression is this manga is FUNNY!!! I LOVE HOW THE BISHIE THROW THE SPARKLES OUT OF HIM!!! XDDD might be watch this series maybe…?

Somehow they look the same…

I realized I want to make this post a long time ago, but I can’t make it! NOW, I’LL REVEAL ALL THE THINGS THAT I HAVE BEEN THOUGHT THIS TIME!

I’m going to make a review about 2 characters from 2 different anime but when you complete the puzzle, they have something in common! 😀 let’s GO!

First character is Akira from Monochrome Factor and Akira from Togainu no Chi

What are the common things they have? First its their name? (Ridiculous, they share the same name. I don’t even remember how much “AKIRA” character I’ve been in love~ LOLZ) Beside their name if you really pay attention in their personality, you’ll find something unbelievable (JOKING)

  1. Both of this AKIRA are described as cool person in the first. In fact both of them are cool~ 😀
  2. Both of this AKIRA are described as strong person (UNBEATABLE). Akira (TNC) is the hero of bl@ster game, while Akira (MF) is your super human and is scarred by other students (even since he was child)
  3. Both of this AKIRA can’t describe their feelings good. Those AKIRA can only hurt they best pal, guys… Geez, how can you injured their feeling by saying ,”You are in my way” or ,”You are weak” something like that.
  4. Both of this AKIRA were attacked by their own buddy and try to apologize to them. Akira (TNC) hurt Keisuke’s feeling and Keisuke is going crazy because of the LINE and try to kill Aki-chan! In the other hand Akira (MF) say to Kengo to not to interfere in his battle, and because of this, Kengo is possessed by shadow.
  5. Both of this AKIRA are entering “weak” state after their precious buddy is being possessed by both LINE and shadow.

See? I told you, They got bunch of things that are in common! 😀 LOLZ~ i just realize and its fun! The next character would be Keisuke and Kengo~! Their buddies!

First of all sorry for the Kengo’s picture~ I can’t find his HQ picture after all~ tee-hee~! AWWWW HOW ADORABLE MY SHIKI-NII IS GOING TO KILL KEI-CHAN! >W<)~ okay enough with that and start the common sense!

  1. Both Kengo and Keisuke name are started with “KE-” well this reason is just nonsense but still I like it~
  2. Both Kengo and Keisuke are AKIRA(S) bestest friend! (well if I should say “like dog and master” . This remind me of mini drama in MF OP CD~ 😀 the mini dorama,”Inu no Senaka”. In this drama Kengo is really look like a dog~ KEKE~)
  3. Both Kengo and Keisuke want to be AKIRA(s) strength. They butted in AKIRA(S)’s problem and just become a nuisance in the end~! LOLZ!
  4. Both Kengo and Keisuke are going nuts because of their lack of power (Read : Because of AKIRA(s) rejection). Keisuke take LINE to power himself and going nuts~ while Kengo is possessed by shadow and just want to kill AKIRA~
  5. Both Kengo and Keisuke are SADIST when they are going nuts. OH NO! PLEASE DON’T HURT AKI(S)-CHAN’S FACE!!!! *punch back*

LOLZ! this 4 characters are just a doppelganger or what? they have some things in common which is amuse me so much! i can’t wait for another character to review~ LET’S find another character who has common personality and things~ let’s SHARE!


I just make my own tumblr a few days ago? or longer than that. Anyway please be kind to me to teach how to use it! 😀 here is the link to my PARTY! Mito…?


Mito is back with manga scoop guys~! Don’t you miss me so much? *JK* I hope my English is better than the first time I run this blog… *confuse* Anyway to celebrate my last day of DAMN SCHOOL’S EXAMS i want to share some oneshot~ 😀 it is highly recommended! No need to speak anymore, let’s START!

Oneshot from Teezah

X-Tai shinsho by Ezawa

Sugita Genpaku made a contract with the demon in exchange for the ability to cure any disease.
But if he doesn’t find someone to treat within the time limit, his soul will be taken!

Mito’s comment : THIS IS DEFINITELY MUST READ! OMG!!! BISHIEEEEE~! its so heavenly oneshot having bishie err… i mean doctor who make contract with demon on order to cure any diseases is too AWESTRUCK! i have no comment on this oneshot~ *admire it more*

Dr. Psyche by Chihiro

No doctor can cure or figure out the cause behind the illness of Mii’s older brother.
Except for Dr. Psyche.
But this mysterious doctor is perverted and even had a criminal record. Can she really trust him?

Mito’s comment : WELL WELL what this? a doctor that is perverted… well no wonder then~ but beside his perverts attitude he is the best doctor who can cure the diseases with UNKNOWN CAUSE! another BISHIE TO STARE TO~

Camelot Garden by Yuki Kaori

There she weaves by night and day
A magic web with colours gay.
She has heard a whisper say,
A curse is on her if she stay
To look down to Camelot.
But in her web she still delights
To weave the mirror’s magic sights:
A funeral, with plumes and lights
And music, came from Camelot.
“I am half-sick of shadows,” said
The Lady of Shalott.
“Tirra lirra, tirra lirra,”
Sang Sir Lancelot.
She left the web: she left the loom:
She looked down to Camelot.

Mito’s comment : A little bit sho-ai touch~ well i don’t care, but the real story is so touching… but well uhh horror, gender-bender genre, what do you think? for all Yuki Kaori fans this oneshot would be very delighted!

Apple by KOMI Naoshi

The main character (the blond ponytailed guy – yeah, guy) is Aramiya Satoshi, whose main ability is shape-shifting into any animal… though at some point he has plants growing out of him, so he is able shape-shift into any living thing. I’m not sure if he was naturally born that way or if he was a biological experiment. Anyway, he’s a pretty easygoing guy who just wants to be left alone to enjoy his solitary life in the middle of a junkyard, but apparently some army or another is always after him because of his ability, though he is able to fight off entire tank battalions before breakfast.

Mito’s comment : BISHIEEEEEEEEEEEEE~! ah~ there’s nothing oneshot manga that recommended by me without BISHIE! muahahahahaha! this one is quite amusing but well~ JUST READ IT! (>u<)/

Boku wa Sakana by YUMEKA Sumomo

A short 16-page oneshot about the relationship between two high school boys who are incapable of admitting their feelings to each other and the girl who perpetuates their anxiety.


That’s all for today’s oneshot! phew! i search it while i’m studying for my school’s exams, so i don’t find it much… TT.TT but if you also have manga recommended, please do say so! I’LL receive all your kind comment! 😀 see you at the next post!

Winter ANIME 2011/12 preview

YAY! fall is almost meet its end and welcome WINTER! that means, there’ll be a bunch of WINTER ANIME! (>u<)/ let me see… i haven’t see the chart yet but i’m making this post? XDDD let’s googling for a while… *google-ing*

W-W-W-W-W-W-WHATTTTTT!!! ALL OF THEM, err no… MOST OF THEM ARE FANSERVICE ANIMUUUUUUUUUUUU———!!! WHAT SHOULD I WATCH THEN!!! okay the promising series for me is only Natsume Yuujinchou Shi, Black Rock Shooter and umm i should check for inu x boku (LOMG! I CAN’T TAKE MY EYES FROM THE BISHIE~ HE JUST SO BISHIE!) and what about you? 😀 let’s share the feeling!

DmmD updates and others

I know, i’m making this post just to make sure that i’m not dead~ :3 AND  while i’m not here to update my own blog post so i spend so many time to search for another Nitro+CHiRAL’s game and found it! >:D HELL YEAH! the new game is called DRAMAtical Murder and it caught me in the first place~ 😀 (well i just realize the style is quite different esp the CG’S and also welcome our new artist HONYORARA) And i bet you should’ve know this well if you read this blog! and so i’m here to tell that DMMD’s official website is updating some new gallery and also special features! The Gallery is just too cute! let me post some of the pictures~ 😀

Aoba is carrying an old woman!oo—! Aoba-chan is carrying an old woman in pink? O_O the color of the hair is shocking…

THIS...IS...CLOSE...ENOUGH... *shot'd*

Who the hell are you calling at Ao-chan?

Ao : DEAD ALIEN!!! Clear : .....


Okay i know my new biased game is gonna be played by me! well maybe i can’t afford to buy the CD because no extra $$ next year… =.=” i should start searching jobs after finish my high school and collage~ >_______<” anyway don’t mind if i left this blog for a quite long hiatus~ 😀 i’m preparing my school test till April if I’m not mistake… *dead* still WHY ALL NITRO+CHIRAL GAME SHOULD BE PLAYED BY 18+ PLAYERS!! I’M STILL 17 AND THERE’S STILL 1 YEAR BEFORE I CAN PLAY IT!!!! *cries* but i’m 18 next year so everything is gonna be alright~ 😀 ARGH! DAMN! i leave my math homework! see you soon at the next post! 😀